Sarada’s Reign #5:

5: Trouble Amongst Cousins
*Yuriko stood up, sand churning around everyone. Her aunt bursting into laughter.*
[Kazekage] Oashisu, you cannot take your own cousin’s love interest.
[Yuriko] I am not in love with him. We do not have time for games, Kazekage-sama.
*Oashisu pulled Iyo towards Yuriko and Misaki.*
[Oashisu] If you do not like him, then I can have him. Your other teammate doesn’t seem interested in him either.
[Yuriko] I am warning you cousin. Let go of his arm.
[Oashisu] Or what. You’ll send Shukaku after me. You’re only twelve years old, Yuriko. You do not scare me.
*Even Misaki seemed taken a back. Not by the fact that this girl just announced that her teammate was a jinchuuriki, but the fact that the girl had the balls to claim a guy she just met. Iyo on the other hand seemed shocked.*
[Iyo] You are a jinchuuriki!
*Aoshi stepped forward, sighing.*
[Aoshi] It was supposed to be a village secret.
[Oashisu] You didn’t even tell your teammates. Wow, that’s cold, Yuriko.
*Yuriko glared at her.*
[Yuriko] Let him go. I am warning you.
*Oashisu smiled.*
[Oashisu] I have always wanted to challenge you little cousin. Come, I’ll fight you for him.
[Iyo] Don’t I have a say in-
[Misaki/Oashisu/ Yuriko] No.
*Iyo shut up. Aoshi giving him a sympathetic glance. Yuriko followed her cousin back into the center of the room.*
[Oashisu] Come at me, Oh great jinchuuriki.
*She bowed at Yuriko, causing Misaki to laugh. Yuriko was annoyed.*
[Yuriko] Just remember you asked for it.
*She threw her mask to the side lines, making the rat jutsu sign.*
[Yuriko] You want to see Shukaku so badly, cousin. I will show you Shukaku.
*Unlike some of Shukaku’s previous hosts, Yuriko and Shukaku got along quite well. She could control the size of the chakra he gave her. So she gave herself over to Shukaku. A large wail erupting from her as sand formed a shell. Oashisu’s eyes got large. She looked at her mother. The Kazekage made no move to assist her. This was her daughters mess. Oashisu summoned a giant spear. Twirling it around for momentum. She launched a wind style technique at the shell of sand. To her dismay the shell caught it, absorbing it into the inside. A whole opened up in the shell a large raccoon hand coming out and swatting at Oashisu. She was forced to jump into the air. Instead of that helping, she fell into Yuriko’s trap. As thread pulled her towards a disintegrating sand shell. *
[Oashisu] That’s not the Shukaku’s jutsu.
*Yuriko smiled. As her cousin came towards her she let out a giant fireball. Oashisu forced into using wind to sweep it away. As she fell towards Yuriko, she failed to notice that Yuriko was building chakra into her fist. She punched Oashisu and she went flying. Her mother catching her.*
[Yuriko] Do not touch my teammates.
*The Kazekage looked up at her and smiled.*
[Kazekage] Now you are being honest, Yuriko.
*Oashisu was put down by her mother. Her own teammates comforting her on her loss. Misaki and Iyo staring at her.*
[Kazekage] Come. Dinner is waiting for you guys. 
*Aoshi closed his book and got up. Following the Kazekage towards the door. Misaki and Iyo walked over to Yuriko. Both of them putting a hand on her shoulder.*
[Misaki] I take it back. You are clever enough to cover your complete lack of stamina.
[Iyo] Don’t kill us, oh great jinchuuriki.
*Yuriko laughed, taking her mask from Iyo’s hands.*
[Yurkio] Please, you two could kick my butt.
*Misaki smiled.*
[Misaki] Why state the obvious, Yuriko. We were just starting to bond a little too.
*Yuriko smiled at her, causing Iyo’s face to blush.*
[Misaki] I will say this. You really need some sleep.
[Yuriko] My father’s family lines their eyes with black.
*Iyo shook his head.*
