Sarada’s Reign #11:

11: Return to Konoha

*Team 7 is standing in the Hokage’s office. Sarada is staring at them.*

[Sarada] Let me get this straight, not only did you get caught up in the Hidden Mist’s scheme, you hurt the alliance by stealing their tailed beast?
[Misaki] We didn’t-
[Sarada] Quiet, Ms. Ōtsutsuki. 
*Misaki shut up. Kiyoto laughing besides her.*
[Sarada] You too, Nara.
*He shut up.*
[Sarada] Yuriko, what was the one rule I had for you?
*Yuriko looked down at the floor.*
[Yuriko] Don’t reveal what’s behind the mask.
*The Hokage sighed.*
[Sarada] What am I going to do with you?
[Aoshi] Well, your granddaughter did save an important Official…
*Sarada looked at Aoshi. She was clearly unimpressed with his leadership abilities at the moment.*
[Sarada] If you aren’t Yuriko you have three seconds to leave my office. Unless you want to be burnt to a crisp.
*They all fled the room. Sarada stood up from her desk. Her Uncle Itachi and her mother Mirai came in through the window.*
[Sarada] Aoshi said he saw Kurama.
*Yuriko nodded.*
[Itachi] Is he willing to help you now?
[Yuriko] I think it was more of a temporary truce.
*Mirai looked at her daughter uneasy.*
[Mirai] Mother, perhaps it’s best-
[Sarada] Silence, Mirai. We need to do what is best for the Uchiha Clan.
*Mirai nodded. Sarada weaved jutsu signs.*
[Sarada] Fire Style, Translucent Flames.
*A small fire gathered on the floor. An image appearing in it. Yuriko could see some of the clan leaders and officials meeting to discuss the Uchiha Clan.*
[Sarada] No one has ever been okay with us coming back and thriving. We must protect the Uchiha Clan from dying out.  
[Yuriko] But Grandmother, I cannot even control what I have in me. 
[Sarada] You will be able too one day. You already have mastered the Sharingan. In addition to the Hyuga Clan’s Byakugan. The Tailed Beasts are no exception.

[Yuriko] But I don’t understand why we need all of this. No one will attack the Hokage’s family.

*Sarada’s eyes lit up a bright red. The room swirled into a red sky and black grave yard scene.*

[Sarada] My father grew up with this as a Clan. I will not let this happen again.
*The world swirled back into reality. Yuriko was beginning to see what other people were saying about her grandmother.*
[Yuriko] I think we have bigger issues. 
[Itachi] What is more important then our Clan’s survival?
[Yuriko] When we were in the Hidden Mist two boys attacked us. They claimed they were from Mitsuki’s lab.
*Sarada’s eyes narrowed.*

[Sarada] The old snake never learned to just pick a side. 

*She turned to Itachi.*

[Sarada] Itachi, arrange a meeting with me and my former teammate.
*He nodded. Everyone turning at a knock at the window. Daisuke was sitting outside. Sarada waved him in.*
[Daisuke] We have a problem.
[Sarada] What’s the problem?
[Daisuke] Two boys in Akatsuki cloaks are attacking the village.
[Itachi] Did you say Akatsuki?
*Daisuke nodded. Sarada sighed.*
[Sarada] Come on.
*The Uchiha Clan and Daisuke ran towards the fighting. The Yamanaka flower shop was the last building to be blown to bits. Two boys in Akatsuki Cloaks and masks were setting off bombs. *
[Sarada] Stop.
*The two turned to her and smiled.*
[Boy #1] Hokage-sama. It is a pleasure to meet you.
[Boy#2] We need a few things.
[Sarada] You will get nothing here, go! 
*The two smiled and waved their signs. Summoning a rather large bull.*
[Boy #1] Give us the girl.
*They pointed at Yuriko. This was simply not her day.*
[Itachi] Fire Style, Amaterasu.
*The bull lit up in flames.*
[Sarada] Last chance to leave.
*The two boys looked at each other and nodded. They disappeared in the wind.*
[Sarada] I think the news has leaked to other villages.
[Mirai] Miko.
*Yuriko looked at her mother. She was not looking all too happy with her.*
[Itachi] We must relocate Yuriko for awhile.
*Sarada shook her head.*
[Sarada] No, she will stay with her team.
*As if on cue Kiyoto and Misaki came running towards them. Apparently the shock of seeing four  Uchiha Clan members in action didn’t affect them.*
[Iyo] Yuriko.
[Misaki] What was that?
*Yuriko sighed.*
[Yuriko] The result of our mission.
*They looked at each other in understanding. Itachi Uchiha staring with distaste at Kiyoto.*
[Sarada] You three need to go on a mission. 
[Misaki] But we just got back.
*Aoshi appeared behind his team. Sarada frowning.*
[Sarada] Take them to the Village Hidden in Flowers. The genjutsu their will protect them while you train them.
*Aoshi nodded.*
[Sarada] Kiyoto Nara, Misaki Ōtsutsuki. You two are fine shinobi. If something is to happen, I want Aoshi to take you back to the village immediately.
[Iyo] But what about Yuriko?
[Sarada] She knows what is expected of her.
*Yuriko bowed to her grandmother and started to walk away from the scene. As people started to approach the Hokage for answers. She spotted her Uncle Haruto watching in the crowd. She nodded at him. Her team running to catch up.*
[Iyo] The Village Hidden in the Flowers is a five day journey. 
[Misaki] Not to mention it being through other Shinobi countries.
[Aoshi] Better for training.
*Yuriko said nothing. She just quickly rushed to the gate to leave. There was a fire starting to burn.*
– End

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