Prologue : The 499th Demon King

I woke up and found myself in a large room. Three candles illuminate a soft hazy triangle by the only door in the room. In the darkness, I think there are two slender shapes supporting the base, but my vision is still blurry. At the point of the triangle’s soft light is a woman…

No. Is she a child?

White…No, the palest shade of green hair falls down her frame to the floor. My eyes following it to the bright green light that was in the corner of my vision. Below me is a magic formation and my naked skin. I am wearing nothing. I find myself following the hair back up to the child’s face. To her bright yellow eyes.

[ Where am I? ]

Speaking of I. Who as I? What was my name? My age? My hobbies?

I tried to summon up memories, but nothing came up.

It was like I was empty. But how can someone be empty?

I look back up at the child. She seems to be smiling.

[ You took your time being born. I almost had to prepare a last minute monster. ]

Being born? I was clearly much too large to just be born- MONSTER. Was I going to be a sacrifice of some sorts?

That’s when I noticed it. Besides the beauty from her tan skin and elf ears and her child like innocence from her large round eyes, pouty coral lips, flat chest and short stature, everything about her was dreadful. Looking at her would make animals fall over and die, and this lady had prepared a brain damaged me as her sacrifice.

To a monster.

With just those short to the point words (as if it was a senior scolding their junior) she slightly tilted her head and a green distorted creature stepped out. A loin cloth covering it’s pole. A club in it’s hand. I had to fight the urge to puke.

I was a sacrifice to this! COME ON.

[ Goblin Chiefs are D Rank Monsters. A child of mine should be fine. ]

Were her words as he ran forward at me. I scooted back and rolled over quickly as he lunged forward.

Of all things why did I have to be nude.

The Goblin immediately turned again and swung it’s club. I was barely able to avoid it. I glanced around for a weapon as I tried to find the time to get off of the ground. I was not enjoying being a similar height to this loin cloth.

THERE WAS NOTHING! I guess I was on my own like usual.

Taking a deep breath, I pretended to barely avoid the club and trip. When he swooped down to lunge on top of me I kicked him hard in the chest. To my surprise he flew into the nearest wall. As soon as his club hit the ground I scrambled for it. Grabbing it, I smashed the stunned Goblin in the head repeatedly. Perhaps, I was venting longer then I thought, because the woman did speak up.

[ Isn’t that enough for a warm up? You have a year of this you know. ]

I dropped the Goblin’s club and turned around.

A year. I was to be naked and covered in dirty Goblin blood for a year?

[ Are you shitting me you sadistic lolicon filth. ]

She raised her eyes at me surprised. Why did she seem happy?


Once again, she slightly tilted her head. However, this time the door opened and loud noises were made as a large cage was rolled into a room before the door was closed. I couldn’t see who else was in the room, but I had the feeling there was one other person now here. I mean besides the naked one in the cage. My lolicon smiled at me and opened the door of the cage. The man slowly climbed out like a spider. Once he was out he looked up at her as if waiting for a command.

[Congrats, you’re finally going to die.]

The man’s eyes turned big and he started to hit his head. Then he turned to me. Pleading. So much pleading.

[Don’t. Please. I have children. A wife. A family. Please. Don’t Kill Me. I won’t do it again. – ]

It didn’t stop. He didn’t move. Neither did I. The more emotional he got. The more he shouted. The more my head started to hurt. When he saw me lift my hands to my head for a moment he lunged. I suppose he figured he would be fine if I died instead of him.

Desperate acts of those who are desperate.

However, it didn’t matter, because in that moment I did what she was waiting for. I whispered a simple word that came to mind.

[ Intent ]

The man’s thoughts, dreams, almost everything about him came zooming into my mind.

Zachariah Finch was indeed a married man. He did indeed have a child. However, he was by far not someone who was particularly deserving. He regularly stepped out on his wife at brothels or with other female adventures and had 3 illegitimate children (that he knew about). Further, the reason why he got in this mess was because he snuck into Dark Elf country to cut off ears to sell for money he lost gambling.

There was nothing to feel bad about if I took a step to the left, so I did. Afterwards, my arm wrapped around his neck as he fell forward and with out mercy or word I snapped it.

He wasn’t bad enough or annoying enough to do anything more then that.

When it was over I dropped him on the floor and looked up at the lolicon. She was smiling wider. The spectators in the background started to clap.

There was more then one?

[ Hohoho. I, {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos, acknowledge you not just as the new Demon Lord I am supposed to train, but as my child. Congratulations. You have passed my tests with flying colors. As a reward you may call me Mamma. ]

As if that will ever happen. If she calls this a test she can go fu-. Wait. A newly born Demon Lord.

[ Atira – ]

[ Mamma. ]

[ Atira – ]

[ Mamma. ]

[ {Earth} Demon Lord Atirakos – ]

[ Atira. ]

An evil smile sprouts on my face.

I won. I will never call her mamma. EVER. A rapist Goblin and a desperate human are not tests for uninformed newborns lolican…

[ Yes? ]

[ What is my name? ]

Atira blinked a few times. One of the spectators moved forward into the light and I finally saw what she looked like. Ah. She was also a Dark Elf. Except she was older. Late teens, early twenties. Classic looks I think. Dark skinned with white hair and purple eyes. She was whispering in Atira’s ear. Probably to remind her of something. Atira seemed the forgetful type.

Like to tell me my own name.

The other two moved into the light. One was a female slightly younger looking. Her hair seemed to look blue in the light while her eyes amber. She, unlike the other two, was also endowed with a chest. The third was a male. He was quite tall and had white hair as long as the girls. Except he had one braid in the front by his ear and orange eyes. They made their way over to me. The naked goblin filth covered me.

[ Allow me. ]

The female Dark Elf put her hands over one of my arms and water appeared. My eyes opened in shock. The male besides her looked smug.

Heh. Where they together?

It was embarrassing, but it felt too good to say no, so I let her wash my entire body quickly. After all, this seemed to be a high class skill she was using for me. Afterwards, the guy handed me a large fluffy blanket that I don’t know from where it came. But he didn’t talk, so I didn’t get the vibe I could ask. When the process was done Atira called out for me.

[ Come. I will explain over food. ]

Food. My arms unconsciously wrapped around my stomach. I was hungry.


Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash – Gob Fight!

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