Chapter 9 : My First Mini Team

About a week has passed since we started training. Somehow between all of it, I had managed to learn a few things. For one, Queen settled on the good to carve knives, which she kept tucked on her back covered by her hair. It made me so proud. The next thing I found out was that I myself had levels and that I would level up separately. Also, Queen was level eleven and I was level eight. I learned from Lapis that to level I had to fight and it was hard to do that when your monster was over protective of you in fear of losing her kingdom. Also, I somehow got the 2000 DP that Atira was allowed to give me transferred over. Although, I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

[ This one wonders what’s on your mind. Were you not supposed to be training with this one? ]

Ah. Caught thinking about things.

I put the bow in my hands down. It took six of the seven days for Gallecki to get me a knife that was decent enough for me to use, so I had been learning how to handle some other weapons. I seemed to be okay with a bow, and it gave Queen a chance to try to practice fighting itself.

Aaand… it saved me from it.

[ I was thinking about the DP we have. We have accumulated 2,650. ]

Queen turned away from Amber who was taking a break in front of her.

[ This one was wondering on when you would take action. ]

I sat down on the ground and sighed.

So was I…

[ But I don’t know what kind of dungeon I want. It seems to be a waste to just use it for the sake of using it. ]

[ Why don’t you make one of me. ]

I turned to see one of the two other Dark Elves I had gotten close to. Her name was Citrine and she was Amber’s younger sister. Citrine was a Rank B+ that was the pure I-am-going-to-smash-you type.

[ I don’t know how to make one of you… ]

Gallecki sighed.

[ The Lady didn’t tell you did she… a dark elf is a combination of an { Earth } medal and a { Person } medal. ]

Oh. Gallecki was so knowledgeable. I really really want him.

[ I do have a person medal… ]

Citrine smiled.

[ So make one of me! ]

[ Sister, she isn’t new enough to waste an original medal on making one of you. ]

Ah, there was the other one. The youngest one.

Amber and Citrine had a younger brother. His name was Tiger Eye and he was an A+ Dark Elf Shaman. He was also a big cutie.

[ I am your older sister! ]

[ So. Amber is older than you and neither of us care what he has to say. ]

[ YOU TWO! ]

Lapis put her hand on his arm to calm him down.

It’s a shame both of them can’t realize that they both like each other.

[ Well, jokes on Citrine aside… I do want to save the { Person } medal. ]

Queen frowned.

[ What for? ]

[ I don’t want to use { Person } until I have another { Intent } medal. And depending on what I end up heading towards I may want to wait for a third medal and not an imitation. Although, having one imitation most likely stop me from making the monster I want. ]

Gallecki hit my back.

[ Sounds like lass you just need to commit to doing something. Can’t make a good sword till you mine out a few good pieces of ore. ]


Lapis smiled at me.

[ Aren’t you curious, Saintess? ]

I crossed my arms, closed my eyes and nodded.

[ Annoyingly so. ]

[ This one believes you should just go for it. ]

I sighed.

I guess I can’t stall any longer.

[ { I shall compose }. ]

My own book appeared in my hands. However, it was severely limited compared to Atira’s.

[ Your B rank Fairy Handmaidens are four hundred DP… ]

Queen looked at me expectant.

Gosh. I get it. You want a million of them.

I bought two. They appeared pretty quickly. They were both tall, just a bit shorter than Amber. Both were pale and wore long cream gowns. The only difference was one had blonde hair and one had blue. The two of them immediately bowed.

[ My Lady. ]

[ My Queen. ]

This is a hassle.

I pointed to Queen who seemed to be boiling over from being ignored.

[ I am the { Intent } Demon Lord Olara. I have summoned you to serve my child. ]

The two of them looked up. Both of their eyes lighting up when they saw Queen. The two running over towards her to bow. Their heads pressed against the floor.

[ My Queen! Please forgive my ignorance. ]

[ Your Grace, this one cannot be forgiven! ]

Yea… This is what I was worried about.

Gallecki and I shared a look.

[ This one allows you to raise your heads. This one is pleased that you have turned out to be able to grow. Well done. ]

The two were shivering from being praised.

I don’t want to buy anymore of them!

Citrine turned to me frowning.

[ You didn’t make one of me to buy them. That’s harsh. ]

The two handmaidens looked up and frowned.

[ Surely, our Queen does not have servants such as them. ]

[ My Grace, let us immediately fix this situation. ]

I put my hands up.

[ Hold it you two. You cannot go against my wishes. By your law I am the mother of the Queen. I am an Elder. These children are the children of my own mother. You must tolerate them. ]

The two scowled at the group, but bowed their heads.

Never again…

[ This one wonders what you will do next? ]

I looked down at my book. I had 2650 DP. Now, I was done to 1850. I bought myself two skeletons. They were 20 DP a pop. Everyone looking at me confused. I turned to them.

[ Little bones, I will have you help me. ]

They just clattered.

Everyone was looking at me like I was insane.

I put my hand up before they talked.

[ Leave it. I have a reason. ]

Amber covered Citrine’s mouth.

Thank you.

Now, I had 1810 left. I purchased an imitation { Earth } medal, an imitation { Beast } medal and an imitation { Intent } medal. I was down to 310 DP. No more purchases for now. I let the book fade away as I looked down at the medals.

[ {Synthesis} ]

I want something that looks scary, but is kind. I want something that can grow with me and can help me with chores, but can also help itself. There was no need to be specific I wanted to experiment.

The light shown and when it was over a giant Ant was hovering over us.

