Sarada’s Reign #14:

14: Day Three

Scene starts in the Demon Desert.
*Team 7 has made it across most of the Sand. Yuriko is manipulating sand to create a room within a sand dune. Misaki is making a fire to cook the fish and Iyo is laying a blanket down. Aoshi is sitting and reading.*
[Iyo] I know what I want to ask next.
*Misaki and Yuriko both tired to look at him.*
[Iyo] Our parents’ agenda aside, I think it is important we trust each other. Our goal is to survive and gather information for the Hidden Leaf. To do that we must always know we won’t betray each other.
[Misaki] Iyo… That’s not something you can easily achieve.
[Iyo] I know, but we can start down the path. You and Yuriko need to be honest about your abilities.
*The two girls looked at each other.*
[Iyo] It is obvious you both are hiding things.
*Neither moved.*
[Aoshi] Iyo, I don’t think either is willing to go first.
[Iyo] Then play rock-paper-scissors.
*The two looked at each other skeptically, but they played for Iyo. Misaki won.*
[Misaki] Go on, Yuriko.
*Yuriko was conflicted. She held more then her own secret. What was the line to cross? How much did she need to put on the line? One look from Misaki and she knew she had to put most of it out there. Her father had told her too much of what went on behind the scenes. It would be the only way to clear her grandmother’s name. Yuriko took off her mask and released part of her genjutsu. Her eyes turned white, a green mark appearing on her forehead. Everyone’s eyes lit up in shock.*
[Yuriko] Unlike my mother and her siblings I inherited the Byakugan. The genjutsu is in place to cover it up and the branch mark on my head. But the mark itself isn’t really special. There is genjutsu on all the Uchiha’s to cover up this mark. It was the wedding gift from the Hyuga clan when Boruto Uzumaki married Sarada Uchiha. Now the chances of outsiders gaining the  Sharingan are lower then someone getting the Byakugan. 
[Aoshi] That is what the Hokage and Haruto hid from the rest of the clan heads. 
*Yuriko nodded.*
[Misaki] If people knew the Uchiha’s had a mark it would only shift more attention on to the clan. If no one knew it would only be a sore disappointment for awhile.
[Yuriko] It was a situation no one was prepared for. No one thought that a merged Indra and Ashura line would then enhance the ties to the Hyuga of Hamura’s line. If Hamura’s line successfully merged with our Kekkei Genkai then the next few Uchiha generations abilities would be random and unpredictable. The Uchiha Clan’s Kekkei Genkai was already suddenly strengthened by the Uzumaki clans blood. When I was born the Kazekage, my grandmother and Haruto decided a permanent genjutsu would give them time to figure out how to handle the situation. No one expected me to then unlock the Sharingan. It confirmed that there would soon be major issues for the Uchiha again.
[Misaki] Does the whole Uchiha clan know?
[Yuriko] None of my cousins know. Only the Hokage, my mother, my uncle and his wife, my aunt and her husband, my grandfather and Daisuke.
[Iyo] Daisuke Hyuga?
[Yuriko] He is not only the next head of the Hyuga branch family; he lives on the Uchiha property with my mother…
[Iyo] What!
[Aoshi] Yuriko, this is-
*She put her hands up. Although she refused to tell them everything, there was still more she should tell. While she had the nerve.*
[Yuriko] There’s more. My mother and I both take after my grandfather’s family. It means we have extremely flexible chakra. As well as, the ability to host a tailed-beast. That is why Shukaku was put inside of me when I was born. It’s also why we have to be sent out of the village. If something happens to my cousin the current backup host for Kurama is me. Even if the situation may be changing…
*Misaki and Iyo both looked at Aoshi. He just stared blankly back at Iyo. Even he didn’t know what to think anymore. Iyo’s grandmother was the daughter of Inojin Yamanaka and Himawari Uzumaki.*
[Iyo] I don’t… I don’t even know which of my grandmother’s sisters is Kurama’s host now. We don’t visit our relatives on that side really.
[Yuriko] No, you don’t. Her sisters have kept strong ties to the Uchiha and the Hyuga since everyone became relatives. The Hyuga clan became the ones responsible of checking up on the state of Kurama and his host. It put the Byakugan to good use. The Nara clan were the ones who were in charge of making the drugs that would support the body of the jinchūriki.
[Iyo] Why would the jinchūriki need to take drugs?
[Yuriko] Asura’s blood line was split in two. The Senju inherited his strong body. That was Hashirama’s healing and wood release. The Uzumaki inherited his vitality and chakra reserves. But their clan was destroyed ages ago. All the marriages by the surviving members diluted the skills so to speaks. The vitality part isn’t always a given.
[Misaki] The immense chakra reserves affects the body more- like in Hime’s case.
[Yuriko] The Nara clans drugs are meant to supplement it. Misaki’s grandfather has in his possession a collection of Hashiramas cells. They are used for the drug. But he won’t allow the cells to be implanted into the jinchūriki, because of other affects it could have.
