Chapter 23 : Titans

I wanted to scream as I saw more papers and books pile up on my desk. The majority of my monsters were off training. It seemed many of them got along well with Skadi. While, Mia became a top notch intelligence officer overnight. She practically took over creating the schedules and tasks for the other monsters. However, even though they were all off having fun my schedule seemed to include endless studying. Brigid would monitor me on her time off and when she wasn’t free Atira would come and annoy me, as she was doing now.

[ Olara, are you listening to me? ]

I groaned as I sat up from the tabletop.

[ Yes, yes. Something about tonight’s dinner. ]

Atira hit the top of the desk to wake me up.

[ That was from an hour ago. Wake up. Wake up right now. ]

Filthy Loli…

[ Since when are you so serious. Let me nap some more. ]

Atira crossed her arms annoyed.

[ If you don’t get up right this instant I will forbid you from ever talking to all the children who aren’t yours. ]

Filthy Loli….

I sat up and glared at her.

[ What is so important? ]

Atira sat down next to me.

She almost looks graceful.

[ You have made an absurd amount of S Rank monsters. Your ability to control them isn’t sure and on top of it you seem to have no intention to try and make them your { Monster Of Covenant }. You are acting like a crazy child. Do you know the stress I’ve been under lately! ]

I shrugged.

[ What’s your point? ]

[ I shouldn’t be under stress! ]

[ Aren’t mother’s supposed to worry about their daughters? ]

Atira’s whole body froze. A goofy smile appearing on her face.

[ Olara, did you just call me Mommy! ]

Filthy Loli was too easy.

I turned my head away from her and leaned back down on the desk.

[ Goodnight. ]

Atira got up and started to shake me.

[ Fine, fine. I’ll listen. ]

I had to swat her hand away.

[ Good, girl! Now tell me what makes you wait for two more { Monster of Covenant } ! ]

[ I want an evil spirit sort of creature and a water creature for my other two. They are what I need. If all goes well I will go through the risk of naming Mia and possibly Skadi afterwards. Now can I please enjoy my free time? ]

Atira shook her head no.

[ No you can’t! Not after all the stress I’m under. With this sort of thinking I can’t even imagine what will happen at the banquet! ]


[ Atira… What banquet? ]

She looked away and laughed nervously.


[ Ah, you know. The one tomorrow! With all the other Demon Lords. At the Creators Place! That one… ]

I stood up angrily.

[ ATIRA. ]

She looked down at her hands.

[ I thought I told you… It’s really not a big big big deal. I mean yes, it is your introduction to the rest of the demon lords and a chance to know who will be allies or enemies. Yes, you may be evaluated by all the older demon lords and have a need to do well, but you have those S rank monster soooo… ]

I hit the table hard to get her to look up.

[ What makes you think I would bring them to such an event! ]

Atira looked confused.

[ Don’t you want to seem powerful? I know I said you need to be deceitful, but you can’t look weak! ]

I groaned.

[ If I bring 3 S Rank monsters you know I will become a target. You want to see something entertaining in your last moments, but I need to survive after you get your entertainment. ]

Atira looked away and laughed.

[ That’s true. It would be no good to have a daughter with a short life~ ]

I sat back down into the chair and groaned.

[ But it is a good thing for you! You can find those medals you want… ]

I looked up at her.

[ Demon Lords trade medals there? ]

Atira nodded.

[ Imitations only of course. However, if you save enough DP you can trade for quite a few useful ones. They might even have the medals you need. ]

I looked at my DP. It was dreadfully low from summoning creatures. I couldn’t help but form a fist and shout.


She only laughed.

[ Oh my. It seems my daughter has a spending problem. ]

I immediately summoned all my monsters to the study room, ignoring the smile on her face. I explained the situation to them. Quite a few of them gave annoyed looks at Atira.

[ That’s the situation. From now on we are doing an intense bootcamp. All other objectives are on hold.  Until, an hour before we leave tomorrow we will all be training and getting as much DP as possible. Do you understand! ]

They all shouted loudly. Mia turned to Atira.

[ Priestess, may we use the human prisoners you have left in stock? ]

Atira nodded her head eagerly.

[ Sure, sure. I let you borrow some before anyways. ]

Ah, that’s one of the reasons for the DP….

I picked up my bow that was resting against a bookshelf.

[ Mia’s unit will go to { Ice } Sanctuary. Arachne’s will go { Alchemy } Dungeon for training and ask for the rights to the criminals meant to be executed. Ichneumon’s and the Fairies will stay here. I expect all maelstroms up to A Rank to be cleared. Fight through Atira’s dungeon trials and get as far as you can get. Bu-chan’s unit will go to the { Toxic } Jungle and clear the entire thing. Our Unicorn will go to whatever dungeon he will complain the least in. Skadi will go solo at the { Ice } Sanctuary. ]

They all nodded their heads. The Unicorn huffed and looked away from me.

I don’t have time for your nonsense.

I turned to Gallecki.

[ Clothing and all other related items are needed. ]

He nodded his head seriously.

He is agreeing easily today…

I looked at Lapis and the other Dark Elves.

[ Take Brigid to the hardest training area. Do what you all need to do. ]

They nodded their heads. Atira looking at me amused.

