Chapter 24 : Hypocrites

How do I say this… As expected?

The inside of the palace felt as gaudy as I expected it to be. Tall ceilings, fancy furnishings and Succubae maids to greet us. There was so many of them. I couldn’t help but raise a brow about them. Brigid looked up at me annoyed.

[ This one would like to remind you Mia would get very upset if you started making a bunch of these creatures. ]

I rolled my eyes at her. It was hard to take her seriously in that pixie illusion.

[ That wasn’t what I was thinking about. ]

( I like Mia more! )

I smiled up at Bu-chan. Slowly, I climbed onto his back. It was more comfortable to sit on him then walk through this obnoxiously large palace. Eventually, we got to what looked like a reception desk in front of even more obnoxious gates. The explanation of only three monsters was unneeded. Atira had been smart enough to explain that before.

They assume it will be my three { Monster Of Covenant }…. There is no need to show off that much at the moment.

[ Thanks. ]

I eagerly entered the room after saying goodbye to the Succubae.

I prefer Mia as well.

As expected again?

The entire gaudy room was filled with passionate and beautiful music. Food and drinks of the highest quality circled around the room. Guests included only Demon Lords and their monsters.

It is easy to tell them apart however.

The reactions of the monsters were different than the Demon Lords.

They all seem to have a humanoid shape as well. It must be an intended requirement. Perhaps, the use delicate actions by appendages were needed.

I scanned the room.

It seems I was correct to assume everyone guest a Demon Lords medal by their monsters. A lot of them already seem to be considering what medals to trade for.

I looked at my monsters. It was best for me to slide off Bu-chan and stand on my own. The looks some of the other Demon Lords were giving my monsters were annoying.

[Hahahaha. What a useless bunch. ]

[ There levels are only around 40 too; must be from a worthless bunch. ]

[ A Bullet Ant, Ichneumon and Pixie Chief? Did she only have B Rank medals she made them? What a flop. ]

It seems like a majority are laughing.

( What a pathetic bunch. How are these elites? )

( Not every elite is capable. It is best to have some small fries, Brigid. )

( Don’t Like! They keep laughing! Look Dumb! Look Ugly! )

( Now, now Bu-chan. They all can’t be cute like you. )

( They look down on master! )

( Ichneumon, it’s okay. We can deal with them later, just not here. )

Those idiots were useless small fries. Their assumption of me having B Rank and C Rank monsters was incorrect. From the start, if one was not able to see through Brigid at least a bit they were unqualified to be in the group I was looking for. To not understand that just because you can read a monster’s level and receive some of their information doesn’t mean you know everything. The higher the rank monster the high the level a Demon Lord needs to be to be able to acquire true information. They were third-rate Demon Lords.

My eyes looking at the on to the ones who did meet the qualifications I was looking for.

[ This may be fun. ]

[ To think we’d see something so interesting this late in life. ]

[ I wonder what trick was used? ]

These were the Demon Lords I had to be wary and cautious of. I had to choose my connections between those with consideration.

I glance over at Atira. She was completely ignoring my existence.

It’s not like I wanted your help, Filthy Loli.

The beginning of socializing went exactly as I thought. Small fries came up to us proposing a trade of their imitation medals for my original. Sadly, I had not told them my original and explained ‘three’ of the medals I got from Atira. They all had a lot of interest in { Earth }. However, I wasn’t going to use the small fries as anything but chances for information. Th ones who did see through Queen’s illusion were being cautious and not approaching me. It was dreadfully boring.

[ You there. The one who has B Rank Monsters. I have come to see if you have anything useful to trade. ]

I turned around to see who had spoken. It was the { Wind } Demon Lord everyone was whispering about.

If I remember correctly all of the elements have appeared so far except for { Wind }. It’s another versatile A Rank Medal.

[ I have { Toxic } { Earth } { Person } and { Ice }. ]

These were the ones I had decided before hand to use.

[ You really did have the worst luck possible. Failing with A Rank Medals. ]

The atmosphere around us got a bit noisy, but we both ignored that.

[ Is there a medal you would like { Wind } Demon Lord? ]

She tossed her medal at me.

[ Give me { Person }. ]

I nodded my head and handed her the medal.

[ Remember not to waste my medal. ]

She walked away. I looked down at Brigid.

She’s doing a pretty good job holding it in.

( Now we have { Wind }. )

( Next time we meet here we are getting her original medal. )

I couldn’t help, but sigh.

I don’t want to deal with a foolish brat like that.

After some time passed. I managed to exchange a few more medals. I was not going to reveal { Intent } here at all. There wasn’t a point to me to bargain for original medals from those would approach and negotiate in the first place at this location.

This is tiresome.

I looked at the medals I had acquired: { Death } { Light } { Evil } { Viscosity } { Wind } and the last one { Creation }.

