Chapter 5 : The Power of {Intent}

Atira left me after she got us settled in a tiny house in the Dark Elf residential area. She told me if Queen bothers me enough I can store her in another Dimension along with nine other monsters. I already knew not to ask Queen. She was happily sitting on a chair drinking tea that had been made for us before Atira left us. The girl was really in her own world. The boss of this floor was a Dark Elf Priestess and she too quickly left after Atira did. She seemed to not get along with Queen. I looked around the room. It was filled with simple, but comfortable furniture and quite a few books. There was even a small kitchen.

Food sounds good.

I walked over to what was the pantry. It was empty. I turned to look at Queen. She drank her tea.

[ This one cannot make something out of nothing. That is an unreasonable thing to inquire about. ]

I went over to the book shelf dejectedly. My eyes scanning over the tittles. They were mostly history books and books on magic. A particular tittle caught my eye.

Introduction to Mental Magic Vol. 1. And on the shelf below it was Introduction to Magic Vol. 1!

I started with the reading the description of Magic itself in the second book. When I understand the basic concept I moved to open the first book.

I have to excel at this type of Magic? Logically….

Queen put down her tea and glanced over.

[ This one’s parent is interested in Mental Magic? This one’s parent’s unique skill is already stronger then those beginning spells. ]

She was so concerned for me! Mom is so proud, Queen.

[ True, but I don’t understand my unique skill or how to use it. And if I can’t do that I am sitting dead meat when we go hunting. If I understand Magic Theory itself and can grasp beginner Mental Magics I should soon gain a better understanding of my own skill.  ]

Queen looked down at the floor.

[This one did not think about such a thing. ]

I smiled.

[ It’s alright. I’m sure I am supposed to perfectly understand my unique skill already. The fault is probably with me. ]

Queen stood up.

[ This one understands her parent’s resolve. This one shall protect her parent until she becomes capable of helping this one kill monsters. ]

Capable to help… That hurts your parent, Queen.

[ Queen… ]

She put her hands up.

[ No need to thank this one. This one cannot receive her Kingdom if you die. ]

I slumped back down in my chair.

Right… Her fairy Kingdom.

Queen walked to my side of the table and hit the top. I immediately sat up straight.

[ This one shall educate her parent on magic. Let us begin. ]


In a blink of the eye a few hours had gone by… My head snapping up to see the Dark Elf Priestess from before. She seemed extremely unimpressed with me.

Perhaps letting others see Queen hitting the table at my mistakes should be avoided ….

[ The Supreme {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos has requested of me to show you one of your hunting grounds. She would also have me pass on the message ‘ Olara ~ Sticking your head in books at this point is n-o good ’. ]

My mouth dropped open in the Dark Elf Priestess change of character midway through her sentence.

She really captured the filth loli.

[ Alright. It may be a nice evening activity. ]

I stood up and pulled on my coat. Queen straightened up the books for me. She turned to glance at me and I gulped.

She was going to change the homework based on my results…

[ Are you two ready ? ]

I turned back to the Dark Elf Priestess. She was showing her impatience. I walked over to her with Queen.

[ Go on. ]

The Dark Elf Priestess closed her eyes and began to mutter to herself. After a few minutes a magical formation appeared beneath our feet.

So she can use transfer magic. What was her range?

The light rose and I felt us being transferred out of the room.

I looked around at the landscape. It was a dim light barren rocky cavern. At the center a few hundred feet away was a swirl of purple and black energy. The Dark Elf Priestess turned to us.

[ This is known as a Maelstrom. They are available for purchase from your Demon Lord book. The Supreme {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos wishes for me to inform you that for paying one hundred fold the price of a monster you can purchases one of these. The function of a Maelstrom is to produce one static monster per day. That is all. ]

I raised my eye brow at her.

That is all…. She doesn’t like me. It would of been nice if the person who was supposed to like me, my own parent, taught me about this before I arrived.

She turned back to the swirl of energy and blinked.

[ How lucky. The C rank Ogre is about to be born. ]

I blinked a few times.

The Monster I had last defeated was not a C rank. What was with the filthy loli and her spartan training.

I turned to look at Queen. She wrinkled her nose in distaste.

I completely agree.

We watched the swirl begin to move faster.

Ah. It is coming.

Blue particles started to flicker and take form in front of the swirl. The image of a large humanoid red skinned beast taking shape in front of us.

[ {Intent}. ]

Ah. Nothing good. Just all brute strength and an unnecessary ability to have children with their conquests. His thoughts were like a shouting child. It hurt my head.

I turned to Queen. She shrugged. The Earth beneath our feet started shaking.

[ Queen? ]

She ignored my words and lifted her hand. A soft spoken whisper came from her lips.

[ Kneel brute. ]

And the Ogre did. It did with a look of adoration in its eyes. I shivered.

[ Queen… ]

She took a small breath before turning around. The ground beneath the Ogre falling into a pit fall of sorts. Large spikes penetrating the body of the Ogre. The Dark Elf Priestess looked on with distaste.

[ Of course a Seelie Queen would kill in such a way… ]

The ground started to rumble again.

How do I put out this fire!

I put my hands up.

[ Now. Now. Wouldn’t any of us kill the the ogre. They aren’t that pleasant to look at and it was the job you know. ]

Before the Dark Elf Priestess could speak she was interrupted by Queen.

[ Leave the foolish child alone. This one knows that her kind is wasted on logical explanation. ]

I sighed.

What was the point in trying to help? Loli’s just had to rage on their own.

[ Enough of this talk. Queen. She is a servant of the owner of the residence we are staying at. You must show her some form of respect. ]

I turned to look at the Dark Elf Priestess.

[ And you. You will not insult my monsters, do you understand? ]

She nodded her head slowly.

DID SHE FEEL IT? I tried making the air feel full of my intimidating pressure.

[ Take us back to the city. ]

The Dark Elf Priestess nodded. A magic formation appeared below our feet and we soon appeared back in the city.

[ Let’s look around, Queen. ]

The Seelie Queen nodded her head. She was happy to leave the Dark Elf Priestess behind.


Kamigawa – Magic 2014

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