Chapter 7 : Dungeons without a Demon Lord

I woke up to the feeling of something heavy on my chest. I turned my head slowly to see that Queen had basically climbed on top of me in her sleep.

Ah. I think I said we could share a bed last night… Maybe. Well, forced might be a better word for it.

There was a knock on the door.

[ Come in. ]

The Dark Elf Priestess entered the room.

She’s scowling again.

I nudged Queen to wake up. She sat up slowly, with her red hair all messed up. When she saw the Dark Elf Priestess she scowled.

[ Why is that creature back in this one’s presence? ]

I really need to work on her manners…

The Dark Elf Priestess ignored Queen ad turned to me.

[ Upon learning you were awake my liege has requested you join her for breakfast. Please get dressed. ]

Huuuuuh? Filthy Loli was a stalker. I had just opened my eyes.

[ Alright, please wait outside for a moment. ]

The Dark Elf nodded and exited the room. I slowly got out of bed.

Eh. This stupid pajama.

I looked down at the pajama that had been waiting for me when we returned.

Filthy loli.

[ This one is disturbed by Atira’s demanding attitude. ]

I could only sigh.

[ Well, she is a powerful being. It tends to come with some cons attached to it. As we are here for a year please put up with it. ]

Queen nodded her head. She had been given a fluffy onsie as a pajama. It had also irritated her.

[ This one understands she is useful for future security. ]

That is one way to put it.

The two of us called the Dark Elf back into the room and she transferred us to the same dining table as yesterday. We were silent until the food came. Atira looking up from the table.

[ Did my darling little child have a nice first night? ]

Ugh. That hurts filthy loli.

Queen speaking up for the both of us.

[ This one believes it was adequate for one of her stature. ]

Eh. The feeling of blood lust is back.

Atira only smiled.

[ I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to cause any discomfort to a child of mine. Especially, after they try to poach one of my other children. ]

I can’t tell if she’s that mad… She is smiling dangerously, but… She is a mess.

[ Did I? I thought I heard Gallecki was from the country of Svartalfheim. Unless, I am wrong. It seems like my use of { Intent } is not that capable yet. ]

Atira lit up with a huge smile. She leaned forward.

[ Oh! Tell me what else you heard! I want to know. ]

Aaaah. This suddenly feels like a crappy pop quiz. Queen was looking up at me expectedly.

[ Ah. Gallecki is a Dwarf Forger, which is an A rank monster. He was created by the { Alchemy } Demon Lord Cimeies, which is your parent. He seems like the grumpy sort that is very attached to his work. And he admires you. Oh, and he really likes the spicy buns in Freyr. And… he isn’t your monster, so technically no rules are broken if I take him with me. ]

Atira cracked up laughing.

[ My child is so cuuuute. Lucky me. ]

She leaned forward excitedly.

[Listen here, Olara, normally I should scold you for your actions, so you can learn how to behave in the future. BUT, I happen to love your bold little attitude. SO since it is only your beginning I will let it go. If you are able to convince Gallecki to go then you can have him. But I won’t make it easy. Gallecki is one of my cute little children. ]

I nodded my head.

[ Thank you for not scolding me. ]

We both turned out heads. A very tired looking Lapis stumbled into the room with an anxious Amber following her.

[ {Intent} ]

Yay. Her being sleepy helps! Oh, she got scolded last night by Amber. They were cute…even if he wasn’t.

I turned back to look at Atira.

[ I have a question? ]

Atira looked surprised, but nodded her head.

[ If Gallecki doesn’t count as one of your monsters then there has to be other exceptions to the rule, right? Monsters naturally are able to give birth to other monsters. In a case like that do they exist then as your monster? What if a monster impregnates a human? Would that resulting offspring be your monster? ]

Atira narrowed her eyes.

[ How did this pop in your mind, my little child? ]

Ah. Did I hit a sore spot? Atira was looking scary again.

[ I was thinking about it last night. There seems to be a lot of complications to things. It seems best to be aware of them. ]

Atira seemed to relax a little.

[ Then yes, I will answer that question. A Demon Lord normally considers them their monster, because they can still mutually receive benefits off of each other. However, without special circumstances, such as a Demon Lord impregnating the human, then the monster is technically a visitor or guest within the dungeon. ]

I nodded my head.

[ Is that so? You seem to have monsters here from { Alchemy } Demon Lord Cimeies and { Ice } Demon Lord Vual. I suppose I shouldn’t get too friendly with many of your residents. Since, I must rely on my own power. ]

Atira nodded her head.

[ That is the correct way of thinking. ]

[ Still, it would be helpful to provide me with a list or suggestion of sorts on who I shouldn’t like. ]

Atira’s blood thirsty aura came back. This time the room was filled with others as well.

[ Cute child, my little clever Olara, this is not the sort of conversation you should be learning. You need me to teach you how to live, okay? ]

I quietly nodded my head.

[ Alright. I will not seek to help my survival with more experienced monsters and try to create enough monsters to survive being alone in the beginning. ]

She clapped her hands together. Her smile dispersing the negative atmosphere.

[ I’m glad that’s settled. Now then, what are your plans for today? ]

Plans? Er… I didn’t think of anything.

[ Nothing concrete. Do you have any suggestions? ]

She nodded her head.

[ Well, right by here is three dungeons of Demon Lords who have already passed. Since they all still have their crystals you should be able to gain experience and DP there. But right now your only child is that little one there. So maybe you should play with mommy’s monsters for a bit. If you gain DP and buy more monsters then you can go over there. Sound good? ]

THREE FREE DP POINT AREAS… Something feels not right about this… Mah. I will figure it out later. Atira does have a point.

I looked down at Queen.

[ What interests you? ]

Queen didn’t seem to know herself.

[ This one would like to see the other dungeons. This one believes they might have the necessary resources. But Atira is correct in saying that only having this one would be a worrisome situation. ]

She does know I would be there too, right?

[ So then? ]

[ This one would like to learn more about her current abilities against the monsters in this particular dungeon. Dark elves are annoying creatures that have many particular talents. This one also believes this dungeon is adequate for the current needs. This one also thinks there may be monsters that can help this one’s parent learn how to use their abilities. ]

Atira smiled.

[ Such a smart little fairy. No wonder they are so adorable. Buuuut… ]

She leaned forward.

[ Don’t call grandma’s Dark Elves anything bad. I will get rid of the bullies who are mean to my children. ]

Crap. She is allowed to get rid of my monsters…

[ This one shall oblige. ]

[ Good little girl. Your grandma is very proud. ]

Thank you….

I turned to Lapis.

[ Lapis, won’t you be my guide again? ]

Lapis was completely dozing off. Amber pinched her in the side. She jumped up shouting.

[ Yes! I’m ready. Yes. ]

Amber sighed. I smiled.

[ Thank you, Lapis. ]

She looked at me confused.

[ For being my guide again. ]

Ah, no good. She entered auto recovery mode again…


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