Epilogue: The Demon Lord’s Urban Development?

I sat down at a table and enjoyed tea as my monsters began to pack up our belongings. The spot the new dungeon would be in was chosen beforehand, so we were able to leave immediately. I had given them a rest for two days while the other dungeons gathered the resources we needed.

They are all so cute…

I couldn’t help but smile seeing them all work together.

Even the annoying unicorn is helping out.

It seems Lich’s ability to grant support effects to those under his command matched well with the healing and support magic the unicorn could use. An odd pair when looking from the outside.

Balibt, may be the oddest.

After cleaning the boy up we were all able to confirm he was a beautiful boy.

According to Atira, he was a son of one of the nobles’ of Swordland. They were the people who used her dungeon.

Watching him organize and help with the move was a sight. The only normal looking scene was Skadi, Mia and the rest’s work. A comfortable predictable scene. Atira walked over and sat beside me, glum.

[ Must you really go already? ]

[ Of course, I have to. I can’t only be your entertainment. ]

Atira groaned.

[ You could build your dungeon and live here. ]

[ Stop sounding insane. ]

She looked at my monsters and all those helping them.

[ I suppose this is a heartwarming scene. ]

Filthy loli.

[ It is. ]

She turned to look at me curious.

[ Olara, now that you have two { Monster Of Covenant } will you tell me what you want for your third? ]

I put my tea cup down.

There’s honestly no point not saying it. She may know who has the medal I want.

[ I need the { Water } medal. ]

She leaned away from me and crossed her arms.

She’s in thinking mode.

[ I know the perfect Demon Lord to get that medal from. ]

[ But? ]

Atira looked at me with an uncharacteristic expression.

[ It’s a dangerous guy. A top 3 big baddie. The sort you will get pulled around by and can’t ever show up weak or empty handed. ]

[ Does that mean he’s never been your lover? ]

She looked completely irritated.

[ That’s right! He’s a completely lovestruck fool! ]

[ Alright. Which Demon Lord is he? ]

[ { Time } Demon Lord Dantalion. ]

That guy, huh.

[ I’ll figure it out. ]

Atira didn’t say anything. We just watched my monsters. Brigid was bickering with the unicorn.

The two of them are doing the least amount of work.

Ichneumon ran up to me and I picked him up on my lap.

It seems he was sleepy.

I stroked his fur as he drifted off to sleep.

He did a lot more than the others realized.

Balibt walked over to us. The handsome boy kneeling.

[ Master, the preparations to leave are almost complete. ]

I smiled at him.

[ Stand up, Balibt. You are not my subject. You are my child. ]

He stood up and nodded. I looked over at my monsters before turning to look at Gallecki.

[ You coming? ]

He scratched his chin awkwardly with a bright red face.

[ Ai, well. I can’t leave you alone with all the chaos you make, lass. ]

I looked at the Dark Elves.

[ And you, guys? ]

Lapis looked at Atira. You could see the confliction in her eyes. Atira sighed.

[ My cute children, I want to spoil you and keep you with me your entire lives if I could. ]

For the first time ever, Atira looked sad.

[ I’m going to die. We all know it. It is the course of nature. ]

Filthy Loli looking regal is creepy…

She stood up and looked at everyone.

[ As my Onee-chan said, the future we make for our children is the most important thing we can do as a Demon Lord. When I die it is Olara’s turn to uphold that. If you can go make sure my fathers, my one-chan and my wish comes true I would be happy. ]

Atira walked over to Lapis and gave her a hug.

It’s a little awkward seeing you end up having your face in her boobs….

[ My little grandchild. If I could see your future I would. ]

I could feel the eyes of her other monsters on me- even if they weren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Atira let her go.

[ I swear to you I will live everyday left happy among you. Spoiling you and causing pranks just as we always do. ]

She admits it at least…

[ But when that day comes, I ask you my cuties to not mourn. I want you to party and celebrate- to dance and have fun. I will be with my father and one-chan. My spirit will return to where it began and this mountain valley will be even more safe and holy. ]

She turned to look at me with a sad smile.

[ Olara~ My little girl, I have seen your ability to grow. I can tell with support you will be able to protect these children. Since that’s the case, let’s just have fun as usual, okay? ]

Everyone sighed with relief.

Filthy Loli would end it on a jollier note.

[ Lapis, Amber, Citrine, Tiger Eye. I need you. ]

Lapis looked up shyly. Amber turned away with his face red. Citrine looked pump and ready to fight. While, Tiger Eye looked his normal calm.

[ I need representatives of the Children of Autumn.  I need the strength of Okaa-san with me when I work to protect this land. Please, come and help me. ]

Atira went to speak when Opal surprisingly covered her mouth.

Thank you, Opal. You are the best.

Citrine nodded her head.

[ Of course I’ll go! In Priestess’ dungeon I can’t help much, but in a new dungeon I can become better support! ]

Tiger Eyes shrugged.

[ I will always uphold the wishes of Priestess. ]

Amber grumbled quietly.

[ I’ll always go where Lapis goes. ]

Lapis took a deep breath.

[ Great Mother, I love you. I love you so much. You have been the only family I could ever want. You gave us a magical home and family. Great Mother, I can’t imagine ever wanting more than all of this. ]

She clenched her fists.

[ I will go. I will go and help protect everything you have give us. I will protect your name and Grandma Opal’s name. ]

Atira broke free of Opal’s restraint and ran to hug Lapis.

She really is adorable!

[ My little girl, you are acting so grown up~ ]

I sighed.

[ Alright, guys. Let’s wrap this up. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Work that needs to be done before we can even start to help protect Atira’s precious things. ]

They all nodded. Atira smiling coyly.

[ I’ll send a letter to { Time } for you ~ ]

Groaning, I took another sip of my tea.

Filthy Loli is such a troublesome being.


Battle With Lich – Overlord II

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