Chapter 4 : 193

[ Your using your medal now. ]

I nodded my head. The majority of my monsters were on a ten-minute break to witness the event. Tomorrow I would be leaving to the village to start the story. Before that I needed to make my third { Monster of Covenant }.

[ Alright, let’s begin. { Synthesis }. ]

I looked down at the original { Water } medal, my new { Intent } medal and the imitation { Beast } medal. I had a monster type in mind. My medal couldn’t give it to me automatically but the category I had brought it down should still work in my favor no matter the result.

My monster, my last { Monster of Covenant }, I need you to have the ability to look human. You must be beautiful and enchanting. Drag those you charm towards you and into the depths of the water. Be smart, clever and wise. Play tricks on the fools who want what is yours. Show them that nature is both beautiful and dangerous. Show them a show that they can’t look away from. Fool them into thinking they have approached a wonderous beast and then slaughter them. Bring the waters as streams through the land and places to expand your domain. Be the beast by my side.

Purple light shown. A beautiful midnight black horse appeared with wisps of water around it.


[ Child, I am here. ]

I couldn’t help but smile. I ran straight towards the horse and hugged it tightly.

[ Thank you! Thank you for appearing! Now I have my third { Monster Of Covenant }! ]

I turned to the rest of my monsters.

[ Children! My beautiful children, I am so proud of you today. With him here we can officially start creating the magic. ]

I looked at Brigid.

[ Brigid, with the power of { Water } we can now set a foundation for your Kingdom! ]

My eyes looked at Balibt.

[ Balibt! My adorable dark spirit, you have now officially gained a cause to protect. ]

I looked at the rest of my monsters.

[ Bu-chan, the ants and your work, Mia and your team, Arachne and your group, Ichneumon and your friends, the Fairies, Skadi, Annoying Unicorn, Lich and my undead, Daemon, and everyone else I am so proud of you. ]

Brigid walked up to me with a shy smile on her face.

[ This one cannot fathom why you are getting so worked up. ]

I let go of the horse and nodded my head,

[ Sorry, sorry my cute children. It’s just seeing the puzzle start to come together makes me happy to be alive. Life isn’t just going to be an empty promise. ]

I turned back to the horse.

[ Child, do you understand how much you were wanted? ]

He nodded his head.

[ The love in this room is overwhelming. Something like this is not what I am used to. ]

I pat his mane.

[ Get used to it. This family is now yours, Alskare. ]

A rush of energy flooded into me. His body glowed from within in a blue light. The horse turning into a beautiful black-haired blue-eyed man.

[ To be honored with such a name, I am thankful. ]

Brigid smiled.

[ This one expects a lot from you horse. Your seniors have proved to be wonderfully adept at work. ]

He nodded his head.

[ Yes, Queen. ]

Balibt walked over to him. There was a small smirk on his face.

[ To think my master summoned you here as well. ]

Alskare narrowed his eyes.

[ To think I’d have to share an honored role with a being such as yourself. ]

The annoying unicorn walked over to him annoyed.

( Don’t you get prideful junior! You are still below me! )

Alskare just ignored him.

Good. Good. He has a good temperament so far.

[ Now then, let us summon the rest of the monsters we need before I go to the village tomorrow. ]

They all nodded their heads.

[ { Synthesis} ]

I looked down at the imitation [ { Viscosity } ] medal, the imitation [ { Person } ] medal and the imitation [ { Intent } ] medal.

A human like monster that can change his form by will. Intelligent enough, can blend in and is useful.

The light shown and a B Rank Doppelganger appeared.

[ { Synthesis} ]

The { Wind } Imitation medal, the { Person } Imitation medal and the [ { Imitation } ] medal appeared.

I need an elf. A human being connected to the wind and the planet. A smart and beautiful being that can both defend us and be a caretaker.

The light shown and an A Rank Noble High Elf Appeared.

It certainly is beautiful…

[ { Synthesis }

Lastly, I looked down at the { Steel }, { Beast } and { Intent } imitation medals.

I need a ferocious monster. Something scary that can represent the Earth’s wrath. Don’t give me something that can’t think though and is only insane. Smart and can live up to a story .

The light shown once again and what appeared was am A Rank Steel Dragon.

