Sarada’s Reign #1:

1: The New Team 7

The beginning of the Leaf Village is a story every child learns in school. Two rival clans came together to put an ending to the suffering that came from war. These two clans were the Senju and the Uchiha. As years passed the Uchiha, being burdened by great power and emotional instability, grew to become a presence of disharmony. The Hokage at the time had no choice but to stop it. As they fell the Leaf Village became marked in their blood. The story following their massacre became the biggest legend of the Shinobi World. That is the story of Naruto Uzamaki: The Nine-Tailed Fox. What follows that legend is a legend of his Son’s and the lone Daughter of the Uchiha’s legacy. Years after their story begins to fade, their children rise as the next Heroes of the Shinobi world.
A knock echoes around the Hokage office.
[Sarada] Enter.
A man in a green flak jacket enters the room. Three young children behind him.
[Aoshi] You called, Hokage.
[Sarada] I am running short on hands and a request came in from the Hidden Mist.
*Aoshi sighs*
[Aoshi] And no one else can go?
*Sarada shakes her head*
[Iyo] Are we gonna see Aoshi’s home town?
[Sarada] No. You are going to Mizu no Kuni’s Sakana village. It is a fishing port. 
[Misaki] So you are sending us out to fish. 
*Sarada smiles.*
[Sarada] If you want to when your there. I’m sure Aoshi can teach you.
*He sighs*
[Yuriko] Hokage-sama.
*Sarada sighs*
[Sarada] You can call me Grandma if there’s no officials in the room.
*She shakes her head no*
[Misaki] If we aren’t fishing why are you sending us to a small fishing town?
[Sarada] One of the daughters of the Hidden Mist Villages Officials is visiting their maternal grandparents. You will be guarding her while she is at their house.
[Aoshi] And the Hidden Mist Ninja?
[Sarada] They will be around the town and roads.
[Iyo] More importantly. Is she pretty?
*Misaki punches him*
[Misaki] Shut up.
[Yuriko] I request permission to be excluded from this mission.
*Aoshi slumps in exhaustion, while Iyo’s frowns*
[Iyo] Huh! This is the first mission. You have to be on the first mission.
[Misaki] Let her go. If she doesn’t want to be there she will only be dead weight.
[Sarada] Yuriko, you will go.
*Yuriko bows to her grandmother.*
[Misaki] It’s like a robot being programmed.
[Aoshi] When will we leave?
[Sarada] Tomorrow morning. 
[Iyo] One day away from meeting the fair maiden.
*Misaki punches him again. A knock happens again and in walks a Hyuga representative.*
[Hyuga] Hokage-sama.
[Sarada] Ah, Daisuke. 
*Daisuke looks at Yuriko and bows. She nods. Misaki and Iyo exchange confused glances.*
[Daisuke] I have a letter for you.
*Sarada reaches out and reads the letter.*
[Sarada] Alright. Thank you, Daisuke. Team 7 you can go. Someone will see you off at the gate tomorrow.
*Aoshi holds open the door for his kids.*
[Sarada] Ah! Yuriko, remember to go see your grandfather.
*Yuriko nods and leaves the room first*

Scene shifts to outside the Hokage building.
[Aoshi]I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.
[Misaki] RAMEN~
[Iyo] Are you paying?

*Aoshi pulls out his wallet and frowns.*
[Aoshi] I guess it’s my treat.
[Iyo] Then let’s go.
*Yuriko coughs*
[Yuriko] I will see you tomorrow at the gate. I must go see my grandfather.
[Iyo] Can’t you go after ramen?
[Yuriko] No.
[Misaki] Of course not. Can’t keep the Uchiha clan waiting.
[Aoshi] Go on, Yuriko. We will see you tomorrow.
*Yuriko bows and starts to walk away. Aoshi is rubbing Misaki’s and Iyo’s head.*

Scene shifts to Hyuga Gate.
*Yuriko is standing in front of the gate. The door opens and 2 house maids are bowing. She nods and walks in, she is greeted by her grandfather in a sitting room. She sits on the pillow and takes off her mask. Her black eyes fade to a light purple.*
[Haruto] Yuriko, tomorrow you will go on your mission.
[Yuriko] Yes, Grandfather.
[Haruto] You can see why I am skeptical about you going.
[Yuriko] Yes, grandfather. I share your concerns.
[Haruto] I have been assured by everyone that the genjutsu is in place. 
[Yuriko] I cannot say much. I normally always wear my mask..
[Haruto] That is a problem, Yuriko. People need to see your face. The goal is to blend in.
*Yuriko’s hand tightened on her mask.*
[Yuriko] I like my mask.
*Haruto stands up from his pillow.*
[Haruto] You need to learn to control the Byakugan. You are not just an Uchiha. You are a Hyuga.
*Yuriko nods and stands up. She follows her grandfather outside.*
[Haruto] You will be practicing with Daisuke.
*Yuriko bows and heads to the courtyard. She rolls up her sleeves and drops the device that holds her needles. Gently, placing her mask on top.  She then turns to Daisuke who has entered the courtyard and activates her Byuakugan.*
[Haruto] Begin!
*Yuriko deepens her stance as Daisuke rushes forward. They block each other blow for blow. As they exchange more hits little sand whips around them. Haruto sees them and frowns, but stays silent. Daisuke easily knocks Yuriko off balance, but before he can strike her sand comes and stops his arm. Haruto claps his hands.*
[Haruto] Enough. You are still not ready for Daisuke. 
[Yuriko] But, I-
[Haruto] Silence. How dare you speak out of turn. You who should be branded and left without the opportunity to learn to use our techniques. 
[Yuriko] I am sorry grandfather.
[Daisuke] Shall I instruct her on the basics, Haruto-sama.
*Haruto nods and heads back inside. You can see him walk to where two young girls are sparring. Yuriko turns to the wood beams.*
[Daisuke] There is no need to be so discouraged Yuriko-sama. Your ancestor Hinata was a slow learner as well.
[Yuriko] No, she was gentle. There is a difference, Daisuke.
*Daisuke smiles.*
[Daisuke] Yes, but that is also a strength.
*Yuriko hits the wood. A tiny splinter forming*
[Yuriko] I am not gentle.
*Daisuke smiles and corrects her posture.*
[Daisuke] Perhaps, but you have other strengths. For instance, no other Hyuga uses needles.
[Yuriko] Because they don’t have too.
[Daisuke] But you work hard enough and maybe your one needle can do more.
[Yuriko] Must you always be so helpful.
*Daisuke went to answer, but he was called inside by Haruto. He bowed and walked out. Yuriko continued to hit the wood pole. She hit until her palms were red and scratched, till the sun began to set and till she heard a meow from the wall. She saw a black cat sitting their lazily. She used fire style to burn it. Revealing it to be a small automaton. It was one of Iyo’s puppets. She turns back to the wood pole.*

