Chapter 22 : Dungeon Conquest

The next morning, I summoned all my creatures again. I had just finished explaining to them and sharing memories of what Brigid and I had seen in Nidavellir. My monsters seemed to have mixed reactions. The Arachne seemed interested in the lack of clear organized streets and paths. She advocated for the maze like disorganized streets and set up. I quickly shut her down with an explanation of expansion and how the draw was to be easy and magical. If need be we could make some areas like that. The Fairies all advocated for nature which made sense. Mia seemed the most interested in the financial trade of resources from there instead of trying to create a huge supply of it in my own dungeon. Of course, they said they would give everything that didn’t disrupt the economy to us for free, but that would set a bad precedent. Besides, having just the metals be our supply in dungeon made the best sense for both economic trade and the story we wished to sell. Mia was such a smart one.

[ Now, on to the next business. ]

I have no idea how, but for some reason Atira has them doing some sort of training that acquires a decent amount of DP.

[ I want to use the { Alchemy } medal with the { Ice } medal and an imitation { Intent } medal. Any objections? ]

Most of them just looked confused. Except Mia, she seems to have already reset her standards of sense to match mine. One of the Handmaidens spoke up.

[ Why are you asking us? ]

Although the Handmaidens were annoying, I wanted to use this as an example to fix their thoughts.

[ I said it before. We are a team. If my monsters have an idea or a concern they should bring it to me. Especially, you all who are the current leaders. ]

The Handmaidens and the rest of my monsters nodded their heads. Queen looking annoyed.

[ This one believes it may be best for the young ones if you explained your reasoning. ]

Queen you are young too.

[ You saw me tell Yorli that I want to create a system that binds the four dungeons together and that I would have beings representing the other three dungeons in our first-floor town. I think it is necessary for as many of the representatives to be our own family. The others are needed to both run and protect their own dungeons. Besides, it may have a town, but it is still our dungeon. ]

They all seemed to accept that reasoning.

It seems changing their thought process will take some time.

Mia spoke up.

You are such a blessing, Mia.

[ I agree with the decision, but why use an { Ice } original medal with an { Alchemy } medal. I believe those medals would best be suited in future combinations instead of right now. ]

My monsters all turned to look at me waiting for an answer.

Jeez, guys. I just said you need to think a bit on your own. You have increased intelligence.

[ Because, we aren’t an ice-based dungeon. It is best to separate the weather and temperament from Vual’s dungeon. The { Ice } is the gimmick and show mostly. The combination of { Ice } and { Alchemy } is much more interesting and appealing. I don’t think { Alchemy } as an original medal needs to be saved. If anything it is more of a far off use. I’d rather use { Alchemy } now to produce a much more versatile monster. ]

Mia nodded her head.

[ That is acceptable. I will accept. ]

I looked at Brigid.

[ This one agrees with the idea of the idea of connecting the dungeons to ours as a central. Having them as separate themes is the most efficient course to take. This one is grateful that you have this thought process and have showed efficient and intelligent choices since this one has known you. However, using the { Ice } medal and the { Alchemy } medal at this time together feels like a waste. Wouldn’t the { Ice } medal be better used with two imitations and save the { Alchemy }? ]

[ I have thought of that as well but let us be honest here. There is no need for an { Ice } { Beast } combination and { Ice } { Toxic } is horribly incompatible. { Ice } and { Earth } are a pointless combination. It’s even more pointless to waste the { Person } medal since my { Intent } allows the human transformation skill based on current trial and error. That leaves { Alchemy }. I feel like using { Alchemy } with { Person } is a similar waste of time. Especially since, we have no clear image at the moment of what we want the influence of { Intent } to be. { Alchemy } and { Toxic } are compatible but have results we don’t currently need in my opinion. I feel at the same way about { Alchemy } and { Beast }. { Alchemy } and { Earth } will probably give us a creature that either Atira has or Ciesis. When having cooperation there is no point at the moment, or need, to create such a creature. ]

Brigid sighed.