*Iyo looked at her miserable. He wasn’t expecting so much and so detailed information.*
[Iyo] … And that’s all?
[Yuriko] Almost. I thought explaining some background would help you. My father’s clan is known for their ability to have sand move on its own. His mother was not from the sand village. She was a Snow Priestess of the Village Hidden in Snow. Their ninjutsu is ice manipulation. The Hidden Mist’s Yuki clan are descendants from there. Priestess are born with extraordinary ice manipulation abilities. They are always passed down to female relatives. However, the former Kazekage was known for his rare inheritance of his mother’s skills. It means I have them. I am the only Sharingan holder since Kakashi to be able to use all types of ninjutsu. Although, my skills in them vary drastically.
[Iyo] That’s why we never saw you use more then fire and water in the academy.
*She nodded.*
[Yuriko] Almost all current Uchiha’s have an affinity for fire and lightening jutsu. Sand, water and Ice come from the other side. Earth and Wind style I struggle with. The Sharingan can help me mimic a technique but it doesn’t come close to Aoshi’s or his Father’s skills. My mother and I both have Sharingan suited for genjutsu.
[Misaki] I didn’t realize Sharingan can vary.
[Yuriko] It’s not a big thing. Each one varies on which skill is stronger. Sharingans are as unique as the person who was born with them. Mine probably is just the result of having such a weak body.
[Iyo] Can’t you also take the drugs?
[Yuriko] I already do. It was a negotiation with the Nara clan. I was born very small and weak. My grandmother had placed seals on my chakra reserves and limiters on me. It’s why I cannot keep up with you two most of the time.
*Iyo and Misaki looked at each other.*
[Iyo] And that’s all?
*Yuriko nodded. That was all they needed to know.*
[Yuriko] Those are the great secrets of the Hokage.
*Aoshi, who was silent the whole time, looked like he wanted to speak up. Nothing came out though. Everyone suspected he had the most to work through with this information.*
[Misaki] Well damn. Now I’m going to have to be just as honest.
*Yuriko sighed and let the attention turn to Misaki. Her heart already felt like it was going to leave her chest. Iyo looked at Misaki impatiently. *
[Iyo] Do I even want to know?
[Misaki] Probably not, but it’s too late now. All of you know the Akimichi clans jutsu, so I’ll skip that. You also know most of Orchimaru’s and my Grandfather Mitsuki’s skills. I have never told you that I inherited his sage mode.
*Aoshi looked at the girl stunned. He knew this was a generation of monsters in general, but these three kids were starting to scare him. They already held so much power. What would the world be like when they knew how to use it? Could he bear the responsibility of children.*
[Aoshi] You can use sage energy?
*She nodded. There wasn’t much else she would give up for now.*
[Misaki] And my jutsu abilities are a little stronger then I let on.
[Iyo] How much stronger, Misaki?
*She lifted her shirt up, a large scar ran across her chest.*
[Misaki] Hashirama’s cells couldn’t be used for the jinchūriki because they were put into me. The drug created was synthesized from my blood.
[Yuriko] Then you can use wood release!
*The second she saw Misaki shake her head yes Yuriko felt anger. The desire to be there for her teammate conflicted with the fact that her teammate held the very thing that would save her life. Those cells were promised to her. Yuriko was the one with a weak body.*
[Iyo] How did you get his cells?
[Misaki] I was in an accident as a kid. My mother used them before anyone got there.
*Yuriko fought the urge to comment. She loathed the Ōtsutsuki clan.*
[Iyo] You both were holding onto a lot more then what you wanted to admit.
*Misaki and Yuriko looked at each other. Both of them suspected the other to not fully being honest. And they were both right. Not that Iyo was aware of this. His life long motto of handle things when they get to you made him unlikely to even take a moment to question what they said.*
[Iyo] I think this is a good start.
*Aoshi saw this as the time to get out of his children depression and rejoin the conversation.*
[Aoshi] You three do know that in two days you will have to fight with things other then words.
*Yuriko sighed.*
[Yuriko] Can’t we have one more night before this.
[Misaki] Seriously.
[Aoshi] You guys are already talking about jutsu.

*Yuriko pointed to the sky.*
[Yuriko] How can you ask us to talk about that under a night sky like this. The Sand’s deserts are famous for their night sky.
*He looked up at them.*
[Aoshi] We can enjoy them on the way back.
*Yuriko fell onto her back. The blanket felling warm underneath her.*
[Yuriko] Maybe tomorrow.
*Iyo and Misaki smiled at each other before falling back themselves.*
[Misaki] Do all Uchihas have no lives? This is a horrible hobby.
[Iyo] It’s been a minute and I’m already bored.
*Aoshi took his book out and used it to cover his face. He too was now lying down.*
[Aoshi] Just close your eyes and go to bed. You’re going to have long nights ahead of you.
*The three kids groaned, but made themselves comfortable. All thee wondering what they were in store for.*


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