It’s huge. I want to puke. WHY IS IT A BUG.

Gallecki cracked up laughing.

[ That isn’t so bad kid. That’s a Bullet Ant. They are B rank Earth beasts and great for any sort of mountain dungeon. ]

[ Oh? ]

Lapis smiled so happy.

[ You haven’t had a chance to see them yet, Saintess, but many of the areas and the works you see here are from creatures like the Bullet Ant. ]

I nodded my head.

Alright, not so bad…. Nope, Bu-chan was hard to look at it.

I immediately heard the sound of chirping in my ear before hearing words.

( I am happy! Happy ! Thank you! )

This was just like when I heard Queen, minus the chirping. I had thought because Queen was an exception only she and I would be able to both use my telepathy skill. However, it seemed like the rest of my monsters could… maybe.

I will experiment later. Wait? Were Ants so smart…. Oh, increased intelligence… So my Ant is like a child now?

( I am glad you are happy. )

The Ant rushed over to rub its huge head against mine.

Yea. Telepathy was working.


We all turned to look at the annoying filthy loli heading this way.

Of course, she would appear.

[ Olaraaaaaa… I’ve been waiting all week for you to make another monster. How could you do it without me! ]

When Atira and Opal finally reached us I turned to the handmaidens.

[ Children. This is { Earth } Demon Lord Atirakos. It is because of her medal I was able to bring you here. She is also the parent of these dark elves. ]

The two of them bowed, but it didn’t seem to have the same level of enthusiasm.

Ah. Not my problem.

Atira started to lightly hit my arm.

[ Olaaaraaaaaaa. ]

I sighed.

[ Atira. These are my new children. The two fairy handmaidens, the two skeletons and Bu-chan. ]

Olara completely ignored the two handmaidens, briefly glanced over the skeletons and gazed affectionately at Bu-chan.

Yea…. Atira was continuing her stalker like ways.

[ Isn’t this little baby just adorable! You finally have one of your own little babies. Momma is so proud. ]

Little? Baby? Filthy Loli you are not my mother.

[ Atira, you mentioned before that if I gathered more than one monster and was not level one then I could go see the other Dungeons. ]

She looked at me confused.

[ Ara. Did I miss something? All of these monsters besides Queen are level one? ]

I smiled at her.

[ Atira, you never told me they all had to be above level one. ]

Atira frowned.

[Ah. You see. How do I tell you this… If you go with these you may die. And then I would get in trouble. ]

I smiled even wider at her.

[ That is why I intend to take everyone that was already here with me. ]

She looked at me shocked, pointing her finger at me.

[ You! Why are you always going places with my monsters! ]

I tilted my head in fake confusion.

[ Eh? I just thought they would ensure we would survive? Don’t they also need experience? ]

Atira took a step away from me.

[ Why is my daughter so evil. ]

[ Why won’t Atira let me socialize with her other children? ]

[ Because you will tempt them with those mind powers of yours… ]

Mind powers? Really?

I shook my head no.

[ I can’t take them unless they want to go and unless you let me. ]

She seemed to be pondering it when I dealt her the final blow.

[ I understand. Opal’s granddaughter is very important to you. Can’t risk anything happening to her, because of me… ]

Atira looked at me shocked.

[ Who told you! ]

I looked away from everyone and pointed at Citrine.

[ Citrine… ]

Citrine started to panic.

[ I swear! I never said anything. ]

I sighed.

[ You know, Citrine. If you are a warrior you should have much stronger mental fortitude. ]

Atira turned back towards me.

[ You were snooping in my children’s heads… ]

I frowned.

[ How else am I supposed to practice? I can’t get in your head and most of your monsters. ]

[ Fine. Which one do you want to go to? ]

Ah, shoot. I never investigated the different dungeons.

[ Can you tell me about them first? ]

Atira finally started to look like she was calming down.

There was really no need for her to act like that. If she really had a problem she would have told me.

[ The first is my parent’s { Alchemy } Demon Lord Cimeies dungeon. Both of our dungeons are really good for resources, but no one can top his. ]

Gallecki nodded.

[ You should see it lass. ]

[ The second is my onee-chan’s place, { Ice } Demon Lord Vual’s sanctuary. Hers is the hardest of the dungeons, and it is super cold… The third is the { Toxic } Demon Lord Saleos’ jungle. It is the best suited for gaining experience and I almost always send my kids there to have fun. ]

( This one shall allow you to pick. )

[ Alright. We are going to the { Ice } Sanctuary. ]

Atira suddenly looked flustered.

[ Wait. Wait. You aren’t supposed to pick that one. You aren’t prepared for it. ]

I smiled at her.

[ My monsters and I like fun and interesting places. We will start there. ]

I turned to look at the others.

[ Gallecki. Can you rush some warm clothes for us? ]

He looked at me grim.

[ Playing on a Dwarves pride isn’t a nice thing to do. ]

I hit his back and laughed.

[ Hehe. I’m glad you are on my team. ]

Atira shook her hands to get my attention.

[ Olara. You are supposed to go to the jungle. Your little baby won’t like the cold. ]

I looked up at Bu-chan.

( Can you do this? )

( Try! )

I pat it’s… the side of its head.

[ Bu-chan will be fine. ]

Atira’s shoulders sank.

[ Alright. If I can’t stop you. ]

I shook my head no.

[ My monsters are the best there are. A little cold won’t stop them. ]

( This one is glad you are aware of their capabilities, but this one does not want to freeze. )

( It will be fine… )


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