I hadn’t reacted at the time, but seeing that { Creation } medal made me enraged. It was the better version of my medal! He was supposed to be the better version of me!

As I was thinking this, my consciousness suddenly drifted away. When I came to, I was on a stage. There were nine others with me. I recognized quite a few of them. I could see the other Demon Lord’s glancing us over.


[ Children of the stars. These are the newly born children to join our ranks. ]

This was the voice I had heard before.

[ Now then, let is celebrate our new found radiance. ]

The Demon Lords raised their cups, and so did we with the one who suddenly appeared in our hands.

[ Cheers! ]

The alcohol is good. It’s warm and fills you up. It’s like I have grown more power in the core of me.

[ And now, I shall convey to everyone what I have decided upon. Normally, new Demon Lords are prohibited to construct their own dungeon until they can stand on their own. ]

Yea, we know that. Get to the evil scheme now.

[ However, I have decided that that is such a long-time spent idling. Therefor, on this occasion, I am giving the privilege to build their own Dungeon. ]

The Demon Lord audience seemed to become noisy with chatter. One of them, with wolf ears, raised her hand.

[ { Beast } Demon Lord Marchosias? I permit you to speak. ]

So, I have her medal…

[ Yes, Creator. I am against this. They are still much too young and don’t yet fully comprehend the world. Their crystals will be broken in the blink of an eye, losing their power in the process. ]

That seems the most likely. Our military might was dismal in comparison and so was our DP count.  We lost the year to gain it. There would also be preparation for humans or other Demon Lords who came to attack us.

[ You are a kind child, Marchosias. But your worry is a needless one. Up until a year after their independence, I am prohibiting the other Demon Lords in attacking the new Demon Lords’ Dungeons. ]

Like that will inhibit all of what they can do… They could still interfere in other ways. There were also the allowance of new Demon Lords attacking each other… Or perhaps incite heroes…

I looked at the other new Demon Lords.

Most of them seemed excited. Idiots. You could lose your powers and crystals so easily.

[ However, giving you too much and not having any tension left is also troubling. New Demon Lords fight with each other and obtain the other’s power. Conquer another’s Dungeon and snatch away their powers. In fact, I am requiring you to fight one war before being independent. ]

Now we get the reveal of the evil scheme. Fight and act like idiots. It will be okay though because you will get your crystal back at end of year anyways. They all would not hesitate at breaking each other’s crystals.

[ New Demon Lords, I hope you’ll borrow from the older Demon Lords their knowledge and make a labyrinth of your own. That is all… no, actually, let’s do a show. ]

A show… Was he going to destroy one of our crystals? Make two older demon lords fight? Make us fight one of the older demon lords? Make us fight each other? I do not want to expose anything yet. We are not ready.

My hands got hot. An { Intent } medal appeared in my hands.

He could create without a limit too, huh.

[ This medal is my gift to you, free of charge. And only to the first ones to volunteer, I offer them the chance to take part in a simplified [ War ] right here, right now. They will be tasked to build an instant Dungeon and shatter the other’s [ Pseudo-crystal ] ! Win and get the other’s medal’ or lose and have your own medal taken away! ]

Most of the other Demon Lords looked confused.

Idiots. How can you not understand something so simple. It was a great offer. An offer I would like to take but can’t take at the moment. Besides, there was the fight between those two. Let them get their wishes.

I turned my head to watch the show of { Creation } versus { Wind }. I snickered as he saw her go to move and then beat her too it.

It seems like those two might end up as love birds. She seems like the tsundere type. Those two were exchanging some emotionally charged looks already.

The whole environment changed. { Creation } Demon Lord Procell and { Wind } Demon Lord Stolas disappeared.

{ Beast } and { Dragon } are gone too. They must be the parents of those two.

Us spectators had been brought back into the ball room. What looked like large screens appeared to showcase the event. They were at the moment blank. The Demon Lords around us were making bets. It seemed the odds were heavy on Procell’s side.

It seems they learned something these small fries.

What was interesting was how there was a shift on how things grouped together now. There was still some show, but much more indication of who was allied with who. You could see who was probably one’s parent or part of their parent’s group.

( This one wonders if you are going to look for Atira. Maybe Bet? )

I shook my head no.

( No, I am thankful for the medal though. )

( Yes, this one is glad we got it for nothing. )

( Eat? Still? )

( Yes, Bu-chan. )

Our group moved towards one of the food tables. Bu-chan was being served food when I heard Atira calling me.

[ Olaraaa~~ ]

I turned to look at her the same time quite a few other Demon Lords did.

Shouldn’t you be ignoring me?

[ { Earth } Demon Lord Atirakos. ]

She pulled me into a big hug.

[ I’m your mamma~ Stop being so formal. ]

You make my life so difficult filthy loli.

[ I’ll try. ]

Atira turned to a very handsome Demon Lord. Beside him, was a handsome younger looking man with light brown hair.

