Chapter 9 : Midnight Conversations

I woke up in the middle of the night. With a large breath I forced myself free of Clara and Cliff’s hold.

[ Be right back, bathroom. ]

You never know with these stalkers whose listening…

I walked out into the hallway and saw the doppelganger waiting. I nodded at it and it turned into Laelia. It would re-enter the room for me. While, I walked into another room in the hot spring resort.

[ Everyone. ]

They all turned to look at me. I looked around the room confused.

[ Where’s Mia? ]

Balibt smiled.

[ With that Clint. ]

I sat down in one of the chairs.

[ She is certainly a perfectionist. ]

One of her lamias would have been enough….

[ A regular snake would have been enough. ]

[ Now, now Brigid. ]

I crossed my legs.

Time for business.

[ Alright, I received your reports. What else is there to cover? ]

Balibt went first.

[ Zagan has officially confirmed with { Evil } and { Viscosity } to attack { Creation }. He has sent out a letter to { Stolas }. ]

I nodded my head.

[ The predictable idiot. As soon as we get the letter from him about joining send letters to { Evil } and { Viscosity } to come here to the town and talk. We will receive them the day before Zagan. ]

They all nodded.

[ Ah, also send a letter to { Blade }. ]

They all looked confused.

[ He looked like he wanted { Wind } at the party. Let him know she is allying with { Creation }. See what his response is. Anything else Balibt? ]

[ Yes, Master. The recent reports of the forces of the new Demon Lords have come in. ]

[ That bad? ]

He sighed.

[ Our information gathering ability is leagues out of their abilities. However, they have both more monsters, DP and floors in a proper dungeon than us. { Light } has capitalized on Mercantile and built her dungeon besides one of the artisan towns. While, { Death } has increased popularity of one of the swamps in Swordland’s Training Domain. ]

[ I see. Long term wise we have the advantage, but the amount of prep work we have to put in is our biggest disadvantage. All of our DP and time has to be used on information and bringing a story to life. ]

I sighed into the chair. Brigid’s snarky comment resounding in the room.

[ This one’s mother shouldn’t act so pathetic. ]

[ It’s called weariness, Brigid. Alright, next DP increase I will use the { Light } imitation with an imitation { Beast } and { Intent }. That will give us a Light Fairy. Then I’ll do the same in rounds with { Darkness }, { Water }, { Alchemy }, { Toxic }, { Beast }, and { Ice }. We can buy the lower rank fairies to act as townsfolk while we control the immigration. Plus, they can ease up the stress on the others for grinding DP from the dungeons. Lich will have to take a break from his studying and go with his Greater Reanimated Corpses and the skeletons to take a larger group of people from Swordland. He can expand to stray villagers and merchants. He better not mess up and not make it seem as if it comes from that atrocious swamp. ]

They all nodded.

[ Also, Mia will shift construction DP from now on to the 2nd floor of the dungeon. I want three rooms. The first should look like a magical long cave hallway with plants, lights, bloody sparkles in the wall and occasional treasures in the wall. The end of it can be some sort of riddle or puzzle. The next room needs to be full sized maze. They should be stone walls to save DP and use plants, traps, illusion magic to make it dangerous. Use the spiders and toxins as well, but not in [ War ] order them to not show themselves and fight. Ask the dwarves to use some of their treasures as now for bait. Also ask Atira how she made the water that turned things to stone. Have multiple fountains with some with that water instead of regular. Also have one table with a fake feast as a trap. The third room should be an open garden. Everything should look beautiful and a place to rest for tea. What should be expected is obvious. ]

Brigid nodded her head in approval.

[ It is a good fake first floor of what we want for our dungeon and it should save DP for us at the moment. ]

[ As for the need for DP, I will have the villagers start trickling in. The Marquis has just gotten the report of the death of his son. In the next three days we should see both the arrival of the Marquis forces and the forces from the Capital. In the next two weeks I will go there and secure the country. At that point Balibt you can expand the venture into Mercantile and Swordland. Alskare at that point any extra DP you make can go to the hilled area that you want. Until then I want your Lake Horses to spend a greater time grinding DP. They will be rewarded in two weeks with any one request they have. ]

He nodded his head.

[ What’s next? ]

Brigid frowned.

[ The other dungeons have submitted complaints about the construction plans for the Mountain Valley. ]

[ Which dungeons… ]

[ The Dwarves don’t want the waterfalls, the { Ice } Sanctuary doesn’t want the bridge and Atira is being Atira. ]

I pinched the bridge of my nose.

[ Tell the dwarves that they can submit suggestions on alterations of the waterfall, but it needs to stay to connect to the grand waterways. You can show them the projected idea if need be. Also remind them that they are getting to use their skills in the first time in forever by being the ones in charge of the bridge. Send a letter to Mistress Yua. I will receive her in one of the ice baths with Skadi and her ice hunters. As for Atira, send her an invitation to watch the progress [ War ] first hand and a chance to come experience the city as a guest. ]

Alskare looked at me concerned.

[ Master, perhaps you should return to bed. ]

[ There won’t be good sleep for any of us for the next two weeks. The foundation needs to be stronger. Do you have anything else to report? ]

He nodded his head slowly.

[ Swordland’s soldiers have been wandering the forest more lately. Some have increased visiting Atria’s dungeon for iron. Some of been challenging the first five floors of { Ice } Sanctuary and a scouting party went around it towards our area. We confused them and sent them back. ]

[ They are trying to find a route for their invasion, huh. ]

Alskare nodded.

[ Stall them for now with magic. We will choose when to let them find that path. ]

I looked at Balibt for a moment.

[ Balibt, what is the story with the body you chose? ]

[ It seems he is the second son of one of their Duke’s. ]


[ Balibt…]

[ Hmm? ]

[ Why did you not tell me that? ]

[ You were already aware he was a noble and we have yet to expand into Swordland. ]

[ Brigid. ]

She turned to look at him. Her shark teeth smile in full view.

[ See how long you can stay in that body, useless spirit. ]

The two started to bicker. Alskare stood up and walked around behind the chair to massage my shoulders. I leaned into it and closed my eyes.

[ Mhmm… ]

The other two stopped bickering.



I could tell he was smiling even with my back turned.

[ I am relieving the fatigue of Master. ]

I leaned forward sighing.

[ Let’s just make this { Light } Fairy now. Brigid you need a new subordinate to whip into shape. { Synthesis }. ]

On my lap appeared the imitation { Light }, { Beast } and { Intent } medals.

I just need the { Light } version of a fairy like the { Earth } Fairies or the Fairy Handmaidens. Give me shiny things to look at. Things that make the humans happy.

I felt Alskare lean forward to hug me from behind.

He was very touchy…

When the light faded an A Rank Noble Light Fairy appeared. I immediately bought two C Rank Light Fairies.

[ Hello, Children. I am the { Intent } Demon Lord Olara. From today on you will be a part of our family and serve your Queen. ]

When they saw Brigid they started to bow repeatedly in worship.

I hate fairies…

[ This one expects much of her children. ]

[ Yes your Grace! ]

[ It is our pleasure! ]

Ugh, barf.

Alskare lifted me up into his arms.

[ Let me carry you back. You seem even sleepier. ]

I was too tired to argue so I curled up into his arms.

[ Mhm. ]

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