Scene shift to outside the Uchiha Gate.
*Yuriko sees Iyo leaning by the gate.*
[Iyo] So you skipped ramen to do pointless things at the Hyuga estate?
[Yuriko] Why are you here? This is Uchiha land.
*Iyo smiled. He reached into a shadow and withdrew an apple. Taking a loud bite.*
[Iyo] The real question here is why you weren’t visiting your grandfather. Last time I checked your mother was not married to a Hyuga.
[Yuriko] My great grandmother was Hinata Hyuga, my great Aunt Himawari Uzumaki, my grandfather Boruto Uzumaki. The Gentle Fist is passed down to me as well.
*Iyo whistles.*
[Iyo] From your academy days, it doesn’t seem like you are that good at Taijitsu. You consistently score at the bottom of our class.
*Yuriko threw a rock at him and he dodged.*
[Iyo] I mean look at that throw.
[Yuriko] I just don’t have stamina ok. 
[Iyo] No stamina and no Byakugan. The Gentle Fist fighting style is useless for you. You should focus on your genjutsu. You do have the Sharingan right?
*Yuriko’s eyes flashed from, as far as Iyo could guess, black to red and back to black.*
[Iyo] Your mother is an Uchiha. Focus on that. Maybe you can be like your grandmother one day.
*Yuriko frowned.*
[Yuriko] You should go. Being discovered on Uchiha property could get you in a lot of trouble.
*Iyo turned around to leave, but the gate opens and her uncle Itachi comes out.*
[Itachi] Kiyoto Nara? Why, are you at our gate?
[Iyo] Yuriko left something during training.
*Itachi’s eyes narrowed.*
[Itachi] I see, thank you for returning it. Yuriko, come inside. It is time for dinner.
*She nodded and walked to her uncle’s side.*
[Iyo] See you tomorrow, Yuriko.
*She watched him enter his shadow. A trick his ancestors would of loved to pull off.*

Scene shifts to her entering her house in the Uchiha District.
[Yuriko] I’m home.

*A frazzled women in a pale pink kimono comes out. Her blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail.*
[Mirai] You’re home! help me bring the food to the table.
*Yuriko sighs and heads to the kitchen. She sees her Grandmother hurriedly gathering up plates in her arm. Her uncle and her aunt’s family scoop even more food up. She hated nights like these. When the entire family ate together.*
[Sarada] Ah, Yuriko. I was just telling Itachi and Shika about your mission.
[Itachi] Be thankful. My first mission was going to catch stray wolves for the Inuzuka family. Their place stinks.
[Shika] Or you could be a house wife like me. 
[Yuriko] No thanks. 
[Mirai] No. Miko will never be a house wife correct?
*Yuriko nodded. Shika’s husband popped his head in and called everyone in for dinner. They all bustled out of the kitchen to a large traditional table. When everyone sat down Sarada spoke.*
[Sarada] I really cherish days like this; when our family is together. I only wish my father could of lived long enough to see the Uchiha re-grow.
[Sakiko] He would faint with embarrassment. All the different hair colors and jutsu types.
[Isao] You forget, Granny wanted to be the complete opposite of him.
*They laugh and Shika hits them on head. Yuriko puts down her food and gets up.*
[Yuriko] I am not hungry. I will excuse myself to my room.
[Sarada] Yuriko, sit and eat. You have a mission tomorrow.
[Mirai] Mom, let her go. Miko likes being alone.
[Itachi] She is probably nervous for tomorrow.
*Sarada sighs and waves her hand. Yuriko running up the stairs and to her own room.  Collapsing on her bed. She closes her eyes and her brain wavers over to the academy.*
Scene shifts to graduation of the academy. Everyone is sitting in their classroom chairs when teams are announced.
[Instructor] Team 6: Tsukimono Inuzuka, Madoka Hyuga, Watatsumi Ōtsutsuki
*Madoka and Watatsumi look at each other excited, but Tsukimono looks at Iyo and sighs.*
[Instructor] Team 7: Kiyoto Nara, Misaki Ōtsutsuki and Yuriko Uchiha.
*Iyo and Misaki look down at the row beneath them. They see Yuriko sleeping. Iyo throws a pencil at her. She catches it and the then silent room becomes filled with whispers. The Instructor moves down the list.*

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