[ This is my good friend { Darkness }. This is his son { Steel } Demon Lord Zagan. ]

Burn in hell you filthy loli. AND TAKE YOUR LOVE LIFE WITH YOU!

I smiled and curtsied to the two.

[ It is a pleasure to meet you two. I am { Intent } Demon Lord Olara. ]

{ Darkness } nodded his head in approval.

[ I was waiting for an appropriate time to meet Atira’s child. I’m pleased to see you turned out as beautiful as she is. ]

Ugh, a smooth talker.

[ Olara. ]

I turned from { Darkness} towards Zagan.

[ Yes, Zagan? ]

He looks so arrogant.

[ I have been told that we would make a good match. ]

You were told.

I glanced at Atira.

( Is this some sort of revenge? )

She did not reply.

[ I see. It is nice to meet another new Demon Lord. ]

[ What are your thoughts on who will win? ]

I glanced over briefly at the screen. I could tell that a few of the older Demon Lords were listening. While, many of the others were having their own conversations. Many seemed to be doing what Atira was doing here.

Do the parents see the two of those Demon Lords as such threats….

[ Procell has an overwhelming advantage based on what we have seen. However, depending on how the dungeons are built or if she has made a monster with the { Dragon } medal she received from her parent the tides may swing in a war of attrition. ]

{ Darkness } narrowed his eyes when I mentioned { Dragon } Demon Lord Astaroth. Zagan nodded his head.

[ I thought the same. ]

Did you? It seems more like you were at the very least guided to that conclusion.

[ Well, we will see the results soon enough. ]

[ Zagan, cutie. ]

Cutie? Ugh.

Zagan looked up at Atira.

[ Your Papa and I wanted to match you two up as a final parting gift for our lovely little children. ]

( I am not marrying this idiot!)

I see that look Atira!!!

Zagan looked me up and down.


( Brigid, we are killing this man. )

( Agreed. )

[ I didn’t know you two were expecting that of us. ]

{ Darkness } laughed.

[ Atira, you are being as mischievous as always. ]

She flashed him a wink.

Why are you not dead yet…

[ My bad. It’s just so fun to tease the children. ]

Zagan there is no point looking so annoyed. Because I am MORE ANNOYED THAN YOU!

[ Zagan, Atira’ here has agreed to give you an original medal. ]

His eyes lit up.

[ Thank you so much! ]

Ugh. I feel sick.

{ Darkness } once again gave me an interesting look.

[ Yes, well. I had negotiated it with Atira since her medal has the highest compatibility with Zagan’s. It was a parting gift. ]

( This one believes { Darkness } does not like their own child. )

( No, I don’t think he does. He seems too ambitious to like such a foolish looking child.)

I smiled at Zagan.

[ Aren’t you lucky, Zagan. My talented mentor is willing to give you her A Rank Medal. ]

Zagan shot me a look of irritation. Atira did a poor job at hiding her chuckle. { Darkness } did an even worse job at hiding the smile in his eyes. Zagan smirked at me.

[ Yes, another medal to help display the power of { Steel }. Your medal was? ]

I ignored him and turned to { Darkness }.

[ Demon Lord { Darkness } does this mean I too will be blessed with an A Rank medal? ]

Zagan looked furious, but { Darkness } nodded his head.

[ Yes. Atira has convinced me that you will put it to good use. She informs me you have impressed many of those around you. ]

( {Intent} )

I ignored { Darkness } mind and took in as much information as I could from around the room. I split the information with Brigid so my mind could handle it.

Some know what that means. He knows about Yua and the rest.

I smiled at him.

[ I have a certain reputation to uphold. Receiving your medal would certainly help me. ]

{ Darkness } smirked and handed me his medal.

[ Use this well, Child of Atira. ]

With this I can make my second { Monster Of Covenant } !

( Thank you, Atira. )

( Your Welcome~ It’s your mamma’s job~ )

Atira casually tossed her medal over to Zagan.

[ Use it well, Zagan. My medal makes adorable children. ]

He nodded his head.

[ I will certainly put it to good use. ]

The two of us looked at each other.

This brat won’t do anything to go against his father. He’s too scared of him.

( Waiting to kill him will be the most annoying part. )

( Sadly, you are right. )

The screens lit up. The [ War ] was starting. We moved over towards the others and grabbed a drink. { Evil } and { Viscosity } seemed to be comfortable near Zagan.

I see.

I felt a chill on my back. I turned to catch { Light } Demon Lord’s eye. She was standing near { Death }.

( { Light } doesn’t like us it seems. )

( This one could care less. Killing her and taking her medal will be entertaining. )

I turned away from her. Instead, I activated { Intent } again.

Let’s see how long I can keep it going. How long and how much my monsters can use the mental magic and just how far I can extend the parameters.




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