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Iris LeBeau “Magnanimity ” :  Iris is a member of the House of M. Thus, she is a princess of Genosha. She works as a researcher in her timeline. Iris is in charge of the enhancement of Homo Superior due to her knowledge in Sentinel and Celestial Technology. She has come to this timeline in order to catch the wanted criminal Pusillanimity. A funny fact is that unlike both her mother and father her English is a broken Southern accent closer to Creole then Cajun when she becomes agitated. This is due to her mimicking what she believed to be a Cajun accent when her mother told her her father was Gambit. When she met him the broken accent was already too ingrained in her to be corrected. However, her French is specifically Cajun French as it was taught to her by her father, Gambit.

Powers : 

Iris’ primary mutation is that of Molecular Manipulation. Unlike her father, Gambit, Iris has shown the potential for complete control over Molecular Manipulation and not just acceleration. However, unlike her family she tends to be rather reserved on using the full extent of her mutation. Preferring to simply leave her manipulation at a minor level, such as: acceleration, deceleration, immobilization, combustion, inhibition, bonding, density manipulation and minor forms of biological manipulation (like healing and thermal variance). Iris’ has a secondary mutation of Electromagnetic Absorption. Unlike her grandfather and mother, Iris cannot manipulate the magnetic field. Instead, she seems to have the ability to absorb varies different types of energy and convert them into a dormant non harmful state within her.

It is suspected that she also has inherited her father’s Hypnotic Charm and Enhanced Psychic Resistance.

Other skills Include :

  1. Iris’ grew up sheltered in Genosha and as such has mastered a wide range of languages, such as her father’s native Cajun French and English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic…etc.
  2. Iris is a master Marksman and Martial Artist. She has been seen to use both a Bo staff and a set of Tonfa when she fights.
  3. Iris’ has intermediary level thieving skills.

Weaknesses : 

Iris’ powers are very unstable. Her own molecules are constantly trying to shift, but maintain their form from the electromagnetic energy that is absorbed. However, if Iris’ absorbs too much energy she first begins to leak out harmful energy and then risks the chance of implosion. By herself she has no way to stop the amount of energy she absorbs and as such fitted herself with the celestial technology to aid her. The celestial technology exists to monitor energy absorption and limit the amount of molecular manipulation she does. The more of a manipulation on the molecules around her the more energy Iris’ is required to have stored or be accessible to her. Iris has also inherited her grandfather’s mental illness and tends to have bouts of extreme depression and rage. During these fits her powers tend to become even more unstable and it is dangerous for those around her. Often having to seek solitude in case of the celestial technology malfunctioning from the stress of her powers. In addition, Iris’ eyes are sensitive to light like her father.

MissangestSuperherorVillain 1

Mei Hong: Mei’s background is unknown up until the age 13 when she arrived at the Court of M. She became the head Guard for Iris after years of training and volunteering for enhancement. She was upgraded 37% with celestial material. Mei is the only guard to maintain somewhat of a normal personality and was the only mutant to begin with. She originally had the ability to vibrate molecules. All of the guards were named by Iris when she was a child. Mei’s name was given to her due to her affinity with the the House of M’s red theme.


Meng Huang : Meng’s background is unknown up the age of 5 when she arrived at the Court of M. She is not only the youngest guard, but the first of the three to undergo enhancement. She has been upgraded with 50% celestial material and was a regular human before. Meng is the second highest ranked guard under Iris’ control. She has very little personality left. Her name was given to her considering she is the youngest.

MissangestSuperherorVillain 3

Ren Dian : Ren is the closest to being an almost complete enhanced mutant or more affectionally dubbed Iris’ Bio Dolls. 98% of his body is artificial celestial tec. He was designed to act as a guard in the shadows and therefor has a slim androgynous look comparative to the others under Iris. Ren is the only guard under Iris that she knows their complete history. As, Iris picked Ren up during a visit to Attilan. He was a boy of ten in the lower caste system. After undergoing terragensis he was left at the bottom of the society- as his ability was that of limited physical feature manipulation (change of eye, skin and hair color) and limited control of the light spectrum (hazy appearance at best). Furthermore, he was met with a decrease in physical strength and healing abilities. He was given the name Ren to remind him of his status as a resident of Genosha and that with the enhancement his previous weaknesses have been corrected. He occupies the third highest position within Iris’ guards.

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“Pusillanimity” : Pusillanimity is a wanted criminal of Genosha who has a personal vendetta with the House of M and Iris in particular. An orphan mutant of the country she was raised to be a soldier when her mutation was discovered. She became one of the first mutants Iris was allowed to enhance and the result turned out to be disastrous. As the celestial technology turned out to be too big of a burden on her body it is consistently causing her to be in pain. Furthermore, when activating her mutant abilities she tends to cry blood from the internal damage being caused. Besides being one of the best soldiers the House of M has ever had, Pusillanimity is an extremely strong mutant. With not only a strong self regeneration ability at the cellular level, but incredibly strong psychic powers in the form of limited psionic manipulation. Examples of powers she has used: telekinesis, empathy, limited teleportation, telepathy, extrasensory perception, mental manipulation, limited dream manipulation, hypnosis, persuasion, limited mediumship, limited retrocognition, limited veritgo inducement, and extreme fear inducement. It is unclear how much of these abilities come from the enhancement or her actual mutant abilities.

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Aurora Summers : Aurora is the daughter of Lorna Dane (Polaris) and Alexander Summers (Havok). She is a member of the House of M and a Princess of Genosha. There is a marriage arranged between her and Azari. She has not been enhanced by her 1/2 sister due to Polaris’ distaste for it.

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