Chapter 4 : A Walk

A walk? Aren’t we in the middle of a conversation?

[ Come. I want to show you something. ]

I nodded and followed behind Atira. As we walked down the hallways I would occasionally glance at Queen. She just seemed bored as she silently followed behind us. Atira led us to a large open room. It was circular with similar volcanic glass walls. The ceiling seemed to be some sort of glowing crystals that mimicked the starry night sky. The majority of the room was filled with a pond of water. At the center was a large blooming tree similar to the one on her medal. At the center of the low hanging branches for all to see was a shinning crystal floating. I started to walk forward when Queen grabbed my wrist.

[ This one advises you to not move forward. ]

Atira nodded her head approvingly.

[ Seelie Queens are smart. If you touched that water you would probably of turned to stone. ]

First she lets loose a goblin and a deranged psycho on me. Now she tried to turn me to stone. Worst parent ever.

I looked down at Queen.

[ Thank you. ]

She turned her head on me.

[ This one cannot build her Fairy Kingdom if her parent dies. ]

She was cute.

I turned back to look at Atira.

[ Demon Lords don’t want others touching their crystals. Not only is it the heart of your dungeon if it breaks the Demon Lord will lose all of their powers and the monsters they’ve created. It is the same as losing your life. ]

I shuddered.

So if my Demon Lord crystal was to break then I would lose everything, but my actual life. I would wonder this world powerless for however long my large lifespan was.

[ Where is my Demon Lord Crystal? ]

Atira shrugged without a care in the world.

How was she a parent!

[ You will receive your Demon Lord crystal when you build your own Dungeon. If you don’t build one when the year is up then you won’t have one. But we are here to show you this. {I shall compose}. ]

A large book made of parchment paper appeared in Atira’s hands. When she opened it a Hologram picture of a mountain appeared.

[ This room is the deepest part of my Dungeon. The outside of my Dungeon is a mountain. The appearance of a Dungeon is whatever you choose. Try to think about what sort of Dungeon you would want to make. But first, you try { I shall compose }. ]

I nodded my head.

Finally, something practical and useful.

[ {I shall compose}. ]

A similar book appeared in my hands. I opened it. The first page was about Dungeon Construction.

[ A dungeon is created by using the catalogue. First you’d choose an exterior. Something you’d want people to see from the outside. Then the interior. This is where the space-time distortions will exist. So for my Dungeon the human enters from somewhere near the summit and works their way down. The size of the floors are much larger then what it seems from the outside though. With more levels then you can imagine. ]

I nodded my head and started to flip through the pages. Just like she said their was various dungeon designs and their DP worth besides them.

So flashier exteriors cost more. And interiors raise by what seems to be performance level.

[ Can I see your interior? ]

The scenery on Atira’s Demon Book changed.

[ My Dungeon is based on a leveling system. It becomes more challenging as you go as a general rule of thumb. Each level has three rooms which were required to be purchased individually. You can see my first floor looks like a basic mountain cave. ]

[ Rule of thumb… ]

Atira laughed.

[ As expected of my child. You listen to my words carefully. My Dungeon is known to the world as the Dark Elf Country Svartálfar. ]

[ So the world knows you are a Demon Lord? ]

Atira shook her head no.

[ Not at all. The Chieftain of the Dark Elves is Opal. The Dark Elf country of Svartálfar is an isolated country hidden deep within the mountains to avoid the humans that they hate. Connected to their country is a Dunegon that they use to train their famed assassins and discover priceless treasure. ]

What a crock of shit. With such a stupid smile on her face this had to be some public relations scheme she concocted. She really was a filthy loli.

I ignored her and looked back at her book. The deeper the levels got the nicer the floors got. One floor quite a few ways down seemed to be the town where her Dark Elves lived together. My attention was caught on something on her tenth floor. It looked like a group of poachers. In front of them was two shivering Dark Elf children.

[ Shouldn’t you… ]


When the men got to close to the Dark Elves a trap was triggered. The one surviving poacher was killed by one of the Dark Elf children. A happy smile on his little face. On a higher up floor there was a man who found precious gemstones in the walls of a sealed room. He seemed ready to abandon his hunt for Dark Elf ears to claim this new expensive prize.

[ So not only are monsters bait, but so are expensive items. ]

Atira nodded.

[ Humans come in here to raise their levels and earn some treasure. You can’t just create monsters like your Seelie Queen. ]

The uninterested Queen suddenly grabbed my arm.

[ This one is the only Seelie Queen that my parent shall have. ]

I looked down at Queen and pat her head.

[ Of course. They wouldn’t measure up to you anyways. ]

She nodded her head in agreement, but did not let go of my arm.

Thanks. Filthy Loli strikes again.

[ This seems like a whole lot of work. Everything exists on a trade of DP. There shouldn’t be so many hardships for something like a Demon Lord. You can’t even get something like treasures without forking over DP. ]

Atira nodded her head.

[ Twice the work equals twice the reward, Olara. ]

So the filthy loli was unexpectedly hard working.

[ So then, how do I earn DP when I don’t have my own Dungeon? ]

I casually glanced down at Queen.

Her fairies DP were no joke. And I have to keep her satisfied.

[ Unlike when you have your own Dungeon you will acquire DP from the monsters or humans you kill. When they die you consume their soul. ]

I looked down at my book, 100 pts. The imitation medal was 500 pts.

There was no way I could make another monster without asking Atira for another medal. Which would be like crushing on my Demon Lord Pride before I decided what my pride would be. I may need to plan my other two { Monsters of Covenant } in the beginning.

I sighed.

[ There’s not much I can do with 100 pts. ]

Atira smiled.

[ Senior Demon Lords are allowed to give their cute children 2000 pts to help cover your expenses. Oh and three original medals! Well, that’s basically all I am allowed to give you. But here’s your last medal, {Person}. I’m being nice and giving it to you early so don’t waist it, Olara!   ]

I took the medal she handed me. The symbol on it was a curved line touching a slanted line. After she touched my Demon Lord book I looked down. 2100 DP.

[ If you choose not to kill any monsters or humans that’s the only DP you will have for the year, my little child. There are a few hunting areas I can lend you though if you don’t mind diving right in. ]

Now she gives me the option?

[ Shouldn’t you have asked me that before you sadistic loli. ]

Atira smiled and Queen looked up at me confused.

Now what was I going to spend this DP on… - 190303 cherry_blossoms forest long_hair original petals scenic topipan tree water wings

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