I.L. actually attempts Marvel – Arc #1 / Chp. 4 – Boundaries

-New York, New York –

The small group of individuals stood outside an apartment door. Billy looked apprehensive, while Tommy seemed bored.

Aren’t you going to open it?

Iris ignored Tommy and turned to Meng.

Would you?

The girl nodded and placed her over the lock. A few moments later the sound of a few clocks were heard and the door swung open by itself. Billy looked annoyed.

Now you have us breaking and entering.

Iris pat his head.

Calm down, cousin. I brought you a gift.

Billy looked at Iris confused, but then Tommy started cracking up laughing.

Hahahaha, Billy you have to see this.

He turned away from Iris to peak into the apartment. At first he saw a modern fancy loft, but then he spotted a lump in the corner of the room. Billy rushing into the room.


Iris started to laugh along with Tommy at the site of Billy unwrapping his present. She had some associates from this Earth wrap up and deliver Tommy to the apartment. But seeing him there tied up in ropes, with a bow on his head and a sign that says Kiss Me Billy was even funnier than she thought. Teddy looking at Billy confused.

Billy, why was I knocked out on my way home? And why am I in this mysterious apartment dressed as unwanted ad pop up?

He turned around to glare at Iris.

That is a good question. Iris?

Iris did her best to stop laughing. Everyone entering the apartment to get sorted.

I knew we would need help catching Pusillanimity and I didn’t want to separate the love birds.

Billy stood up angry.

That gives you no right to get Teddy involved in any of this!

Iris sat down on the apartment’s couch.

He’s already involved if you are. Unless I’m wrong and you two aren’t married on this Earth?

Tommy shook his in disappointment as he sat down next to her.

They’re only engaged.

Then there’s a chance I can go to the wedding?

You want to go to the wedding?

I missed their wedding my Earth. The U.S. launched Mission Overture and I ended up spending the entire day in the labs.

Overture, huh? I would of imagined something spookier.

Well there was this one miss-

Will you two shut up!

Iris and Tommy who had started to enjoy their banter turned to look at the red faced Billy.

You can’t just go dragging the people that we love into your mess.

Iris sighed and turned to Meng.

How many times on our Earth has Pusillanimity tried to kill Teddy?

372 attempts on Prince Teddy has been made.

Iris turned back to Billy.

Should I have left him alone not knowing anything?

Billy was about to speak when Teddy interrupted him.

I still don’t know anything.

Mei turned to Iris.

Princess, your other guest has arrived.

Tommy turned his head to look at the door.

Other guest? Was I married to someone?

Meng turned to answer Tommy as Mei went to get the door.

No, Prince Thomas. You have yet to marry Princess Sophie.

Tommy’s face turned blue and Billy tried to hide his small smile.

Sophie…As in Sophie Von Doom?

Meng nodded her head.

That is correct.

The door opened and a surprised looking Loki stood there. He held up a note.

Who left this with my school’s office?

Iris got up off the couch and smiled as she ran to hug him.


Tommy looked back at Meng.

Are those two married?

She shook her head no.

Sir Loki is Princess Iris’ current sexual partner.

Teddy waved his hands awkwardly.

Way too much information. Not what I need to know!

Loki pulled back from Iris and looked at her confused.

Who are you and why is that girl saying we are together?

Iris smiled at him and pulled him into the apartment.

Don”t worry about it…

Mei turned to Loki.

Your dimension is slower than ours. You have not met the Princess yet.

He nodded his head confused.


Tommy smirked at him.

Look at you brat, hooking up with a Princess.

Loki glared at him.

I am a God, remember?

He laughed.

A quarter of one.

Loki glared at him.

At least I’m not the downgraded version of my uncle.

Tommy looked at him annoyed. Iris smiling.

It seems they don’t get along well in this dimension either.

Teddy raised his hand silently.

Ah, so. Can we know why we’re here now?

Iris nodded her head.

Yea, I guess we can have sharing time. There’s no more guests till later.


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