I.L. actually attempts Marvel – Arc #1 / Chp. 2 – Cajun Spice

Tony stood in front of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. If it was even still called that at this point. Besides him was the silent Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange….. Mr. Stark.

A visible difference could be heard from how he was greeted by the approaching boy then how Strange was. Doctor Strange smiling.

Trevor. How have things been lately?

Tony looked the boy up and down and shivered. He was covered in eyes and the sight was quite unpleasant to look at. The boy smiled slightly at Doctor Strange.

Things have been quiet here at the Institute. Although….

Doctor Strange stepped towards the boy.


Trevor sighed.

If you are here with him they certainly won’t be for much longer.

What is all of dis doom and gloom talk, petit garçon? Sometimes a man comes to just say hello, no?

Said a voice over by the trees. They all turned to see Gambit leaning against one of the trees just outside their field of vision.

Doctor Strange turned to Tony.

What is Gambit doing here?

Tony shrugged.

He’s relatively easy to get as long as you have the cash.

Gambit walked closer to them and sighed.

Every man’s got his price. Although, Gambit’s might change when he finds out why you called him here, Monsieur.

Doctor Strange turned to Tony.

Why did you pay for Gambit’s services, Tony?

Tony shrugged.

You said she had a particular accent.

Doctor Strange sighed.

Not all world jumpers are alternate versions. You know that.

Tony nodded.

It’s worth a shot. Unless, you have more to work with and aren’t coming to me for help.

Gambit looked at Tony.

Let me get dis straight. You had Gambit come over here to find you a girl who may a sound like me?

Tony nodded.

How many mutants of her possible level could not be known.

Gambit looked confused.

Possible level?

Doctor Strange nodded his head.

Molecular Manipulator. She was able to freeze me.

Gambit laughed.

For dis Chère to freeze you is impressive, but a girl like her isn’t from my bayou.

Doctor Strange nodded his head.

She is a world jumper. It may be possible she doesn’t have the same powers here, if she does exist on this plane.

Tony sighed.

It’s like you didn’t come to me for help.

Gambit shrugged.

Dis doctors got a fair point, no? What makes you think she’d up and show up around the bayou? She ain’t from here.

Tony seemed to sigh even louder.

Listen here. If you found yourself in a new place it would be natural to seek some sort of familiar comfort.

Gambit chuckled.

So you are guessing here.

Tony moved a holographic display off of his watch interface.

My satellites are looking for her. This could only help.

Doctor Strange sighed.

Alright, Watson.

Gambit wraps his arms around himself.

That’s just cold, Doctor. Not even Sherlock.

Tony turned his attention back to Trevor. Who had been standing their silent.

Do us a favor kid. Let your boss know a powerful mutant is on the loose. And the Avengers got it.

Gambit smiled at the boy.

And that Gambit’s on the case.

Trevor turned to look at Doctor Strange. He just nodded his head.

Tell Wolverine that we will be in New Orleans.

Trevor nodded and ran off towards the mansion. Tony smiling to himself.

At the very least, we will find some good beignets.

Doctor Strange turned to Tony, but before he could speak Gambit smiled.

Been Gambit awhile since he’s had one of those.

Doctor Strange sighs.

Been Strange awhile since he’s had a good idea.

A young girl was walking the streets of New Orleans with a bag of beignets in her hand. She was happily munching away when one of the girls besides her spoke up.

Princess, why are we here in this city?

The chance of being discovered is much greater then the chance of the target hiding out here, Princess.

Said the second girl to follow up the first. The girl licked some powdered sugar off of her fingers.

I never got to leave the Island. Let me have a little fun while we wait for her come out.

The first girl stopped walking, causing the whole party to stop.

Princess, it really isn’t a good idea to be in this city. What if-

What if, my dad turns up out of the bayou, Mei?

Mei nodded her head slowly at the girl’s response. The girl smiled at her.

My dad is on his way back to this city, sure. But I left a tip with his old friends about his arrival.

Mei turned to look at the other girl. As always she had no expression on her face.

Energy readings indicate movement from both Guilds within New Orleans Proper.

The girl smiled.

See there. There is not reason to be worried.

She continued walking down a street. The other two following silently until she stopped in front of a cafe in the French Quarter. The two girls looking at her curiously. Mei speaking up.

Princess, are you still hungry?

The girl shook her head no.

We have guests to meet here.

Mei looked at her confused.


The other girl pointed to two boys standing by the wall inside. One of them seem excited while the other seemed bored.

Energy levels match those of Prince William and Prince Thomas.

Mei turned to see her Princess casually throwing out the bag of beignets before she said.

Correct, Meng.

Mei frowned.

Princess, your mother gave explicit instructions not to contact anyone from your family.

The girl simply shrugged.

But who else can we trust to help us catch the target?

Mei looked down at the floor. She did not know how to answer that. However, Meng tilted her head in confusion.

Princess, how did you know they would be here at this time?

The girl smiled and flashed a thumbs up.

I sent him an email about a secret fan meeting event with Tyrion Lannister.

Meng blinked a few times. While, Mei sighed. The girl leading the two into the restaurant. She headed over to the small bar table the two boys sat at in the back of the restaurant. She immediately sat down at their table, causing the two boys to pause in shock.

