Sarada’s Reign #3:

3: A Childlike Kazekage
Scene shifts to outside Gate.
*A sand official is waiting for them. the gate behind him is open.*
[Iyo] Why is the official already outside the village.
[Misaki] To greet us.
[Aoshi] We are foreign ninja.
*They reach the official. He bows.*
[Sand Official] The Hokage told me in advance she would be sending you. It is nice to see you again Aoshi. 
*Aoshi shakes his hand. The official turns to Yuriko and bows.*
[Sand Official] Yuriko- sama.
*They follow the man through the gates and into the city. Misaki and Iyo are whispering about the exchange. Their confusion grows as they see Sand citizens bowing to Yuriko. Finally they get to the Kazekage Office.*
Scene shift to the Kazekage Office.
[Kazekage] Come in.
*They all walk in.*
*The Kazekage stands up and smiles.*
[Kazekage] Yuriko.
*She steps out from behind her desk and runs to hug the girl.*
[Yuriko] Kazekage-sama…
[Kazekage] Oh hush. I am your aunt. 
[Misaki] Your aunt is the Kazekage.
[Kazekage] You didn’t tell your team.
*Yuriko nods no.*
[Kazekage] Yuriko, I’ve told you a thousand times to be more open with people.
[Yuriko] Kazekage-sama the letter.
*She lets go of Yuriko and turns to Aoshi.*
[Kazekage] Oh right! Put the letter on my desk. I need you guys for something else.
*Aoshi puts the letter on the desk. The official moves to open it and read it. He nods yes at the Kazekage and she smiles.*
[Kazekage] Perfect! Let’s all head downstairs.
*Aoshi rubs his head but the Kazekage pulls him through the door* 
[Misaki] Your aunt is weird.
*Yuriko shrugs and walks out the room.*
Scene shifts to training room. A group of sand ninja are practicing.
[Kazekage] These are the some the finest young Sand ninja to graduate from the academy.
[Sand girl #1] All of us except, Tokage .
[Aoshi] They do look talented.
[Kazekage] They are indeed! That is why I would love to see how they fair against you three.
[Iyo] Us three?
[Misaki] Why does it need to be us?
*The Kazekage laughs.*
[Kazekage] Because you three are already here. Now, which one of you wishes to go first.
*All three look at Aoshi. He decides to find a chair and pull out his book.*
[Kazekage] So I’m picking then. Let’s see. Yuriko, why don’t you go first.

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