Chapter 5 : Bunnies On The Brain

-Shreveport, Louisiana –

Gambit told you that it wasn’t a good idea to just assume she was in this city.

Tony glared at him.

What Gambit should of done was mention he was still  fighting with his ex.

Gambit looked up from shuffling his cards.

Gambit has good relations with all his exes.

That’s what you call a good relationship?

Bella’s just got a temper is all. 

Tony turns away disappointed,

Rednecks. I should of just stuck to working with Friday.

Tony this isn’t time to be joking. Someone tipped off the Assassin guild we’d be arriving.

Gambit stashed his cards back into his pocket.

Monsieur got a good point.

Tony glared at him.

You aren’t allowed to say another word….unless until you replace my beignets.

Gambit mocks zipping his lips. Strange sighing as he turned back towards the giant man child.

Gambit who could of been aware of you coming?

Gambit only mocked how he can’t speak as a reply. Dr. Strange turning back to glare at Tony.


He shook his head no.

Absolutely not, He is better silent.
Annoyed, Dr. Strange used his magic to force him to say Gambit can talk.

Gambit you can talk.

Gambit nodded his head and pretended to unzip his mouth. Fully committed to the act he started to smile as he moved his mouth in random shapes.

No one Gambit can think of.

Tony looks at Dr. Strange annoyed.

You unzipped his mouth for that…

Dr. Strange elected to ignore him. He was already entering a realm of deep thought. One that excluded Tony and Gambit.

It could be possible the mutant we are trying to find tipped them.

Gambit looked confused.

Why would the assassin guild work for a random mutant? Just who are you trying to find?

Strange sighing as he left his peaceful realm for reality. His attention turning to Gambit.

A princess.

Gambit seemed to find that answer funny when it was intended to be serious.

Bella darling  doesn’t care about something like that.

Tony groaning.

As usual Strange you never deliver the entire information.

The girl is from a reality that’s supposed to be gone.

Gambit looked between the two even more confused. How many different realities has been dragged into at this point?

Gambit ain’t the smartest of three here, but if she’s here ain’t the reality still here?

Strange sighed. It always felt as if he was surrounded by idiots. However, between the bickering of Tony and Gambit the individuals he normally spent time with may really be geniuses in the art of conversation.

It’s a different dimension not an alternate reality.

Tony explained.

Although the similarities to that one is the troubling part.

Which one was it anyways? The bunny one or the battle axe one?

Tony looks at him confused.

Bunny one? What bunny one have we ever been involved in!

Gambit shrugged.

Gambit doesn’t know what you do for your free time. Gambit can only recall a time he was with Rogue dressed as a bunny.

Strange looked at him irritated. These two should never be allowed to talk unless made to when needed. If he recalled there was that one spell…

That’s not an alternate reality that’s just dress up.

Gambit smiled cockily at Tony. When it cam to women he was sure of himself.

Gambit still wouldn’t mind it being one.

Tony groaned.

It’s the one were Magneto rules the world. So can you kill your bunny fantasy now?

Gambit looked mock hurt.

Monsieur… there could of been bunnies in that reality and you may not of even known it.

Dr. Strange separating the two, who had unconsciously been making there way closer to each other, with a force of magic. The two turning to look at the annoyed sorcerer.

Enough you two. Some child of magneto’s crossed over into this world. and we can’t find them or know why.

Tony wagged his finger in Dr. Strange’s face.

We don’t know yet she’s his kid.

Gambit smiled.

She could be one of his kids lapine…

Tony looked back at Gambit annoyed.

Will you stop it with the bunnies!

Gambit put his hands up innocently. Dr. Strange groaning at his circumstances.

Her guard was a mutant and she was calling her princes… The odds are high she’s related to magneto.

Tony rolled eyes.

Then we should of started there and not gotten him in the first place

The second giant man child clearly pointing his fingers at the other one. Strange looked at Tony with an exasperate expression.

You’re the one who picked up Gambit.

Gambit smiled.

Gambits happy for it too. There’s a nice little gift Gambit’s had his eyes on for awhile. Nice to acquire the coin for it by legal means every once in awhile.

Tony ignored him completely.

It was a choice chosen by your lack of information, Strange.

Strange could only sigh and cast a spell to locate Magneto. A man he did not want to see right now.

I can’t locate Magneto.

Gambit whistled. A large care free smile on his face.

That doesn’t sound too good.

Tony meanwhile was not carefree about it.

Can you locate any of his kids?

Strange use his magic once again to see who he could find here on the planet.

Wiccan and Speed are in New York.

Tony groaned.

I said the kids, Strange. Not the grandbabies.

Strange sighed. With an IQ as high as his obviously he understood the difference. However, with an IQ Tony possessed he should of known I would say the closest and easiest to get to first.

Scarlet Witch seems to be the closest.

Gambit turned to smile at him.

First I got to see Bella and now the red hot witch, Gambit thinks working legally ain’t so bad at the moment.

Tony looked at him annoyed. There was no need for his commentary.

Working? Your services are over. done. go away. we will go to her ourselves.

Gambit looked at him mortified.

But Monsieur. Gambit wants to know now who this little chere is.

Too bad.

Dr. Strange cutting in-between the two once again.

He’s coming.

What. Are you serious? Are the bored with in flight entertainment?

Dr. Strange shrugged.

Call it a hunch that we may need him.

Tony shook his head in disagreement.

I’ll call it early on set dementia or temporary insanity.

Whatever you need to call it Tony. Gambit’s coming.

Gambit crossed his arms and nodded his head.

Gambit keeps getting more and more curious who this little chere may be.

Dr. Strange turned away from the two of them and looked up at the sky. He was too. Who was she?


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