Sarada’s Reign #2:

2: The First Mission Begins

Scene fades to outside the room. Everyone is running to their parents.
*Iyo is seen running to his mother. She is a tall, flat chested woman. Her hair is a dark black and her face is angular.  However, her eyes are large and round, creating a softness to her face. Misaki is seen heading towards her grandmother Chou-Chou. They are talking about going out to eat. Yuriko looks around for someone for her. Daisuke sees her and nods silently. He is taking care of the Hyuga girls. She then spots a ninja at the edge of the field.*
[Yuriko] Mikio, why are you here?
[Mikio] Hokage-sama wishes her condolences she can not get out of a meeting.
[Yuriko] And my mom?
*Mikio looks at the floor.*
[Mikio] Mirai-sama wishes for me to expresses her sorrow for not being able to make it.
*Yuriko snarls. Yea right.*
[Mikio] Your Uncle and Aunt have asked me to escort you to the Uchiha property. 
[Yuriko] It’s fine. I can be alone.
[Mikio] But, Yuriko-sama.
[Yuriko] Enough, Mikio. Return to my grandmother.
*Yuriko turned and walked away. Unaware the Iyo and Misaki were watching the exchange.*
Scene shifts to her walking into a field.
*Yuriko sees Misaki and Iyo waiting for her.*
[Iyo] I lost the bet, Misaki. She was late.
*Misaki smiles and takes his money. Carefully counting each bill.*
[Misaki] She may be the studious type, but she’s not the efficient type, Iyo.
*Iyo shrugs.*
[Iyo] I give.
[Yuriko] Where is our instructor?
[Misaki] Not here yet.
[Yuriko] When will he be here?
*Iyo leans against a tree*
[Iyo] Now why would we know that?
[Aoshi] You wouldn’t.

*Says a tall lean man, stepping out from behind the tree.*

[Yuriko] Aoshi Hatake?
*He pulls out a book.*
[Aoshi You have a problem with me, Yuriko ?
[Misaki] Her highness needs another Uchiha.
[Yuriko] No sir, just surprised.
[Iyo] Did Grandma lie to you?
[Yuriko] It is Hokage-sama to you, Nara brat.
[Aoshi] Now, now children. You guys are gonna have to calm down if you want to pass my test.
[Misaki] You guys are still doing the bell exercise.
[Iyo] Since when do they change?
*Aoshi shuts his book.*
[Aoshi] If you know so much you might as well get this over with. I’m not teaching a team who can’t get two measly bells from me.
*Yuriko immediately throws out shurikens. Using Uchiha Shuriken Jutsu, Aoshi jumps upwards straight into Misaki who has drawn her two swords and has coated them with lightening. He uses substitution, only to find himself falling towards one of Iyo’s puppets outstretched hands. He creates a shadow clone kicking off of him and lands on the ground. Misaki continues sword play with the instructor, who varies with his kunai. Instructor stops when a sound from kana has him backed up a few steps on caught in a shadow trap/ Instructor says good job ad everyone asks where Yuriko is. She’s sitting on a tree above him, holding needles with thread, he looks down and notices the thread was pulling him slightly more in each direction every time.*
[Aoshi] When did you put the needles on me?
[Yuriko] The moment you dodged my Shuriken.
[Aoshi] Did you two know?
[Misaki] No. Iyo and I were communicating, but Yuriko was not part of it.
[Iyo] I saw. She was adjusting to us.
[Aoshi] That is good enough. 
*Aoshi sits down underneath the tree and pulls bento boxes out of his bag.*
[Misaki] Food!
Her and Iyo sat next to him. Taking their own share of the food.
[Aoshi] Yuriko, come down and join us.
*Yuriko’s thread wraps around one of the smaller bentos and brings it up to the tree branch she is on. Aoshi sighs and opens his book. Misaki and Iyo make jokes.*
[Sarada] Can I come in?
[Yuriko] Of course.
*Sarada enters the room and sits down on her bed.*
[Sarada] There is no need to be nervous.
[Yuriko] You are overly optimistic.
*Sarada reaches for her granddaughters hand.*
[Sarada] The genjutsu will hold up. No one will see your eyes. 
*Yuriko rolls over on her side.*
[Sarada] Soon you will not have to wear that mask.
[Yuriko] I will always need a mask.
*Sarada squeezed her arm and leaves the room. Yuriko takes her mask off and places it on the table beside her bed. Never turning around to show anyone her face.*
*Yuriko is walking towards the gate. Aoshi is waiting with a book in his hand.*
[Aoshi] Yuriko. You are early today.
[Yuriko] I was not late last time.
[Iyo] Sure you weren’t…
*They turn to see Iyo and Misaki walking towards them.*
[Misaki] The meeting time was later then she arrived, Iyo.
[Iyo] Now you defend her?
[Misaki] I am being honest.
*Aoshi shuts his book.*
[Aoshi] I am glad you are here early. The plans have changed. We will be going to the sand village first.
[Iyo] The Sand ?
[Misaki] It’s because of Yuriko isn’t it?
*Aoshi shook his head.* 
[Aoshi] The Hidden Mist has delayed the girl’s trip and a letter needs to be delivered to the Hidden Sand.
[Misaki] How convenient.
[Iyo] This sounds more interesting. I have never been to the sand.
[Yuriko] It is nothing special.
[Aoshi] Let’s go, you three.

*The group starts running towards the sand. A few minutes in Yuriko starts falling behind and they stop.*

[Aoshi Let’s take a break.
[Misaki] Yuriko, shouldn’t be slowing us down.
[Iyo] A breaks not so bad Misaki.
*She sat down angrily. Iyo sat beside her. Aoshi pulled out his book. Yuriko sat on the ground.*
[Iyo] I knew you were bad at Taijitsu, but your stamina is so bad.
[Aoshi] Genjutsu takes a big toll on the body. You two must remember that when you go on missions. 
[Misaki] You are telling us to compensate for her lack of ability.
*Yuriko jumps up.*
[Yuriko] Would you like to see how much my lack of ability will hurt.
[Misaki] Try me Bi-.
[Iyo] Enough. Neither one of us can use genjutsu. She also had the highest score in ninjutsu. She can more then enough cover her part.
[Misaki] Thinking like that can get us killed. She can’t last in a fight.
[Aoshi] You seem to be misunderstanding something here. You think you were put together to be the main line fighters.
[Iyo] Misaki certainly works well for that.
[Aoshi] All three have something that works for intel, not for combat. It is easy to make a ninja that can punch well.
[Yuriko] You think Misaki can gather intel? Has the Hokage gone senile?
[Misaki] You don’t know what I can do, but I’d be glad to enlighten you.
[Iyo] Both of you calm down. 
[Misaki/Yuriko] Shut up!
*They glare at each other.*
[Aoshi] I think it’s time we get to the Sand Village.
*Iyo pulls Misaki and they run ahead. Aoshi glares at Yuriko.*
[Aoshi] Pull the needle out.
*Yuriko lifts her arm and a needle comes flying in the air back into her sleeve. She runs forward. Aoshi eventually running to catch up. They ran in silence till they got to the Hidden Sand Village.*


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