Chapter 6 : Into the City of Dark Elves

The Dark Elf city was like nothing I could have imagined.

You can see the care Atira- Filthy Loli had for her precious monsters.

I looked up at the cave ceiling. It was so high up you could not see the top of the large cavern. Only a faint mist and the occasional burst of soft colored light. The dim cavern lit up by glowing rock walls that seemed to mimic the outside sky. The buildings themselves a mixture of carved from the rock buildings and ornate towering figures. All along the ridges was a labyrinth of different dwellings and wonders. Water ways that seemed to come from nowhere that would seep into a large river at the center of the city. Large stone statues that seemed bound together across the way by rope. Crystalline ornaments and lanterns that were strung up everywhere to illuminate the city streets.

They even have an outdoor market area.

Walking around the city was a large collection of Dark Elves and various monsters. They were trading goods with a barter system.

[ It really is like a country…]

Queen nodded her head as we walked. In her hands was a stick of meat we had been given from one of the trade vendors.

[ This one agrees. The Monsters here are more civilized then what this one imagined. ]

I nodded my head. The familiar sight of pale blue hair catching my attention.

Is that… Lapis?

I take Queen’s hand and pull her towards the vendor.

It is Lapis. Perfect, she can act as our guide.

[ Lapis. ]

The Dark Elf turned around to face me and completely couldn’t hide her shock at all.

Poor girl…

She bowed quickly.

[ Saintess. I. Uh. Forgive me for not recognizing you. This child is honored you remember her name. ]

Waaah. So stiff. What was the Filthy Loli up to with this Saintess stuff.

[Oi. Lapis-chan, what do you think you are doing loitering around the front of my shop. ]

I turned to see a short bearded man standing in between the pulled apart front curtains of his shop.

Dwarf. He’s a dwarf.

The dwarf turned to look at me and groaned.

Did he just?

[ Lapis. Take this official business with you elsewhere. I don’t have time to baby sit this young little thing. ]

[ Babysit… ]

I muttered.

The dwarf turned to me and grimaced.

[ Ay. You heard me, child of our Demon Lord. My shop’s not a place to explore your curiosity. ]

[ Laaaapis. I told you not to run off! ]

I turn to see a taller Dark Elf running through the crowd.

His name was Amber … I think. Maybe it was Stuck-Up-Whitey?

Amber stopped in his tracks when he noticed me. Another grim expression appearing. However, he at least had the curtesy to bow.

[ My apologies, Saintess. Lapis meant you no offense. ]

Oh. Did she now you two-bit ikeman annoyance.

I turned to look down at Queen. She nodded her head smiling and tapped her foot. Vine like roots slipped out from the crevices in the ground and wound their way around the dwarf and Amber. Lapis panicking in confusion.

[ Bring them into this man’s shop. ]

I turned away from them and entered the shop.


The Dwarf’s Shop turned out to be a smithery. Although, the dwarf himself didn’t seem all that capable at least his staff was smart enough to lead us to a room and prepare tea for me.

I glanced over at the annoying dark elf. The dwarf and him had been confined to their chairs by the vines. While Lapis seemed frozen in her chair. She looked dreadfully pale.

 Perhaps, I need to lighten up some.

I turned to Queen. She was ignoring the entire situation and focusing on her tea.

[ It seems you two made a terrible blunder. ]

The dwarf sighed.

Why was he resigned from the moment I met him?

[ If you are going to kill us off Lassy best get it over with. No need to waste everyone’s time. ]

I could only sigh.

Honestly, this dwarf…

I put the tea cup down on the table.

[ You two are larger fools than you appear. Going on about me killing someone for imaginary blunders. ]

[ Lapis didn’t mess up and offend you? ]

[Oh no. On the contrary she was the only one who had any manners at all. The ones who have offended me are her great protector and employer. ]

Amber’s face turned bright red.

[I’m not- ]

[I don’t care. ]

[ Ay, Lass. You shouldn’t be so blunt with people. He’s got a fragile heart. ]

I ignored him.

[ {Intent} ]

Oh! This dwarf is interesting.

I glanced over at Queen and nodded ever so slightly. The vines falling off of the two. I leaned forward towards the dwarf.

[ It seems you are one of the head Dwarves around here, Gallecki-san. You are just the person I was looking for. ]

He raised an eyebrow.

[Me? What would a newly born Demon Lord want with a lowly pitiful dwarf.]

Demon Lord not Saintess?

[ Oi. You can’t want to cheat the line order for getting a weapon do yea. That can’t be allowed. It would ruin the whole manufacturing process.]

[ No. That’s – That’s not what I wanted…. I wanted a guide around the city. But, now I’m interested in something else.]

He stopped his rant.

I smiled.

[ You seem to know a bit about somethings. So why don’t you share with me. ]

He shook his head slowly back and forth and crossed his arms.

[ I don’t know nothing about anything, Lass.]

I leaned back into my chair and smiled.

Ah. I liked the feelings that were beginning to stir awake within me.

[ Come now, Gallecki. Will you make me use {Intent} on you? ]

Well… I already did…It’s not like I can currently get anything more.

[ I simple want to start with general information for now. Like does this town have a name? Why is there in fact a fully functioning town within in a Dungeon? Would you possibly consider future employment? ]

He nodded his head.

[ That much I can do for yea. The town’s name is Freyr. After one of the Miss’ old lovers. As for why there is a town that’s because of the Miss’ own Parent, { Alchemy } Demon Lord Cimeies, and the Miss’ Onee-chan { Ice } Demon Lord Vual. They had a thing for towns, and it rubbed off on the Miss. As for future employment I…… WAIT WHAAAAAT. ]

His hands banged on the table.

Oh. Did he just realize it?

I was assuming by the scorning looks from Amber and the still dreadfully pale Lapis he understood that part.

[ Yes. I want to employ you. My parent, {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos has many dwarves under her service. Surely, she won’t miss one of you. And I can put you to good use. When I have to build my own dungeon. ]

He burst out laughing. Amber glaring at him.

[ Gallecki… ]

Lapis finally, seeming to restart again.

Was her auto recovery over?

[ Department Head… ]

Oh? Department Head? I like it even more now.

I stood up.

[Well, think it over if you must. I will talk to Atira about it when I see her tomorrow. ]

Amber looked at me standing up.

[ Where are you going! ]

[ You know, Amber. For an important Monster such as yourself shouldn’t you already know the answer. ]

Gallecki shook his head sighing.

[ Babysitting… ]

I walked to the door and stopped.

[Lapis, are you coming?]

She stood up confused.

[Huh. Ah. Uh. Yes, Saintess.]

She quickly got up and ran over to us. I looked down at Queen.

[ Do you have any place you want to go? ]

She shook her head no.  I shrugged.

[ It’s up to you then, Lapis. Please, choose well.]

She nodded nervously. I turned back to the dwarf.

[ Oi, Gallecki. Put me on the list for a weapon. I’ll figure out whatever the payment is just make me a good knife. ]

He nodded his head. I looked at Queen. She shook her head no.

She’s probably waiting until I can afford to make her crowns…

Queen, Lapis and I walking out of the room. From the sound of hurried footsteps Amber was running after us.

The Great Unnoticed Protector Indeed…


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