Sarada’s Reign #10:

10: Like Father like Daughter

*The medical shinobi stopped what they were doing and bowed. The Mizukage entering the mansion. Aoshi bowed, the other Team 7 members doing their best to follow. Misaki being the only one in the shape to actually bow.*
[Mizukage] Amemori, what happened to Isobu?
*Amemori pointed at Yuriko.*
[Amemori] Inside of the Uchiha girl.
*The Mizukage looked over at Aoshi.*
[Mizukage] Aoshi Hatake, is this your doing?
[Aoshi] Yes, Mizukage-sama.
*Mizukage turned to Hime.*
[Mizukage] And you, Hime? You approved of this?
*She nodded.*
[Hime] She isn’t like the other Uchihas.
*The Mizukage sighed.*
[Mizukage] The Old Crone is just like her father.
*He turned to Yuriko, who was now able to sit up.*
[Mizukage] Yuriko Uchiha, tell me, are you like your mother or your father?
*Yuriko thought about it. Her mother was erratic, emotional, a roaring fire. Her father was cold and quiet, but as shifting as the sand.*
[Yuriko] I suppose a bit both, Mizukage-sama.
*He cracked up laughing.*
[Mizukage] Doesn’t matter either way. Not much we can change here.
[Amemori] Sir, she holds more then Isobu.
*The Mizukage turned to look at his subordinate. Anger flashing in his eyes.*
[Mizukage] And whose fault is that, Amemori? Were you not the one in charge of this?
[Amemori] Sir, I-
*He waved his hand.*
[Mizukage] Enough. What’s done is done. Isobu is now in the hands of Sarada Uchiha.
[Yuriko] My grandmother would never do anything evil with a Tailed Beast.
[Mizukage] You don’t know your grandmother, or what she would do to preserve the Uchiha. 
*Yuriko looked taken a back.*
[Aoshi] I will make sure nothing happens.
*The Mizukage turned and nodded at him.*
[Mizukage] I expect nothing less of you.
*Amemori sulked in the corner.*
[Mizukage] It’s time for you Konoha shinobi to return home. The Mist has preparations to make.
*Iyo, Misaki and Yuriko looked at each other. If they were being kicked out that meant the Mist was planning counter plans on their village. This was supposed to be a time of peace.*
[Aoshi] At once, Mizukage-sama.
*The Mizukage smiled.*
[Mizukage] Oh, and Aoshi…Your new marriage partner has been arranged. Her name is Kiwa Ishikawa. She is the Tsuchikage’s daughter.
*Hime ran forward.*
[Hime] But, Mizukage-sama. I am healed. I can marry –
*The Mizukage slapped the girl. Amemori going towards the Princess when one glare by the Mizukage stopped him.*
[Mizukage] You are forbidden from marrying him. He is a traitor to our village.
*Hime glared at the Mizukage.*
[Hime] Uncle, you know he is not.
*Iyo, Misaki and Yuriko looked at each other in shock.*
[Iyo/Misaki/Yuriko] Uncle!?
*Aoshi sighed and turned towards his team.*
[Aoshi] The Mizukage is Hime’s uncle. They are both members of the Oshima Clan.
[Hime] And your family, Aoshi. Tell him you will not marry Kiwa Ishikawa.
*Aoshi frowned.*
[Aoshi] Hime, I-
*She turned away from him, plugging her ears with her hand.*
[Hime] No, no, no, no, no, no!
*Aoshi walked towards her. When he went to hug her a water rope came out from the Mizukage’s sleeves. He took a step back and the water evaporated.*

[Aoshi] Hime, I am no longer a Hidden Mist Shinobi. Amemori, will be a good husband to you.

*She turned back around.*

[Hime] He can be a good husband to someone else. You promised me. You said you’d always look after me.
[Aoshi] Well, men lie.
*He activated his Sharingan. Hime dropped into Amemori’s arms. He jumped back by the rest of Team 7.*
[Aoshi] We will take our leave now.
*The Mizukage looked at his niece and then back at Aoshi.*
[Mizukage] Go. Tell the Hokage a messenger will be coming to her soon.
*He nodded and used the chakra he regained to summon a flying fish. He helped Misaki get Iyo and Yuriko on it. *
[Aoshi] Tobuniji.
*The fishes fins unfurled, a large gust of wind moving the fish through the room and out the hole in the wall. Yuriko screamed. Misaki held on to Iyo. Aoshi smiled when Tobuniji continued forward in the air. When his little kids settled he collapsed on the back of her.*
[Tobuniji] Aoshi! Are you alright?
*Aoshi patted the fish’s sides.*
[Aoshi] I am fine.
*Iyo’s face turned green.*
[Iyo] The fish talks.
*Yuriko nodded silently.*
[Misaki] I suppose we can’t have fish tonight for dinner then.
*Everyone looked at Misaki and laughed.*

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