Sarada’s Reign #4:

4: Team 7’s First Attack!
*The crowd look at each other nervously.*
[Yuriko] If that is what you wish Kazekage-sama.
*Yuriko walks forward.*
[Kazekage] Ah. Yuriko, take off your mask.
*Misaki and Iyo look at each other. No one in the academy has ever seen her face.*
[Yuriko] But…
[Kazekage] It is respectful to your opponent, Yuriko.
*Yuriko reaches up and removes her mask. There is some shock around the room. They see a small round pale face, with small round eyes. Her eyes are lined with blackness, as if to off put the signs of sleepless nights.*
[Iyo] She’s beautiful.
[Misaki] Boys.

[Kazekage] You will be fighting, Tokage.

*A boy steps forward. His face is painted with lines and he holds a giant gourd on his back. He bows in respect to Yuriko. She repeats it back to him.*

[Kazekage] Begin!

*The boy immediately launches gold sand towards Yuriko. Swallowing her in a tornado of gold dust.*

[Misaki] That was quick.
[Iyo] No, look.
*The gold dust fell as regular sand was mixed in weighing it down.*
[Misaki] Yuriko can use sand style?
[Kazekage] Of course she can.
[Misaki] Iyo, when we were in the academy what did you see her use?
[Iyo] Fire style, water style, lightening style.
[Misaki] Never sand?
[Iyo] No.
[Kazekage] That’s not surprising. She does not often use sand. 
*Flash back to the fighting. The Sharigan has been activated. They are fighting hand to hand- she is using Gentle Fist martial arts. The gold dust is crashing into the sand surrounding her. The guy manages to land a punch on her and she falls back. He goes to punch her again.*
[Yuriko] Enough.
*Two giant hands emerge from the sand, trapping the man. It twists into a sand coffin, becoming tighter and tighter. Yuriko is smiling, licking her lips.*
[Yuriko] Die.
*She clenches her hand to bury him in sand, but the sand just drops and he appears coughing on the ground. The Kazekage walks slowly up to her niece.*
[Kazekage] That was too far for a lesson, Yuriko.
*Yuriko looks back at what she did and runs to put on her mask. Turning quickly to bow, before she sits down silently by Aoshi. The sand shinobi are whispering about her. The Kazekage thanks the man who fought.*
[Kazekage] Your name was Misaki right?
*Misaki nods.*
[Kazekage] Would you like a chance to fight against a sand style user as well?
*Misaki smiles and walks forward. A large guy walks forward.*
[Kazekage] Begin.
*Misaki draws her sword, lightening coats the blades. The sand ninja launches a sand wave at her. Misaki just smiles and cuts through it. As she runs forward the man launches an onslaught of wave after wave. Misaki is forced to stab her two blades in the ground to form a split. The man looks shocked. He quickly releases a summoning jutsu. Three sand cats appear and start heading towards Misaki.*
[Misaki] You want a summoning fight. I can show you how to devour a cat.
*She summons one light brown snake and hopes on his back. He dives underneath the piled up sand. The sand shinobi begins to look around. His sand cats ears are perked as they walk around him slowly. Finally, the snake emerges from the ground beside him, going past the sand shinobi to strangle to death the cats. Too confused to realize whats going on, Misaki strikes from above. Her partial arm expansion slapping the shinobi on his back.*
[Kazekage] Well done you two. That was quite a battle.
*Misaki poses victorious. The sand ninja bows to the Kazekage-sama.*
[Iyo] Summoning snakes was unfair. You already had enough of an advantage.
[Misaki] It is only right that his summonings fight mine.
[Yuriko] If you think there is a better way to win, come show us Iyo. You are after all related to the Sand Village.
[Iyo] Barely.
*The Kazekage laughs.*
[Kazekage] I’ve heard stories about my Aunt Temari.
*Iyo shrugged and walked towards the center, This whole thing was just such a drag. His opponent was a tall and thin women. She had orange hair with cat like yellow eyes. He noticed her tan skin and long features.*
[Iyo] Can’t I have someone else. I don’t want to fight a girl.
*The Kazekage shook her head.*
[Kazekage] That is my daughter.
*Iyo groaned, but walked to the center.*
[Girl] It is a pleasure to meet you cousin. I am Oashisu.
[Iyo] Look can we just get this over with.
*The girl nodded and took a deep breath. When her stomach was large she released wind ball after wind ball from her mouth at Iyo, who was forced to jump around dodging them. As he dodged he threw Kunai’s with bells attached to them, forcing Oashisu to jump and dodge them. This caused her to run out of air faster.*
[Oashisu] Cute trick cousin.
*Iyo sighed. He wanted this to be over. The bells chiming in the background.*
[Oashisu] Let me see you handle this.
*She began weaving signs, a large amount of black sand forming on the ground. As more sand appeared the bells rung louder. As the sand reached a wave to attack him, it suddenly fell. Oashisu disoriented and paralyzed in place. Iyo revealing threads at the end of the Kunai’s.*
[Iyo] Normally, I hate using this trick. It’s so uncool.
*Oashisu smiled at him.*
[Oashisu] Lucky for me then it won’t work.
*Iyo’s eyes lit up with surprise as the sand moved on it’s own, swiping away the Kunais.*
[Oashisu] Sand moves on its own will for us.
*She went to weave jutsu signs together again, but found herself frozen in place. Iyo smiling.*
[Iyo] A wise shinobi doesn’t lay just one trap. That’s what makes these matches such a drag. Having to plan for such a large amount of outcomes.
*He let her look down to see their shadows bound together. The bells were only a distraction.*
[Kazekage] Well done, cousin. That was a nice trick.
*The shadows separated and Iyo walked away from Oashisu. She ran and stopped him, suddenly kissing him on the cheek. The crowd started giggling.*
[Oashisu] Do you have a girlfriend?
*Iyo looked at her in shock. Misaki suddenly becoming aware of the sand churning at her and Yuriko’s feet.*
[Iyo] No.
*She latched on to his arm.*
[Oashisu] Perfect. You can date me.

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