Chapter 20 : Nidavellir

Not all of my monsters were with me as we transferred to the gates of the country of Nidavellir. Most of them had important new training regimens. However, Brigid and Mia of course were with me. A representative of the town would be showing Mia the pleasure districts and adventurer/bar districts. Brigid of course would be accompanying me. I had bought for barely any DP at all a Rank G Daddy Long Legs spider to act as the eyes for Arachne since she would be too conspicuous to bring. He was resting on the inside of my collar, so people wouldn’t wonder why a spider was on me. Ichneumon had also come curled around my neck as a representative of the rest of my monsters. He was the only one who could afford to be here at the moment. Our guide was Gallecki.

[ For a Demon Lord said to be looked down upon this is a pretty impressive sight. ]

The gates that acted as the entrance to the merchant city the dwarves created outside his dungeon were two giant stone sculptures or dwarf warriors carved from the Mountain itself. Well armored Dwarves stood guard and a long-organized line for entrance into the city was established. It was truly a trade city based on resources.

[ Ay, nothing beats the beauty of the city. ]

I don’t know if I’d say nothing…

[ Watch the city I’m going to build! ]

Gallecki snorted at me.

[ I’m telling you lass there is no way to make something more beautiful. ]

[ Saintess, it is a pleasure to meat you. ]

We turned to see two civil officials arriving. They seemed really similar. Except one of them wore a monocle and one of them did not.

[ Prime Minister Damari, Civil Aid Drikdam it is a pleasure to see you. ]

The Civil Aid Drikdam ran over to hug Gallecki.

[ Old friend, you must visit the home city more. ]

The two roughed around a bit.

[ Come, let’s enter the city. ]

I guess there is a difference between a politician and a blacksmith. Damari spoke very different than the other two.

[ As you can see our Prophet’s city was a well built tribute. ]

Prophet? These Demon Lords were so weird.

It was a beautiful city in its own way though. It seemed like this combination of the natural cavern, brick, imported stones and metal work. Jewels and rough crystals could be seen here and there as if to emphasize the resources of the mountain.

[ It seems { Alchemy } Demon Lord Ciesis had much different tastes than Atira’s. It is surprising. ]

Dirkdam just laughed.

[ What makes a parent and child ain’t how similar they are. The little girl’s here own masterpiece. ]

How is that strangely profound.

The Prime Minister seemed annoyed by his comment.

[ Drik, how many times have I told you not to talk like that during civil affairs. ]

[ It’s fine. It’s fine. The lass doesn’t care. ]

He looked at me. I couldn’t help, but sigh.

[ Not particularly. ]

Frustrated, he pointed to Mia. She was currently gathering a lot of attention with her illusion as a regular woman.

[ Just hurry and show Mia the pleasure district. ]

Dirkdam just laughed.

[ Sure, sure. This way beauty. ]

Why was I always lass and Mia gets beauty…

Mia nodded and followed him away. The Prime Minister wearily turning back to us.

[ I will show you to the government building now. ]

We followed him through the city and straight to the back. On one side looked to be the path from the government area to the actual dungeon while the other side had a conglomeration of government buildings. The largest and most beautiful was at the back directly made from the mountain. We followed him inside and up the stairs, past the onlookers and into what looked like a workshop. A hunched over and busy dwarf in odd looking robes was working away on what seemed to be an unknow project.

[ Yorli. ]

The dwarf didn’t turn around. He seemed to engross his in work. The Prime Minister getting louder.

[ Yorli. ]

Still nothing happened. The Prime Minster shouting.

[ Yorli! ]

The dwarf grumbled but didn’t turn around.

[ Whatever it is I’ll look over it tomorrow. ]

[ Yorli, remember when I told you we were having Atira’s child over. ]

There was no reply. The Prime Minister’s face was turning red. I could see Brigid about to explode, so I walked over and stuck my face in front of him, between him and his work. Yorli looked up annoyed.

[ Don’t you know not to get in the way of me and my work! ]

After a few moments of blinking and looking at my face he got confused.

[ Who are you?]

Damari walked over and punched him in the arm.

[ Today is the day Atira’s daughter comes, you idiotic block head. ]

Yorli looked annoyed.

[ I already told you I have no intention of wasting precious research time explaining things to a child. ]

Ah, this is bad. Now I’m getting annoyed. I turned around and smiled at Brigid.

[ Brigid, why don’t you go with the Prime Minister and get the dungeon tour. You can show me later, okay? ]

The Prime Minister looked completely flustered.

