Prologue : [ Time ]

I stood in the first floor of { Time } Demon Lord Dantalian’s dungeon.

I can’t believe he agreed to meet with me so soon.

I looked down at Brigid.

She looks a little nervous too.

Mia and Ichneumon were with us.

Balibt, would be an irritation and had more important things to do.

[ Saintess? ]

I turned to look at Mia. She was still in her human illusion. The adventurers challenging the dungeon were getting distracted by her beauty.

[ Mia, do you think one day we could make an amazing dungeon like this one? ]

She nodded her head.

[ It shall be our greatest wish. ]

( Ours will be better! )

I patted Ichneumon’s head.

He’s such a positive creature. I don’t understand why he has such a bad reputation.

[ This one sees our guide. ]

We turned to look at a monster approaching us.

[ { Intent } Demon Lord Olara, correct? ]

I nodded. Everything around us froze.

What a convenient ability.

All of us transferred to a throne room. The Demon Lord on it was somehow both an example of a weird gentleman and an imposing academic. I immediately knelt.

[ It is an honor to be here, { Time } Demon Lord Dantalian. ]

He seemed a little annoyed.

[ You are only here as a last favor to Atira. Tell me what it is you want from me? ]

I stood up.

[ Atira has informed me you have a { Water } medal in your possession. ]

He narrowed his eyes.

[ Plenty of Demon Lords have a { Water } medal. There is no need to come to me. ]

I took a deep breath and nodded my head.

[ I believe Atira sent me here knowing it is a chance to get help to protect the dungeons of the Mountain Valley. ]

I could feel a burst of anger swarm around him in the air.

[ You think you could offer me enough to protect your parent’s dungeon. ]

I shook my head.

[ I can’t. ]

The aura disappeared. His eyes glancing over Brigid and Mia.

[ That Elder Lamia is unnamed. Give me to her and I will tell my faction to leave the Mountain Valley alone. ]

I shook my head no.

[ I’m sorry, Mia is not a bargaining chip. She is my family. ]

A small smile appeared on his face.

[ Family? What does a young child like you know about family? ]

[ I know enough about it that it is people I have to protect. ]

He glanced over my monsters again.

[ You think a { Water } medal would ensure the lives of the monsters of yours. ]

Brigid went to speak but I put my hand in front of her.

[ Probably not. Even if you older Demon Lords can’t attack us you can still influence our surroundings. The Mountain Valley has only survived because of deals made and the strength Atira has built. To be frank, I don’t have the ability to do any of that. I don’t even have a dungeon yet. To protect my family I can only capitalize on the time Atira is still here. { Time } Demon Lord Dantalian, I don’t have much to trade but I will find something for that { Water } Medal. ]

He cracked up laughing.

[ To think Atira sent you here with nothing. Has she gone senile in hours of death? ]

Yes, but I think she was already senile.

[ I have something. I can offer you a 100 year monopoly on resources from the dungeons and three imitation { Intent } medals. ]

He stopped laughing.

[ Imitation medals. ]

[ I need the next { Intent } medal to use with the { Water } medal I can hopefully get to become a { Monster of Covenant }. I can promise you the one after that, but I don’t think that would mean anything to you. In the mean time I can give you the imitation medals. You can see the worth of my medal and why I did not show it at the Banquet like you all talked about. ]

He looked at one of his monsters.

[ Bring one of these medals here. ]

I handed to the monster one of the imitation medals. She took it to { Time } Demon Lord Dantalion. An amused expression on his face.

[ You must be quite annoyed with { Creation }. ]

I couldn’t hide my frustration.

[ I don’t have time to worry about that at the moment. ]

[ I see. ]

I looked at him. You could see the desperation in my eyes.

[ Alright. A 100 year monopoly on the resources of the dungeons and three imitation { Intent } medals for the { Water } medal is a deal I will take. ]

I sighed in relief. His monster delivered me the medal and I handed over the two other imitations to her.

[ Thank you, { Time } Demon Lord Dantalian. I will never forget this. ]

He waved his hand.

[ I know you won’t. You are that whimsical creature’s child… Now then, shall we talk about the { Time } medal. ]

The { Time } medal…

[ Atira, would only send you here if she wanted you to have connections with me and eventually get my medal. She has wanted it for years and I have never given it to her. ]

I sighed.

[ Yes. She has told me you were sane enough to reject her proclivities. ]

[ Proclivities is one way to put it. I am glad that you don’t seem to have gotten that from her. ]

I shook my head no. A face of disgust appearing.

[ Your interest in my { Time } medal… ]

[ I don’t have anything to offer for it. It is an amazing medal but currently out of reach. ]

He sighed.

[ Shouldn’t you be smarter than this? ]

[ I’m afraid there is no point in lying to you. ]

[ I suppose not. ]

Brigid forcibly entered the conversation.

[ This one understands you would not bring it up unless there is something you want. { Time } Demon Lord Dantalian, what is it you wish of my mother? ]

She called me mother… so cute…

[ Seelie Queen, you weren’t asked to enter this negotiation.  ]

Brigid put her head down. I could tell she was boiling inside.

[ She is right! What is it you want that you would hint at an offer for such a great medal? ]

{ Time } Demon Lord Dantalian leaned back into his chair.

[ A monopoly on the resources of the goods of all the dungeons of the Mountain Valley until the day I die, the original { Intent } medal after this next one you say you must use, an agreement to not do what your parent did and enter { Black } Demon Lord’s party and an agreement to leave { Creation } Demon Lord Procell alone during your year of war. ]

{ Black } Demon Lord, huh… Atira had already informed me of those circumstances…  That was a nasty situation. While, { Creation } Demon Lord Procell was someone I had no intention to engage in war with, but if it is a condition joined with { Black } then this was about { Beast } Demon Lord Marchosias….

[ Well, { Intent } Demon Lord Olara. Do you want the { Time } medal or not? ]

[ I will leave { Creation } Demon Lord Procell alone. I will grant you a monopoly on the resources of the dungeons of the Mountain Valley. You may have my original { Intent } medal. I would like to be granted reprieve of forging a neutral relationship with the { Black } Demon Lord because of his attachment to the Mountain Valley and my young age. I will in return send all information gathered about { Black } and those scheming against { Creation } and Great Demon Lord { Beast } Marchoias-sama to you. ]

He seemed agitated.

[ Atira always had loose lips. ]

I bowed.

[ My apologies. ]

He handed his { Time } medal to the monster. She walked it over to me. I couldn’t help but hold it in my hands shocked.

It feels heavier than the other medals.

[ Young Demon Lord, I expect my first shipment at the beginning of the next month. ]


I nodded my head. The monster started the transfer array. Mia happily smiled and waved goodbye.

She really was the most useful monster I had.

All of us disappeared from his sight. Once we were outside I let out a big sigh.

[ Agh, that was so intense. ]

Brigid kicked my leg.

[ This one is enraged you would not allow me to talk! ]

Mia tried to calm her down.

[ Now, now Brigid. It was only because of personal bias we needed the medal remember. ]

Brigid poked my arm.

[ At the cost of all those resources! ]

I glared at her.

[ Brigid, enough. This isn’t about what you want. This is about what is best for the Mountain Valley. You are acting like a child with a temper tantrum. ]

She looked at me shocked.

[ Mia, when we get back I want you to train Brigid. ]

She nodded her head silently. Brigid looked at me enraged.

[ You think this snake charmer can train me! I am your strongest monster! ]

She is making this false show too easy…

[ Enough, Brigid. We are going home. ]

The three of us entering an alley so we could be transferred back to our dungeon. When we disappeared the slight stir in the air indicated a monster returning to its master.


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