[ And where are you going, Olara~~~ ]

I looked down at the map on the table. Surrounding the mountain valley was three countries: Swordland, Mercantile and Euphoria. Swordland was an aggressive military country. Mercantile was a neutral merchant country. While, Euphoria was a small agricultural country. I pointed at Swordland.

[ I am going to get me some human DP loot. ]

Atira smiled and pretended to look shocked.

[ Oh my. You are going all alone~ ]

[ This one’s partner can handle it. ]

I smiled at Brigid.

She is cute sometimes.

[ I’ll be fine. ]

Atira clapped her hands and Opal appeared.

[ I can’t let you die at the moment, so Opal will go with you. ]

Opal nodded her head at me.

[ I will only observe unless there is a threat on your life. ]

There isn’t time to argue.

[ Fine. ]

I turned to my monsters.

[ Tomorrow we officially announce ourselves to the world. We must ensure our introduction goes well. I have faith in you my family! ]

They all cheered and went off to their destinations. Brigid locked eyes with me.

(Yea, it was embarrassing okay. BUT they needed motivation.)

She flipped her hair at me and went off. I followed Opal to a transfer array.

Filthy Loli.

I stood waiting for Atira to show up in her throne room. It was the last stop before her beautiful tree with dungeon core room. I had to admit it was made tastefully. A beautiful throne carved from a large chunk of volcanic glass and crystal deposits. Besides me were the monsters I chose to be my three companions: Bu-chan, Brigid (in an illusion as a B Rank Earth Pixie Chief) and Ichneumon. I didn’t mind having two B Ranks confused as my { Monster Of Covenant }. It wasn’t the best for me to be the biggest and brightest. However, seeing through Brigid was my real evaluation of those I would meet tonight.

{ Excited! I want to go! }

I smiled at Bu-chan and pat his head.

He really may be my cutest monster.

[ Olara. ]

I turned to see Atira and her monsters enter. She was dressed completely different than usual. On her head was a gorgeous head piece. While, her tiny frame was fitted to the most beautiful pale green dress I could have imagined for her. Besides her stood not only Opal but two other monsters I have yet to see before.

[ These are? ]

Atira smiled.

[ This is Rouen and Atlas. ]

Her other { Monster Of Covenant } were an A Rank Gargoyle and an A Rank Titan.

They strangely seem to fit her well…

[ You look surprised ~ ]

[ We don’t generally see many intelligent and important monsters that aren’t Dark Elves. ]

Atlas glared at me.

[ That’s because you don’t need to, child. ]

Brigid glared at him.

[ This one seems to remember your people being laborers for mine, old one. ]

Atlas stepped forward. I was surprised the room didn’t shake with each step he took.

[ Say that again, pipsqueak. ]

Brigid snapped her fingers. Thorned-vines and earth clung its way up his body. Opal appeared behind Brigid with a knife to her throat. Bu-chan shyly stepped forward towards Atlas.

( Don’t look at Bri like that! Don’t! I fight you! Bigger than her! )

The Gargoyle moved forward quickly grabbing Bu-chan. Ichneumon jumped off my shoulders at Opal’s back. She moved out of the way and Atlas who walked forward, as if the restraints were nothing, picked him up easily. I could only sigh.

[ Atira, you’ve taught your lesson to my children. Can you stop this farce? ]

Atira looked disappointed.

[ Did you manage to learn how to read my mind? Wait! Did you read my children’s mind!? ]

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her.

[ As if I would need to do that. This charade is too obvious. You want them to know an A Rank or a creature with more experience is dangerous. Don’t underestimate them and don’t be overconfident? Let’s go already. ]

The deep laugh that came from Atlas echoed throughout the room.

[ Priestess, she is just as you said. ]

[ That shouldn’t be funny, Atlas. ]

While the Titan had started laughing, Icheneumon had returned to around my shoulders. The Gargoyle had released a sad looking Bu-chan and Brigid was glaring at bored looking Opal. Opal turned to bow towards me.

[ My apologies, Saintess. ]

I waved it off.

[ It’s not your fault, Opal. ]

The atmosphere in the room started to calm down. Atira walked over and checked us over. Brigid looked like a Pixie in a green dress. Bu-chan wasn’t wearing anything and neither was Ichneumon. The only one who was dressed up was me. Atira pat my head.

You’re standing on your tip toes to do it… Is this why all of your creatures tend to be big?

[ Approved. With these you won’t be a complete embarrassment. ]

I shrugged.

[ Glad I could be accommodating. ]

Atlas cracked up laughing.

[ If only we could actually talk to the kids in the [ Evening Party ] ]

I was about to speak when a voice appeared. A voice for some reason I knew.

[ Children of the stars. The time is now. Assemble, shine and flaunt thy existence. ]

Children of the stars…

My consciousness faded and I was gone.


When my eyes opened again I was in an unfamiliar place. An unnaturally dark blue sky with multicolored stars was above me. We were in the world’s most unnatural feeling garden. We were in what felt like someone’s completely customized world.

[ Look, look Olara. That’s the Creator’s place, The Demon Lord Palace. ]

I looked over at the snow-white palace she was pointing at.

Somehow it is too large and too impressive?

[ Let’s just get this over with. ]

Atira hit my back repeatedly.

[ That’s the spirit. Let’s go~~~ ]


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