Chapter 3 : Seelie Queen and Me

I looked down at Queen. She seemed to have no expression on her face. What a sly one. I used {Intent} on her.

Eh? Everything is hazy.

She turned to look at me with narrowed eyes. I quickly turned back towards Atira.

[ What is special about the first three named monsters? ]

[ When your first three monsters receive a name it turns them into unique monsters. The monster’s soul will then be tied to that of the Demon Lord’s; while, the Demon Lord will give the monster some of their power. When it comes to the first three monsters, the [ Monsters of Covenant], they become stronger then any other monster you name. And it can’t be undone. So unless you are sure that your Seelie Queen and you can get along your entire life, don’t give her a name. ]

I turned to look at Queen. I could see in her eyes the words I careless spoke before.

I need to file an official complaint about my parent and her education style.

[ As I said before, although fairies are incapable of lying they can be extremely tricky. They also often have some of the most blood thirsty and twisted personalities. And it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful package. They are one of the strongest monsters one can create. Not only does your Seelie Queen posses more intelligence then most other beings on the planet, but most likely nerve wracking skills. If your compatibility doesn’t match she will kill you. The rules mean nothing for a monster such as a Seelie Queen. ]

I looked back at Queen. This time she was looking me in the eyes. I knelt down in front of her.

[ A promise is a promise. I showed just how much I have to learn when I said those words out loud, but that is my fault and not Queen’s. As a potential Supreme Demon Lord I must master actions and their consequences. ]

I stood back up and looked at Atira.

[ I will not go back on my promise to Queen. She is my first monster and I gave her my honest word. When we get to know each other better and learn to cooperate for mutual benefit I will give her a name. ]

I sounded good their right?

Atira sighed.

[ This should be obvious, but you do know that your path isn’t of the honest word? ]

Yea. I knew my path was one of deceit. It was how I would survive.

I nodded my head.

[ I know. But with my own {Monsters of Covenant} I should be honest. ]

Atira sighed again.

[ If my child wants to be stubborn about it. Look closely at Queen. If you look close enough you will see her level. Since she’s your child you should be able to see more then that. ]

But my {Intent} didn’t work before?

I turned back to Queen. She had a small smile.

I suppose that is consent?

Race : Seelie Queen

Rank : S+

Name : Unamed / “Queen”

Level : 1

Physical Strength : C

Endurance : B+

Agility : S

Magic Power : S+

Luck : S +

Special : Uniqueness EX


Charm / Commander of Fairies / Fairy Transformation / Partial Effects Resistance / Partial Magic Resistance / Ruler of Planets 

So even statuses themselves had ranks…. And Queen’s were high.

[ So what are her stats? ]

[ Physical Strength B+, Endurance S, Agility S, Magic Power S +, Luck S+, Special EX. Skills: Charm, Commander of Fairies, Fairy Transformation, Partial Effects Resistance, Partial Magic Resistance, Ruler of Planets. ]

Atira’s mouth dropped open.

[ …. Isn’t that a little too good? Your medal is supposed to be mean. What is that luck with randomization. ]

I turned to look at Queen. She shrugged.

[ This one has already informed the room of my mother’s luck in summoning. ]

So she knew her skills were broken.

Atira started to laugh.

[ No wonder S rank monsters are rewards instead of creations. ]

[ Rewards? ]

Atira stopped laughing and blinked a few times. She waved her hand.

[ Don’t worry about it. We will cover that later. ]

This fucking Loli and her education….

[ Alright. Then let’s try another monster. ]

Atira put her hands up in a stop motion.

[ Slow down, my excited little child. A Demon Lord can only create one original medal a month. There also exists imitation medals… However, there exists a second way to create monsters. A Demon Lord can use their DP. ]

Huuuh? Imitation medals? Original medals only once a month? DP !?!?! Why does she never fully explain.

[ So gaining original medals is reliant on trade with other Demon Lords…. While DP? ]

Atira smiled.

[ Dungeon Points. It is the very thing Demon Lords use as currency… it is our Life Blood, Olara. We can exchange them for things in our Demon Books. When I show you about Dungeons later you can see an example of the versatility. For now, it is important for you to understand that DP itself is the life force of beings within your dungeon. We exist on delicious emotions like fear, despair and lust. The more visitors to your dungeon the more DP you gain. Thus the more currency you have to spend. Wether you want it for your dungeon or in your case. Buying monsters. ]

[ I see, so we both exist on DP and spend it.]

Atira nodded.

[ Nn. So since you have an S rank Seelie Queen you can buy up to 2 ranks below of a monster within the same lineage. A Seelie Queen allows you to buy up to a B rank fairy with your DP. ]

I sighed.

This is making a system difficult for no apparent reason.

[ Alright. So then where do the imitation medals come in to play? ]

Atira sighed. She didn’t like that I was deviating from her non-existent lesson plans.

[ When we dive into your Demon Lord’s book you will see a pages of medals. On that page you can see your options of medals you’ve used in the past. You can exchange 500 DP pts for them. However, the medal drops down a rank as a result for being able to exchange for them. The result is a decreased likelihood of a higher ranked monster. For an ability such as yours that stirs up the randomization process you may not like the decreased luck factor. ]

I nodded my head in understanding.

[ So then how you trade your medal and what medals you require become even more important in a Demon Lord’s survival. ]

Atira nodded her head in agreement.

[ Precisely. And on that note let’s shelf this topic and go for a walk. ]


All Might Hands Out Medals


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