Not bad… Now let’s get the purchasing done. Mia did give quite a few good suggestions and my monsters did a crazy DP grind all week to get the DP to sacrifice.

[ Alright, now let’s go with Mia’s suggestions and everyone elses. ]

My crowd of monsters cheered loudly. The new monsters looked confused.

I don’t blame them…

I sighed and used a crazy amount of DP to buy the newly required monsters.

[ Alright, that’s 4 more Shadow Spirits, 4 more Lamia, 6 more Feral Weasels, 12 new Daddy Long Legs, 4 Webweavers, 3 more Earth Fairies, 5 more Earth Pixies, 2 Ice Hunters, 2 Light Horses, 4 Elves, 2  Greater Reanimated Corpses, 2 Dark Scholars, 4 Poison Snakes, 4 Toxic Spiders, 20 new Ant monsters, 10 more skeletons, 2 Steel Ground Lizards, and 2 Morphers. ]

I looked down at my DP.

It is miserable. Thank god I am procuring almost everything from the other dungeons and have started an increase in DP gain.

[ Did I get everything? ]

Mia pointed to Alskare.

[ You’re right. I can only get 2 Lake Horses, I’m sorry. ]

Alskare shook his head.

[ It’s fine. I am shocked by how much DP a new Demon Lord just spent. ]

My whole body sagged down in sadness.

[ Please, don’t mention it. The requirements for building a dungeon is too expensive. ]

Mia shook her head in agreement.

As the one helping me manage the finance only she can get it. We were now penniless for awhile.

Alskare knelt in front of me and took my hand. To my surprise he kissed the back of it.

[ My master, please do not fret. Since you summoned me and named me I will make sure nothing goes wrong. ]

My other monsters swarmed around me. Mia took me into her arms, Brigid stood in front of me with her arms out, Balibt glared up at him with darkness swarming around him and the others looked enraged.

[ This one does not accept such vulgarity in her presence! ]

[ Such a delusional beast, to think he can do more than I. ]

[ Stick to your job and drag other things down. ]

How do I say this… I am loved?

[ Alright, guys calm down. We need to explain things to the new guys and get them sorted. I leave tomorrow and I need you to keep up the rush for four more days. After which I will bring in the first steady stream of visitors instead of the few stragglers we have brought here. ]

They all nodded their heads. I went to sit down at a table and have some tea.

I have 300 DP left after construction and buying monsters. Can I cry?


Race: Kelpie (Old One)

Rank: S

Name: Alskare

Level: 1

Physical Strength: A

Endurance: B

Agility: S

Magic Power: S

Luck: B

Special: S+

Skills: Ruler of Water, Dimension Manipulation [ Water ], Beautiful Beast of the Stream, Seducer, Sooth Sayer, He Who Sees The Future In Still Water


Current Monsters –

1 S Rank Seelie Queen

4 Fairy Handmaiden

14 Skeletons

1 B Rank Bullet Ant

30 D+ Rank Crazy Ants

10 C Rank Carpenter Ants

15 B- Rank Fire Ants

10 A Rank Earth Fairies

8 D Rank Earth Pixies

1 S Rank Elder Lamia

1 B Rank Ichneumon

1 B Rank Arachne

1 C Rank Giant Viper

11 D Rank Feral Weasels

14 D Rank Toxic Spiders

17 E Rank Poison Snakes

13 G Rank Daddy Long Legs

1 A Rank Unicorn

1 S Rank Skadi

1 S Rank Dybbuk

1 B Rank Lich

1 S Rank Kelpie

1 B Rank Daemon

1 A Rank Noble High Elf

1 A Rank Steel Dragon

1 B Rank Doppelganger

6 B Rank Lamia

6 B Rank Shadow Spirits

4 D Rank Webweavers

2 B Rank Ice Hunters

2 C Rank Light Horses

4 C Rank Elves

2 D Rank Greater Reanimated Corpse

2 D Rank Dark Scholars

2 C Rank Steel Ground Lizards

2 D Rank Morphers

2 B Rank Lake Horses

Total: 193

Medals Left: OG { Time }, Imitation { Light }, Imitation { Creation}

Medals Can Use: { Intent }, { Earth }, { Beast }, { Person }, { Toxic }, { Ice }, { Alchemy }, { Water }, { Darkness }.


The Legend of the Kelpie

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