I.L. actually attempts Marvel – Arc #1 / Chp. 1 – New York, New York

The sound of a person struggling to keep up can be heard on the rooftops of New York.

What is dis nonsense.

The runner stopped and put their hands on their knees breathing deeply.

Princess, there is no need to rush.

Came the voice of another person who had just managed to catch up. The girl stood up slowly and looked down at her right arm.

But she should be here, Mei. Everything says she should be here.

The girl turning around to look out at the city in frustration.

Da Damn girl and her Hissy Fit.

Another person appeared on the roof.

Princess, readings have completely disappeared.

She turned away from the view of the city.

Of course they have. She always slips away.

What shall we do now? Your grandfather will be expecting you home soon.

Said the first person.

The girl looked up at the sky and took a few deep breaths.

We can’t leave here. She doesn’t belong to this world.

The two nodded their heads in agreement.

Speaking of things that don’t belong. What happens to bring you to this world?

The girl turned around to see a familiar man before her. A hint of frustration can be seen on her.

Why must you always arrive so soon, Doctor Strange…

The man walked closer to her.

And you would be so kind to introduce yourself.

Now, why on earth would I go on and do that.

The girl replied. Doctor Strange floated up off the rooftop. Magical Energy surrounding his hands.

Because, if there calling you a princess you must at least have the manners of one.

The girl laughed.

Why I do believe I don’t.

She raised her hand slightly and watched Doctor Strange become encased in ice. The girl turned to the other two.

We are leaving.

The two nodded. The girl casually walking backwards to the roof’s edge. As the ice began to crack the girl smiled and fell back off the roof. The two other girls immediately jumping off after her. Doctor Strange walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down at the empty street below.

Molecular Inhibition is it. Been awhile since one of you have came over to this Earth. Now what are you here for exactly, Princess.

Doctor Strange casually walked into the Avengers building. He nodded his head and gave his greetings to the limited front desk staff and entered the nearby elevator. The elevator briefly stopping at floor 13 and picking up an unwanted passenger.



Replied Tony Stark.

It’s been awhile since you have graced us all with your presence.

Said Stark sarcastically. Mr. Strange nodded his head.

There is work to be done.

Stark smiled.

And you need our, the Avengers help?

Doctor Strange grimaced as the doors to the elevator opened.

There’s no need to be smug about it, Tony.

Stark moving out of the elevator first to turn around and smile. His hands up.

How could I be, Strange? It’s just always a marvel when you show up here asking for our help in some world ending affair of yours.

He poured himself a drink from one of the wall liquor cabinets.

What is it this time? Aliens? Alternate Avengers? World Ending Gods?

As usual your manners are atrocious for someone of your stature.

Doctor Strange said as he stepped out of the elevator.

Tony smiled.

Of my stature? Here I thought you didn’t have such a high opinion of me.

Doctor Strange walked past him into the room. Tony following him towards a couch area.

Where is everyone?

Doctor Strange asked.

Tony sat down on the couch. His arms resting on the back seat.

You know the gang. Cap is off somewhere punching poor mercenaries. Hulk is smashing. Natasha is enjoying the sun somewhere and Vision is stuck brooding in a corner. There’s always a crisis or vacation to be had it seems.

Doctor Strange moved over to the window. You can see his reflection.

A world jumper appeared last night here in New York.

Tony laughed.

Isn’t that a normal Tuesday for the likes of you, Strange.

Doctor Strange turned around.

It was a mutant. A very powerful one.

Tony took another sip of his drink.

Powerful enough to bring you here. What a Tuesday.

Doctor Strange clenched his fists.

The guards attending to her called her Princess.

Tony put his drink down on the table.

So you need our help talking to royalty? That doesn’t sound like you. You are the eloquent speaker after all.

Doctor Strange sighed. He did not enjoy dealing with Tony Stark when he was in one of his moods.

As much as I find our talks riveting, Tony, there is the matter at hand that isn’t supposed to be joke about.

Tony laughed.

Now you tell me I’m funny. What’s really going on that made you act like this?

Doctor Strange walked over to the couch.

Her guards attire had the M on it from a particular alternate reality that was supposed to have been destroyed.

Tony’s smile disappeared.

You should of just lead with that.

Doctor Strange sighed.

Like the outcome would of changed in any scenario.

Tony stood up from the couch.

Is it Scarlet Witch (Wanda)? Polaris (Lorna)?

Doctor Strange shook his head no.

If it was one of the two of them I wouldn’t be here. This girl I have never seen before. And her mutation was different. She was able to freeze the movement of molecules.

Tony rubbed his chin for a moment.

Freeze molecules, huh? Was their anything else about her?

Doctor Strange nodded his head.

She had a particular accent.

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