Naruto Character Bios

Current Generation :

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Yuriko Uchiha :

Yuriko Ichiha is the granddaughter of Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzamaki. Her father is Gaara’s grandson Yukio and her mother is Mirai Uchiha. Yuriko was raised in the Hidden Sand Village until she was old enough for an academy. This was due to her father’s position as the sixth Kazekage. In the sand village she was raised mostly by her grandparents Yoshihiro and his wife Yuki. Occasionally, her grandmother Tomone would help out. Yuriko’s mother was afraid of Yuriko, because when she was born Gaara died and Shukaku was transferred into Yuriko. When Yuriko was six years old her father Yukio abandoned the Hidden Sand Village. Her mother saw this an opportunity to return to Konoha and live in the newly reformed Uchiha District. However, when they returned the revived Akastuki killed Himawari, who had inherited the nine tails from her father. As Himawari children were all out side the village at the time, the only compatible host was Yuriko. Now housing both the one tailed and the nine tailed, Yuriko’s mother renamed her Yumiko and refused to see her daughter. This slowly died down and now they can be in the same room and talk. However, her mother still calls her ‘Miko’. She is currently in team 7.

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“Iyo” Nara :

“Iyo” Nara is the  great grandson of Shikidai Nara. His father Shinji is married to a sound ninja named  Suzu. Raised in Konoha is exhibits many traits of the Nara clan, including: Laziness, high intelligence and lack of ambition. He is currently a member of Team 7.

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 Misaki Ōtsutsuki :

Misaki is the grand child of Mitsuki and Chou Chou Akimichi. Her father is Ryutsuki Akimichi and her mother is Hase Ōtsutsuki. Misaki was raised in Konoha. As descendent of the Akimichi clan she spent much of her time with the Nara and Yamanaka clan, causing her to view “Iyo” Nara as a brother. Unlike other Akimichi Misaki lacks the large body frame, causing her expansions to be smaller then her predecessors. However, she has inherited their love for food and her  great-grandfathers tendency to only use violence to protect her friends. Although Misaki is dark like her grandmother Chou Chou, she inherited the Ōtsutsuki pale blue hair and her grandfathers yellow eyes. Although Misaki’s eyes are a paler yellow then her grandfather. She is currently a member of team 7.

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Watatsumi Ōtsutsuki :

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 Orochi Ōtsutsuki :

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Oashisu :

Parents Generation :

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Aoshi Hatake :

He is the son of the Copy Ninja and Sixth Hokage Kakashi. His mother is the fifth Mizukage Mei Terumi. Although he grew up in the Hidden Mist, Aoshi immigrated back to Konoha to become an Anbu like his father. Now he is the Jonin assigned to Team 7.

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Itachi Uchiha :

Itachi Uchiha is the son of Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki. His twin sister is Shika Uchiha and his younger sister is Mirai Uchiha. His mother named him after his deceased uncle at the request of his grandfather Sasuke. He looks more like his mother then his father, with black hair, pale skin and large black eyes. Itachi is married to Aoshi’s sister Mieko Hatake. They have four children named: (1) Sakiko, (2) Ume, (3) Usagi and (4) Junichi. In the academy he was on a team with Rini Ootsuki and Haruto Hyuga. He now works as a member of the military police

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Shika Uchiha :

Shika Uchiha is the daughter of Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki. Her twin brother is Itachi Uchiha and her younger sister is Mirai Uchiha. Her name is given to her for her gentle, lady like features. Like her brother, she resembles her mother with long black hair, pale skin. Shika, however, does not posses the sharingan. Although she has the ability to use ninjutsu Shika didn’t want to enter the academy. Her mother arranged for her to learn how to be a medical ninja on the side. She married into the Land of Fire nobility. Her husband Fumio Himura taking her name and moving into the Uchiha property. They have six children: (1) Ichirou, (2) Isao, (3) Bunko, (4) Akane, (5) Hanma, (6) Mamoru. She is currently a housewife and main caretake of Uchiha land.

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Mirai Uchiha :

Mirai Uchiha is the daughter of Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki. Her sibling are Itachi and Shika Uchiha. Mirai inherited her fathers blonde hair and whiskers, but her mother’s Sharingan. Mirai is a particularly gifted genjustu user and with Uzumaki chakra is able to create powerful illusions. She was in a team with Ryutsuki Akimichi and Daisuke Hyuga. In the academy she had a huge crush on Ryutsuki, while Daisuke had a huge crush on her. After Ryutsuki met his future wife Hase Ootsuki on a mission, Mirai spiraled in sadness. She left the village for awhile, where she met Yukio. After a brief time of living in the Sand Village the two married and had one daughter name Yuriko Uchiha. After her husband ran away and her daughter inherited two tailed beast, Mirai spiraled once again. When she returned to Konoha it was Daisuke who helped her out if it. They are now currently dating. Mirai refuses to marry him, on account that she doesn’t want to bring more children into the world. They both live together on Uchiha property.

