Chapter 25 : Not Happy

Even from the start her tsundere-ness was showing.

The Creator’s voice rang throughout the hall.

[ Before the match, I’ll show you something interesting. As usual, we shall bet on our participants. These are the current rates. For { Creation }, 1.3 times. For { Wind }, the rate is 3 times. Rumor has it that { Creation } holds an overwhelming advantage but will { Wind } be able to overturn this rumor, I wonder? ]

I didn’t know that much DP could be wagered.

Stolas seemed to have a fit about it.

Future great Demon Lord, huh.

[ Well then, time to start the [ War ]. The rules are simple. Both of you are given two hours. Achieve victory by either breaking the enemy crystal or killing the enemy Demon Lord itself before the time limit expires. Use this white space to invade the enemy’s Dungeon but any disturbance on this white space itself is forbidden. Now, are your preparations complete? ]

After they nodded.

[ Now, let the [ War ] begin! ]

So, it’s a complete slaughter.

( The strategy itself was not bad. )

( No, it wasn’t. Do you think the numbers would be too much for us? )

( This one is not sure. The duplication skill she has means her numbers would be able to overtake outs, but her usage of them is simple and crude. )

( This is her first real battle. )

( Yes. Her misfortune is her opponent. That is a vicious dungeon he built. )

( And we’ve only seen the first floor. )

The two of us continued to have a conversation in our heads while the match went on. Stolas’ numbers were the largest of our generation. It was honestly unthinkable. Especially, considering their individual ranks. Although, her { Monster of Covenant } all seemed weaker than expected they had handy skills. The DP she put into her dungeon seemed a bit wasteful but it capitalized on her monsters { Wind } ability. She was the average sort of genius.

Too bad, Procell is more than average.

His dungeon’s first floor was 4 meters and 2 kilometers. It was a long thin straight road that prevented her creatures from using their movement skills with its 3 meter high ceiling. If you looked closely it also had a slight incline to further increase the damage. Somehow, he had Mithril Golems at the end of the hall. They were each equipped with a strange machine that shot out projectiles at incredibly fast speeds. The extra speed increased the damage and it tore into the high agility low defense { Wind } monsters. You could say his dungeon was the perfect killing machine for Stolas. Watching her try to conquer it was sad.

Then there’s Procell’s progress.

He waited before going into her dungeon.

He wanted her monsters to die first.

Not only was his monsters also equipped with smaller versions of the projectile weapons, but they were incredibly well trained.

He even made skeletons useful for battle with these weapons.

The skeletons under the command of a higher ranked undead acted as eyes in every direction. When something passed their sights they were effectively able to kill it with these weapons, or act as perfect rear guards for his other monsters to fight. It rendered Stolas’ first floor useless. In a valley with no way to attack in blind spots her monsters were sitting ducks. Then there was the maze area. It had lots of traps and high ceilings. However, he had an Elder Dwarf with him. As someone whose parent was the { Earth } Demon Lord, I was well aware of all the capabilities of monsters blessed by it. Finding traps and the right direction in the maze would be natural for it. When the monsters swooped down to attack from above, they were basically confining themselves in cages. They made themselves easy targets.

Although, comparative to the onslaught that was Stolas’ experience seeing all the mushy scenes with young girls is a bit…. Disturbing.

I looked back up at the screen.

It seems I had missed Stolas’ { Monster Of Covenant } grand sacrifice.

I could see through Brigid how they sacrificed themselves to get to the second floor only to find more disaster waiting for them. The reactions in the room were getting louder. Quite a few of the small fries were getting agitated with their concerns out loud. It seemed many of the other new born Demon Lords were looking at each other warily. The air of lack of concern from the older ones interested me more.

Are these perhaps odd but able to be dealt with weapons?

I looked back up at the screen. The next obstacle was a cliff. It was no problem with multiple trips on the Griffon. It was more interesting the amount of new undead the Wight was able to make as a B Rank Monster. Procell was merciless as using them as meat shield.

He seems more concerned about leveling up his S Rank monsters. How enviable of an experience.

The last room was a lava area. The Wight made more undead with the C Rank and D rank monsters. While, that Tenko of his found the entire zone and easy target practice with Elder Dwarf’s location abilities.

Now, we see if she has a dragon or is willing to use it. If she stops revealing her tsunder-ness.

( The two seemed to be destined lovebirds. )

( This one can recognize a maiden falling in admiration and possible love. )

She was going to use it, and she had one with the ability { Beserk }… Ah, what a beautiful creature.

( Can we get a dragon one day? )

( This is a beautiful pet to consider. )

The two of us locking eyes on the battle. The angel monster was able to provide support before disappearing. The Wight was able to command the undead creatures and skeletons as capable meat shields, but as predicted in a war of attrition they would not be able to deal with it. Their weapons weren’t doing enough damage to the dragon. However, they did well enough. The fox killed Stolas from a blind spot, ending the [ War ].

Wait…. It seems it is not over. Let’s see if she can pull a win with this war of attrition.

Procell revealed even more absurd weapons.

And the dragon is still standing… Procell is absurd. This [ War ] was enough to make my stomach hurt.

I turned to look at everyone around us. The reactions were all mixed. However, the theme of wariness towards Procell was incredibly common.

To think he hadn’t actually named her as a { Monster Of Covenant } yet. What an enemy. Using a simple thing like granting a name to create such a power evolution the [ War ] was over. Truly, I was having stomach cramps.

Our screen was displayed and they could see all the Demon Lords clapping.

What hypocrites..

I looked at Brigid. She didn’t look happy.

Neither does Bu-chan or Ichneumon.

( It seems we’ve found the biggest threat of our generation. A true absurdity. )

There was no reply. Nothing needed to be said.

Even our S Ranks would probably not make a victory at this point.


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