[ No, Saintess. It really is something that must be seen in person and not described with words. ]

I smiled at the Prime Minister.

[ No problem. I can see it in her mind. Please leave me alone with Yorli here. ]

He went to say something when Brigid spoke.

[ This one expects to be rewarded later for holding in her behavioral correction. ]

I nodded my head and Gallecki entered the conversation.

[ Just listen to the lass. This way is easier for everyone. ]

The Prime Minister still looked flustered but agreed.

[ Alright. Let us go. ]

The three of them leaving the room. I turned to look at Yorli had started to resume his work. I whispered,

[ { Intent } ]

The charge of the energy store in the crystal was only able to release output at 4 % this time…

Ugh. I’ve heard enough.

[ Output issues I see. ]

Yorli turned around to look at me.

[ You are too green to know that from a glance. Your confidence comes from a mental power I assume. Unnecessary for my line of work. Go away. Your magic is making my brain itchy. Too annoying.]

I flashed an evil smile.

Itchy was a weird description.

[ No, I will not. Not until you have a proper conversation with me. ]

Yorli groaned.

[ You better have a quick and interesting conversation or I will throw you out on your arse, Saintess or not. ]

I waved my hand at him.

[ The tittles whatever. Atira forced it on me since birth. She’s obnoxious that way. ]

He narrowed his eyes.

[ Hurry up. ]

[ I came to this dungeon to confirm specifics for my own dungeon. So far from what I’ve seen, unless the actual dungeon itself throws surprises at me, I have already been able to confirm what I’ve wanted. I will make the first floor of my dungeon a town itself. ]

Yorli looked at me bored.

[ You should have been told the amount of DP from a town is negligible. Wasting my time on such nonsense. ]

He started to turn around when I coughed to regather his attention.

[ It’s only negligible because everyone goes about it the same way. Same town, same things, same route. However, some sort of special thing or trait that can cause longevity or interest would increase the DP gain and allow a first floor that gives more DP than a traditional Dungeon. ]

He sighed.

[ Even if you accomplished such a thing I’m not interested. ]

I crossed my arms.

[ You should be. My first idea was using the draw of the fairies and spirituality as a selling point. However, that alone isn’t enough to start what I need in the beginning. I can’t create a trade town because there already one next to me which has much better resources. I can’t make an illusive country or a hard dungeon either. What I can make is a public headquarters for the all of the dungeons. ]

Yorli leaned back into his chair and groaned.

[ Can you just leave so I don’t have to waste time throwing you out on your arse? ]

I sighed.

[ Let me finish you research obsessed freak. If it is going to be a headquarters and a spiritual draw it needs to have representatives and influences from the other dungeons. ]

[ I’m not interested in politics. Go see my brother. ]

That’s it.

I hit him.

[ You are too dumb to get implications so just shut up and listen. A representation of the other dungeons would be Atira’s dungeon’s fighting techniques, Vual’s dungeon’s power and weather and this dungeon’s resources and technology. ]

[ None of the that has to do with me. ]

I’m going to murder this dwarf.

[ I walked over to the table and picked up his prototype.

[ I will break this if you do not stop interrupting.]

He groaned and waved me on.

[ I’m not interested in you for politics, or public displays. I want a researcher I can lock up and work like a horse. I need a dumb creature such as yourself to take the knowledge from everything around us and help create the technology and gimmicks that will sell the idea. ]

He narrowed his eyes for a moment.

[ You are going to lock me in a room and let me just research. ]

I raised three fingers.

[ Plus, three meals a day on the condition if I suggest a new idea or project you give it a look and on accomplishing a project you explain it in detail for others to do it. Of course, you must also check the final work. ]

He looked at me skeptically.

[ You want nothing else… ]

I shook my head.

[ You are incapable of anything else. Your head is filled with nothing but research and calculations. Put that obsession to good use. Help protect all of these dungeons for Demon Lords who are looking for an opportunity to steal them, possibly crush them and destroy your chances of future research. ]

Yorli stood up and offered his hand.

[ Accepted. ]

I shook his hand.

[ Good, finish up whatever you need. I will come and pick you up when I leave Atira’s dungeon. Be sure to submit a list of required goods and resources before hand so your research area is prepared. ]

He nodded his head.

[ Leave now. ]

I didn’t say a word as I walked out to wait for Brigid and the Prime Minister in front of the building. He was a fortunate find, but an annoying one.


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