Chapter 7 : Don’t F*ck With Fairies

Alskare sat in a comfy room with the three other main heads: Brigid, Balibt and Mia.

[ Our Master is too amazing. She had not even realized how effective her plans have become. ]

Brigid nodded her head.

[ Yes, Olara can be quite the dunce. ]

[ It makes sense though that her plans would be more effective than we could imagine. ]

Mia smiled as she drank her tea. Balibt looked the calmest as usual.

[ Your obsession aside, if the plan proceeds accordingly we shall have the country of Euphoria in our grasp within a month. Spreading, a stronger network into Mercantile and Swordland should be able to start and the base for { Light }’s and { Death }’s  [ War ] on us should be secure. ]

Mia clicked her tongue in irritation.

[ That miserable girl thinks she can kill our Master. ]

Balibt shrugged.

[ Envy is a vile thing. ]

Alskare laughed.

[ Insecurity is more accurate. ]

Brigid waved the conversation away.

[ Enough. Everything is going smoothly on those ends we have other matters to discuss. ]

They all nodded. Alskare started first.

[ The Lake Horse called See has finished her examination of the all the local water areas. She has sent in a topographical report to the Construction Department already for the plans for the waterways of the mountain and how they will lead out. The other has entered Mercantile with her dwarf companion and two merchant aids that Balibt gifted. The nearest village is undergoing brainwashing as the first stream has started its flow. As for me, I have finished checking over all the waterways in Mercantile, Euphoria and Swordland. There is a hilled area with an old dungeon with no Demon lord that has the forest known as un-enterable by the locals. It would provide a good base to start introduction into the unused Sea Ports Swordland has. Also, the waterways and pools for the village has been finished. ]

Brigid nodded her head pleased. Balibt went next.

[ The shadows are all placed where they need to be and there isn’t much concern. It seems some of them have the ability, due to our Master’s influence, to lightly suggest things to individuals. They have provided their own network of shells in their areas. { Light } seems particularly dense for someone of the opposite trait of us. The frontier villages of Mercantile and Swordland are on track. As for Euphoria, the majority of corruption of nobles and criminals has spiked as planned. We have made contact with one member of the Royal Family and his mind has begun to darken. The other villages are getting possessed and are brainwashed towards receptiveness of our story. We have also finished securing three merchant companies within the country. As for the matter of { Creation }… ]

They all narrowed their eyes.

[ His army of golems increases; the power of his S Rank monsters reveals to be more dangerous than ever. His monsters can compete with our numbers and those dangerous creations of his have grown. One of my shadows managed to gain copies of the plans from his Elder Dwarfs desk. They are with Yurli now. However, some of the devices seem currently out of reach for us. { Creation } also has gained cautious support from { Time }. { Dragon } seems to be neutral but his daughter { Wind } has truly fallen as Master predicted. As for his city, Avalon it has a different purpose then ours but seems to be following our theme of a ‘special one of a kind’ city. ]

Mia looked the most annoyed.

[ And Zagan? ]

Balibt sighed.

[ Idiotic as always. He has roped in { Viscosity } and { Evil }. He tried with { Wind } but was turned down. { Evil } has the strongest dungeon of the three. He has begun impregnating humans to try and build a new force. ]

Mia and Brigid both made looks of disgust.

[ Mia? ]

[ The base of the city is done and ready for people and reveal. It has been designed as Master wished in a circular neat spiral pattern. The center is a beautiful park water area which connects to all the streams within the city. Every area has its own designated theme separating any potential issues. A magical looking path has been made to the mine and small store areas have been made around it. The first three hot springs in the mountain are fully operational. The monsters testing out the fish in the stream running under the low-class district has been a huge success. We have managed to increase DP back up to 3,000 after all of this. ]

Brigid nodded.

[ Good. The hot springs and your district will be the most successful in the beginning. As for the fairies and the others on their off time they have progressed well. It is frustrating that besides the ants none of them have fixed levels, but the worth is starting to show. ]

They all nodded their heads in satisfaction.

[ This one’s Kingdom will be glorious. ]

[ Master’s desires will not be stopped by anyone. ]

[ For the one who cherishes me. ]

[ For the one who needs me. ]

Sir Kyle was staring at everything in shock. To think a village could come this far in five days. Everything was beautiful and blessed. The land and water was so healthy that it was terrifying to look at.

[ This is amazing. ]

Boden and Wald shook their heads.

[ This is nothing human. This is what bad used to look like. ]

He blinked his eyes shocked. He hadn’t seen land like this in ages. I smiled at him.

[ Wald and Boden are amazing.]

The two looked away shyly but Sir Kyle nodded his head.

[ I wish my father was here to see this! ]

He turned to look at me.

[ Is there anyway you could come to teach our country! ]

I shook my head.

[ Don’t want to. These people are nice and kind. Those in your country are not. ]

Sir Kyle only sighed.

[ We are working on that, you know? ]

I turned my head.