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Daisuke Hyuga :

Daisuke Hyuga is the younger brother of Haruto Hyuga. He is considered part of the branch family of the Hyuga. His mother was Hanabi Hyuga and Konohamaru Sarutobi. His younger brother Mikio inherited the last name Sarutobi. Daisuke was branded with the cursed mark, but bears no ill will about it. He is much happier being part of the branch family then shouldering the responsibilities of the main branch. He has short pointed hair like his father and wears a scarf. In the academy his teammates were Mirai Uchiha and  Ryutsuki Ootsuki. Daisuke is currently dating Mirai Uchiha and works as a Hyuga representative on the Hokage Council. Most often then not he is an errand boy.

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Ume Yamanaka :

Ume is the oldest daughter of Inojin Yamanaka and Himawari Uzumaki. She looks a lot like her mother with long dark purple hair and large eyes. However, she inherited her grandmothers white eyes and her father’s pale skin. Ume is a member of the Anbu Black Ops.

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Ran Yamanaka :

Ran Yamanaka is the middle daughter of Inojin Yamanaka and Himawari Uzumaki. She has pale purple hair and her fathers pale complexion. She inherited her great-great grandmothers bangs and dress style. However she has her fathers eyes. She is married to Haruto Hyuga. They have two daughters named, (1) Ren and (2) Madoka. Ran works as the head of Konoha hospital.

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Hagi Yamanaka :

Hagi Yamanahaka is the youngest daughter of Inojin Yamanaka and Himawari Uzumaki. She has long blond hair and pale skin like her father. However, she has her mother’s blue eyes and face. She is also the only one to inherit whiskers from the nine-tail’s chakra. She is married to Steel Lee. They have two children: (1) Iron Lee and (2) Chiasa Lee. Both of their children are still in the academy. She works as an academy instructor.

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Rini Akimichi :

Rin Akimichi is the youngest son of Mitsuki and Chou Chou Akimichi. Rin is paler then his mother, but it still considered dark. He also inherited his mother’s body shape, causing tension between him and his father. He inherited his fathers pale blue hair and his grand fathers black eyes. He is married to Kei Inuzuka.

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Ryutsuki Akimichi :

Ryutsuki Akimichi is the oldest son of Mitsuki and Chou Chou Akimichi. He takes after his father, with pale skin, thin frame and light blue hair. He has his mothers gold eyes. Unlike his quiet, reserved brother, He is confident and blunt like his farther. Inheriting his mothers loud voice and love of food. He is married to Hase Ootsuki from the Ootsuki Clan. They have a daughter named Misaki, a son named Watatsumi, a daughter named Toyotama and young baby named Orochi. Misaki is the only one out of academy. Ryutsuki works for his father outside Konoha in a lab.

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Tomone :

Tomone is the child of Gaara and Matsuri. She has pale brown hair like her mother and Gaara’s green eyes. She is unlike either of parents with her carefree and childlike personality. Originally she worked for her father as an adviser. When her nephew became Kazekage she left the Sand Village to travel. When he deserted the village she came back to become Kazekae. Like her father, sand naturally moves to protect her and like her mother she has shown skill with the Johyo. She is married to a sand shinobi named Sunaarashi. They have one child named Oashisu.

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Yoshihiro :

Yoshihiro is the oldest of Gaara’s children. He has Gaara’s bright red hair and his mothers black eyes. Like his sister, he does not display characteristics of either parent. Yoshihiro is a confident, flirtatious man. Often he is skipping working to play around with villagers and prank his father. The one thing he takes seriously is his artwork, choosing to take time molding clay instead of making puppets. As an official for his father he was sent to the land of Snow, where he met the Snow Priestess Yuki. He brought her back to the Hidden Sand Village and they had one son name Yukio and a daughter named Yori.

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Yukio :

Yukio is the oldest child of Yoshihiro and Yuki. He inherited his mothers pale white hair, but with pale red bottom. He has his grandfather’s pale green eyes and mothers pale complexion. He also inherited his mother’s inability to deal with heat and intense sunlight, causing him to cloak himself in white cloaks and hoods. Yukio was married to Mirai Uchiha and had a daughter named Yuriko Uchiha. When he left his position of Kazekage, he also left his family. Yukio hasn’t been seen since.

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Haruto Hyuga :

Haruto Hyuga is the oldest child of Hanabi Hyuga and Konohamaru Sarutobi. He has long brown hair like his grandfather and his mother’s white eyes. Similarly he wears traditional attire like his mom and a scarf like his father. He currently is the head of the Hyuga Clan. He has two daughters with Ran Yamnaka: (1) Ren and (2) Madoka. He is also related by blood to Yuriko Uchiha and by marriage to “Iyo” Nara.

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Mieko Hatake :

Grandparents Generation :

No Named Characters As Of Yet

**Disclaimer : I wrote this Fan Fiction before the release of info of the Boruto series. I may go back and change things or end up writing a new one in the future with the new information. **

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