Hey there. I’m new in town and could use your help.

Tommy recovering the fastest put down his drink and leaned forward.

Sure, thing. What can I do for you?

The girl smiled.

I need to find someone. A mutant. She fled-

Woah. Stop right there. I don’t know who you think we are –

Interrupted William. But before he could finish, the girl interrupted right back.

You are William and Tommy Maximoff. Otherwise known as Wiccan and Speed, no?

William looked at her confused, but Tommy sighed.

I told you this secret fan meeting was a hoax.

William glared at his brother before speaking.

Why’d you send me that email?

The girl sighed.

I already told you. You have to help me find someone.

Speed leaned back in his chair.

And why on Earth would we have to help you?

The girl leaned forward and beckoned them closer. The two boys leaning forward to listen to her whisper.

Because, I’m your cousin.

The two boys lean back in shock. William falling out of his chair drawing a crowd of onlookers. Mei offers him a hand and helps him up.


Mei nods her head and turns back towards the Princess. Tommy sighs.

Look. No offense, but I’m pretty sure we would know if you were our cousin.

The girl shook her head no.

No, you wouldn’t.

William leans forward.

I wouldn’t joke about our family’s name. It tends to annoy grandfather.

The girl leaned forward, so she was staring Wiccan in the eye.

We both used to know he liked me more. Don’t worry about me.

William leaned away. His face red. Tommy coughing to regain attention.

Embarrassing the dork, aside. Where’s your proof? That we are cousins.

The girl turned to Meng. She pulled out a black jacket from her side bag. On it was the letter M. The two boys looked at each other shocked.

I’m not from your Earth. Mine’s a little different, but you should understand with this right?

William shook his head in disbelief.

That reality is supposed to be Gone.

The girl smiled at him.

You think one reality is the only time grandfather succeeded?

Meng put the jacket back in her bag and Tommy leaned forward.

If this true, who are your parents? Why are you here?

The girl sighed. The two surprised to not see her seem calm for once.

A fugitive from our world escaped into this one.

William leaned forward concerned.

And why do you need our help? Why not the Avengers or the X-men?

The girl shook her head.

There’s no way I can go and trust them. They don’t have a liking to our family. Besides, the target’s a dangerous mutant. No time for politics.

William stood up from the table.

That definitely means you make time for politics.

Tommy shook his head no.

She’s right, Billy.

William turned to Tommy. His mouth open in shock.

She’s right…

Tommy nodded his head.

The X-Men and Avengers haven’t gotten along in awhile. If she’s that dangerous we don’t have time for them to decide what to do about her.

William glared at his brother.

IF. IF SHE IS that dangerous. We don’t know anything about her. Or This girl.

Tommy stood up from the table.

We know she is our cousin.

William groaned.

We know she CLAIMS to be our cousin.

The girl coughed.

I am your cousin.

William turned to glare at her.

Really. Who are your parents then!

The girl blinked a few times and then hit her forehead lightly.

Ah. I was so stupid. I forgot to introduce myself. The names Iris. Iris LeBeau.

She stuck her hand out towards William. Tommy went ahead and shook it.

LeBeau, huh? So your mother is…

Iris smiled.

Polaris. My mother is your Aunt Polaris.

Tommy nodded his head.

Didn’t think those two would ever be a thing.

Iris shook her head no.

There not. It’s just… Well, it’s dad.

Tommy nodded his head in understanding.

So, Iris. This mutant we have to catch?

She frowned.

Pusillanimity. And not only does she have extremely strong psychic powers, but an extremely murderous vendetta on our family.

William glared at her.

Now, why would she have that?

Iris sighed.

I may have been the one in charge of her scheduled enhancements….

William leaned forward. His arms crossed.


Iris looked down at the floor.

It may have resulted badly for her…

William turned to Tommy.

See. There is no reason to trust or help her.

Tommy looked at Iris. She was whispering to herself while looking down at the floor.

What was that?

She put her head up and looked at the two of them annoyed.

I said de girl went ahead and volunteered for de project. It’s not my fault she chose it.

Iris realizing her accent slipped out covered her mouth quickly. Her face turning red. Tommy cracking up laughing and in a voice mimicking hers he said,

You see here, Billy. De girl went and signed up for de project. It’s not her fault she chose it.

Billy, trying to fight a smile, covered his face with his hand. Meng speaking up.

Princess, energy levels suggest large activity in City Park.

Tommy looked at her confused.


Meng turned to Tommy.

All members of the royal family follow certain nomenclature, Prince Tommy.

William looked at Tommy.

Prince Tommy?

Meng turned to William.

Yes, Prince William.

Tommy turned to William. A smirk on his face.

Prince William.

Mei turned to Iris.

Princess, one of those energy readings is your father.

Iris sighed.

Not good. Time for us to skedaddle.

William looked at her annoyed again.

Why are you running away from your dad?

Iris grabbed William’s and Tommy’s hands and started pulling them towards the cafe’s exit.

I’ll tell you on the way to our next stop.

Tommy looked at her confused.

Next stop?

Iris nodded her head.

I found us a place to crash.


Magneto, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

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