[ Not my problem. ]

He didn’t even bother asking the spirits. Sir Kyle was going to say something when the gates to the village suddenly closed. The Village Head running towards us.

[ Sir Kyle! The Marquis’ party is here. ]

He narrowed his eyes.

[ What did he do for you to close the gates? ]

The Village Head shook nervously.

[ His son Mant is here with the father of Lidge and twenty knights of the domain. ]

I watched him clench his fist in frustration.

[ That corrupt idiot is trying to kill us all. ]

He pointed to the houses.

[ Have all the children and women hide in the basement. We will go to the walls. ]

The Village Head nodded his head and went to move when I let out a noise of confusion.

[ Huh? But some of those women and children are the strongest in this village? ]

Sir Kyle looked shocked. The Village Head suddenly nodded.

[ That’s true. It’s normally not like this so I completely forgot. ]

I looked up at Sir Kyle.

[ I don’t like you very much but I’m not going to let this village get hurt. Can you be a showpiece for me and let me try to take care of it? ]

He looked stunned.

[ I can’t let a child like you put yourself in danger. ]

I flashed him a thumbs up.

[ I’ll be fine. These guys won’t let anything happen to me. ]

He turned to look at the spirits and nodded.

[ Okay… But if anything goes wrong I’m stepping in! ]

I nodded my head.

[ Cliff! Clara! Marie! ]

The three ran out from the crowd and towards me.

[ Are you ready? ]

They all nodded their heads.

[ Okay let’s go! ]

Sir Kyle grabbed my arm.

[ Wait I can’t let four kids go up there alone. ]

Ah, that’s a good point.

[ Okay, we all go and stand on the wall. You ask what’s going on. If something happens you let us four try to take care of it first? ]

[ Okay. ]

As I was saying…

[ Let’s go! ]

We all hurriedly climbed to the wall. The son of the Marquis had a nasty expression.

[ Village of Mulberry, you are accused of refusing to pay taxes, harboring monsters and killing a Baron’s son and his knight. ]

Sir Kyle looked at him annoyed.

[ Mant, what is this nonsense? ]

Mant looked up at him and smiled.

[ What nonsense? I have just gotten the report! Arrest the Village Head at once! ]

I saw his eyes find their way to mine.

He also has a disgusting smile.

Everyone around me grew angrier. Cliff stepped in front of me.

Cliff really…

[ Do you really think Clint, some monsters and you are strong enough to win this? Surrender now and no blood needs to be shed. ]

I stepped out in front of Cliff.

[ Stop lying! ]

Mant turned to look at me.

[ You there girl. Are you the girl claiming to come from the Forest of Mist? ]

I puffed out my chest.

[ I do! So what! ]

He smirked again.

[ You have been offered a chance of pardon from the Marquis if you explain how you tamed such monsters. You will be forgiven for your lies! ]

[ As if I was lying you idiot! ]

Not about that at least…

His face grew red.

[ I guess a commoner is a commoner in an end. There only thing they are good for is labor! ]

I ignored him and turned to Marie.

[ You have the shot. ]

She looked at me nervous.

[ I… ]

I held her hand.

[ You have it. ]

She nodded her head.

( Wald, guide her arrow. )

{ Yes, Master. }

Marie pulled her bow back and all the knights’ laughed. She took a deep breath and let the arrow loose.

She’s gotten better. Without Wald she may have hit his shoulder.

The arrow lodged straight into Mant’s forehead and his body fell off the horse. The knights and official fell into disarray. Marie looked at me shocked. I gave her a hug.

[ I told you you had it. ]

Marie turned to Wald.

[ Teacher! ]

Little tears flew out of her eyes. Wald pat her head.

[ You did well. ]

I turned to Clara.

[ I know you can’t use Earth Magic yet, but if you give your mana to the pixies… ]

She nodded her head and looked at her friends. They all giggled and nodded while clinging to her. Smiling widely they zoomed over to the knights and began to sing a song. All of them trapped in a ring of Earth. I turned to the other villagers.

[ I think you guys have grievances don’t you? ]

They all cheered and took turns with a bow. They missed quite a few times, but Wald helped them out every now and then.

Still it was a slow process…

When they were all gone Sir Kyle looked completely shocked.

[ I know understand the meaning of everything you said before… ]

I nodded my head.

[ Sir Kyle, these people are important to me. If you need to go back to the Capital to secure their safety please do. ]

He shook his head no.

[ The letters I wrote should reach them tomorrow morning. If they run fast they will be here in 2-3 days. It’s better I stay here as a witness to what happens next. ]

I nodded and looked at the pixies. They giggled and waved their hands. The wall around the knights became a burial mound. I clasped my hands together and prayed. Everyone looked confused but soon followed.

[ May you find release from this life as you move on to your next. ]

They copied what I said. Some of the elders had warm smiles.

[ Can we eat now? I’m hungry. ]

They all cheered. Dinner that night was some great soup.


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