Chapter 8 : Demonstration

Queen and I stood facing the Maelstrom. Yesterday, Queen had obliterated the Rank C Ogre. However, that was because all the conditions were exactly right for her. The problem was with her special skills I could not come up with a better opponent for her to challenge. The main issue was that she had started at level one. Although, she had too much talent for her level there was the problem of her not having enough talent for much past that. That is how we ended up stuck at the Rank C Ogre maelstrom once again. For some reason though Gallecki was here as well.

[ I hear you need to find some weapon or sorts for the Lass over there. The few fairies I’ve met tend to like the tiny ones. Like the bloody elves they also like the bows. I brought a few sample products from the shop. ]

I smiled at him. His face turned red as he looked away and scratched his cheek. He was secretly a cutie for a short heavily muscled beard guy.

[ Thanks. I’m wanting you even more now, Gallecki. ]

Amber pouted and turned his head. I smiled at him.

[ What’s wrong, Amber? If you pout so much I will steal Lapis away too. ]

His face turned bright red.

[ My liege would never allow it! ]

I nodded my head.

[ Mhm. ]

Lapis looked at him worried. I had to cover my mouth to hold back the laughter. Gallecki sighing.

[Ai, Lass. Didn’t I tell you not to be so mean to the boy. ]

I shrugged.

[ I have a short memory.]

Or did I…

Queen moved to look at the weapons.

[ This one shall try them all. ]

I turned to her.

[ How are you going to do that. Maelstroms only create monsters once per day. ]

Lapis did her best to stumble into the conversation.

[ You have been given permission by Great Mother to use the three D rank Maelstroms and the two other C rank Maelstroms. ]

She is super cute. I want her… Wait, Great Mother?

[ This one shall test a different weapon on each monster. In-between the time before the next monster this one shall fight one of the spectators. ]

Oh. How much did she not like the dark elves?

Amber scoffed.

[ Self-entitled little – ]

[ Amber! ]

I smiled at Amber. I did my best to imitate Atira’s smile, but no one should tell her that.

[ Amber, you should listen to your friend. My children are precious too. ]

Amber looked at me shocked. He seemed a little nervous. I picked up one of the longer curved knives off the table Gallecki had prepared and handed it to Queen.

[ I think knives like this were very good at skinning things. Why not start with this? Amber has graciously volunteered to face you first. Although, he does have a higher level than you. ]

Queen took the knife and smiled.


Amber unconsciously took a step back.

Wasn’t he an A rank monster? Toughen up a little…

Queen turned around and looked at the Maelstrom. The newly formed Ogre was wrapped in unnaturally large vines. She turned back towards Amber.

[ This one would first like to test themselves against an Assassin. ]

Sadly for us, once Amber worked up the nerve to attack her he won. Even if she was physically fast, Queen did not have the experience to keep up with him, nor was her magic itself that fast. Killing the Ogre however had cheered her up.

What’s scary is how strong Lapis is though…


Strange Games – Tsubasa Chronicle



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