Sarada’s Reign #15:

15: Action on Day Four

Scene is in a forest.
*Team 7 had made their way into the Land of Joy. Aoshi had insisted making camp early and heading into the village the next day.*
[Aoshi] You three need to start coming up with ideas and actually training.
*Misaki looked up from her food.*
[Misaki] Isn’t the point of the Festival to train.
*Iyo looked up from his own food.*
[Iyo] She’s got a point. Tomorrow training begins.
*A shuriken came out from the trees. It would of hit Iyo, but Yuriko threw a needle knocking it to the right.*
[Yuriko] It seems training starts today wether we want it to or not.
*Aoshi stood up.*

[Aoshi] Did I forget to mention you could be attacked on the way to the Festival?
*Misaki stood up.*
[Misaki] The rules don’t apply.
*Iyo got up slowly.*
[Iyo] I just wanted one more day.
*Aoshi stepped back. It was clear that he had zero intentions of helping them.*
[Misaki] We’ll give you one chance. Go away and you can try and settle this embarrassment when the rules are in place.
*Three more shurikens shot at them.*
[Iyo] They aren’t going to take your advice. What a drag.
*Iyo and Misaki felt Iyo establish the mental link. He sensed where the other shinobi were. Yuriko walked towards them.*
[Yuriko] You picked the wrong team to mess with.
*She smiled and released her genjutsu.*
[Yuriko] Frozen Village.
*As far as everyone could tell the world swirled into itself. The three foreign shinobi looked around the frozen town confused.*
[Shinobi #1] She’s a genjutsu user.
*Yuriko smiled.*
[Yuriko] Guilty as charged.
*Misaki stepped forward.*
[Misaki] Sure you don’t want to wait?
[Shinobi #2] Die young, Ōtsutsuki. 
*The shinobi ran forward and Misaki sighed. She didn’t even move a muscle as the other shinobi became frozen by Iyo’s shadows.*
*The other two shinobi looked at each other.*
[Misaki] Do we break them or let them show up late to the Festival?
[Iyo] Either sound like a lot of work.
*Misaki turned to Yuriko.*
[Misaki] Are you in the mood for some fun?
*Yuriko removed her mask halfway, revealing a large smile and her Sharingan. The three men found themselves barbecued by icicles. The world swirling back to the forest. Team 7 watched the three foreign shinobi foam on the ground.*
[Misaki] That’s our intense training? Pathetic.
*Iyo turned to Yuriko.*
[Iyo] Why Ice?
*She shrugged.*
[Yuriko] I used fire last time.
*Misaki picked them up over her shoulder and took them over to the tree. One by one she tied them up and hung them from their waists to a tree. Aoshi looked at them disappointed.*
[Aoshi] Is moderation not in your guys vocabulary?
[Misaki] I can moderate just fine. When I want to.
[Yuriko] Maybe tomorrow I’ll moderate.
[Iyo] That can be our plan. We can be the moderators.
*Misaki turned to Aoshi.*
[Misaki] There you go. We planned tonight.
*Aoshi sighed and sat down underneath the tree to read. Misaki and Iyo returned to eating; while, Yuriko went and laid down. Sarcasm aside, Aoshi had a point. She couldn’t keep using that intense of a genjutsu. Her body was too weak to handle longer battles and not everyone would be stopped by that. She closed her eyes.*
Scene the inside Yuriko.
[Kurama] What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Shukaku or Isobu.
*She looked up at Kurama.*
[Yuriko] I came for some advice.
[Kurama] And you think I’m the one who’ll give it to you.
*She sat down in front of him.*
[Yuriko] I told them more then I should of and not enough to be called the truth.
[Kurama] Your scary grandmother must already know.
[Yuriko] Maybe, but she would have the right to be mad. I betrayed my clan.
[Kurama] I’m not going to show you empathy. Go to Shukaku or Isobu for that.
[Yuriko] I just want advice.
[Kurama] Kill yourself if you are too weak to handle the consequences. We tailed beast can always move somewhere else.
[Yuriko] I’d rather not do that.
[Kurama] Then toughen up. It’s painful being forced to live inside you like this.
[Yuriko] Kurama, your not as awful as you pretend to be you know that?
*Kurama turned his head away from her.*
[Kurama] Just scram, before I eat you.
*Yuriko stood up and walked away. She might as well visit Shukaku.


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