[ This one agrees with those point, but the feeling of waste isn’t going away. ]

I crossed my arms and thought about it.

[ Alright, I will change the plans. ]

Once again, my monsters looked shock.

Except the creepy Handmaidens who were in a worship pose towards Brigid.

[ I will use { Alchemy} with an imitation { Beast } and { Intent }. I will use { Person } with { Ice } and  an imitation { Intent }. ]

Brigid still doesn’t seem satisfied.

[ It is frustrating that their seems to be no practical application of the { Person } medal at the moment. It is correct to say based on track record there is no current need for it. ]

I nodded my head.

[ That is why I propose using it with two imitations. We may at this point need to wait for a time a monster does not have a human transformation skill to proceed further. ]

Brigid finally conceded.

[ { Synthesis } ]

I looked at the three medals in my hand: { Alchemy }, { Beast } and { Intent }.

Magic. I need a beautiful wonderful creature to look at. Its talent for magic and intelligence should be high. Something that draws people in but can be dangerous. It must be able to grow.

Purple light shone as usual. When it faded, we were all shocked to see what was there.

It’s a unicorn!

I quickly looked at its stats.

Race : Unicorn

Rank: A

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength: B

Endurance: B

Agility: A

Magic Power: S

Luck: S

Special: A

Skills: Light Magic, Holy Magic, Mesmerizing, Mental Magic

[ Wow. That was very unexpected. ]

The unicorn looked around the room.

( You expect me to live in a cave. )

[ Ah…. No. I am a newly born Demon Lord. This is my Instructor’s dungeon. ]

It looked around.

( I see, that is disappointing. If you have managed to luck out and summon a Seelie Queen I suspect at least when you create your own dungeon it will be beautiful and full of nature. )

[ Ah… That is the plan. ]

Brigid looked at me annoyed.

[ Why are you acting so dumb. ]

I shook my head.

[ Sorry, Brigid. It’s just this was really surprising don’t you think? ]

All my creatures nodded. Brigid rolled her eyes.

[ No creature is as good as me. ]

( Conceited as usual Seelie Queen. )

I rushed to step in-between the two.

[ Now, now guys. You are family. Let’s deal with these squabbles another time. ]

The Unicorn looked at me annoyed.

( I do not approve of you as family. }

Uh oh.

All of my monsters were looking at the unicorn with killing intent.

[ Guys! Drop it. We still have another summons. ]

[ { Synthesis } ]

I now had the { Person } medal, the { Ice } medal and the imitation { Intent } medal in my hands.

The unicorn is looking over here strangely interested. Is he a Tsundere?

I closed my eyes.

Everyone is staring at me weirdly.

I want a beautiful ice maiden. Someone who is like Yua, but maybe friendlier? A good negotiator and representative. Possibly useful with chores and ideas?

I am really hoping to get lucky on this one and not get bitten in the ass with my medals bad luck option.

The purple light shown brightly for a moment, before disappearing. What stood in front of me looked like a beautiful woman. Except, she was tall, had blonde hair and when the light hit her skin it gave off a blueish tint. I checked her status.

Race : Skadi

Rank: S

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength: S

Endurance: S+

Agility: A

Magic Power: C

Luck: C


Skills: Ice Magic, Jotunn’s Wrath, Supreme Hunter, Transfer

[ Brigid, you were right in a way. ]

She nodded her head.

[ This one already knew that. ]

The woman looked around.

[ This is an unusual place to appear. ]

I smiled at her.

[ My apologies. I am a new Demon Lord, the { Intent } Demon Lord Olara. I have yet to make my dungeon. ]

Her eyes wondered around the room.

[ This is not the sort of targets one would see in a new Demon Lord. ]

I shrugged.

[ A bit of luck you see. ]

Skadi simply nodded her head.

[ As you have summoned me, my bow is yours. I hope we get along from now on. It seems we will have many years together. ]

I held my hand out towards her. Skadi seemed confused, but she did walk forward and shake it.

[ Welcome to the family, Skadi ]


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