[Iyo] Your one flaw is those heavily charcoaled eyes.
*Misaki punched him and Yuriko kicked his leg.*
[Misaki/Yuriko] Shut up.
*The two girls turned away from him running to catch up with their teacher and the Kazekage. *
Scene shifts to home dinner table.
*The Kazekage and her husband Sunaarashi are each sitting at a head. Their daughter Oashisu to his left. The rest of Team 7 taking up the dinner table.*
[Kazekage] It’s been forever since you’ve eaten with us, Yuriko. You must have been six or seven at the time.
[Yuriko] I was five, Aunt Tomone.
*The Kazekage looked at her husband and he nodded.*
[Kazekage] Silly me. My math was never that good.
[Aoshi] Neither was your nephews.
*She cracked up laughing.*
[Kazekage] I suppose you are right. My nephew was never very good at anything besides wooing woman.
[Iyo] Sounds like a decent skill to have.
*Misaki thankfully sitting right next to him, punched him.*
[Yuriko] My father had other more appropriate skills.
[Misaki] Father?
[Kazekage] I am Yuriko’s grandfather’s sister. Her father’s sister, Yori, is away right now.
*Misaki nodded and turned to her food. They had prepared so much for them.*
[Iyo] That means Yuriko’s father is Yukio, the former Kazekage.
*Yuriko looked at her Aunt uncomfortably.*
[Kazekage] That’s right. He was married to Mirai Uchiha for a few years. That was when Yuriko lived here in the Sand Village.
*Misaki paid no attention to the conversation. She was in love with the food.*
[Iyo] Yukio’s daughter’s name was Yukiko.
*The Kazekage smiled at the boy.*
[Kazekage] For a Nara, you lack the tact. But yes, her name was Yukiko.
[Yuriko] My grandmother changed my name when we immigrated back to Konoha. Yukiko became Yuriko.
*Iyo nodded.*
[Iyo] And your mom?
[Yuriko] My mom is a Konoha ninja.
*Misaki looked up from her food and at Yuriko’s plate. All the food was still mostly untouched.
[Misaki] Yuriko, are you going to eat that?
*Yuriko looked at Misaki, who was completely unaware of the conversation that took place before her.*
[Yuriko] No. Go ahead and take it.
*Misaki grabbed the plate and dug in. The table erupting into laughter.*
[Sunaarashi] The bond between the Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka clan is famous even in the sand village. How did our Yuriko end up with you two as teammates?
*Aoshi smiled at the elite sand village shinobi.*
[Aoshi] There’s just so many of them these days it’s ok if we pair them off a little differently.
*The Kazekage laughed.*
[Kazekage] I told you there is no point in trying anything with Aoshi. He is the child of two Kage’s after all.
*Her husband nodded silently to himself, returning to his food.*
[Kazekage] Although, I must admit I am curious. The Hokage has made an interesting team with these three.
[Yuriko] I assure you Aunt Tomone, their is nothing interesting about our team.
*Misaki reached for Iyo’s plate.*

[Iyo] Except for Misaki’s eating habits.

*She punched him, without even looking up from her plate*

[Sunaarashi] You all must be tired. Oashisu, will show you all to your room.
*The girl looked at her father, but one nod from him and she was up out of her chair.
[Oashisu] Follow me.
*Aoshi nodded and the three kids got up and followed Oashisu out of the dining room and towards the bedrooms. She pointed at the first door.*
[Oashisu] When you moved out mom kept your room in tact. There’s two cots for your teammates.
*Yuriko nodded and her cousin left, winking at Iyo. The three of them entered the room. Misaki flopping on her cot. *
[Misaki] Your room doesn’t have much in it.
*Yuriko shrugged.*
[Yuriko] I was five when I lived here.
*Iyo sat down between them.*
[Iyo] There is a lot we don’t know about each other.
[Misaki] Name one thing I don’t know about you.
[Iyo] What’s my favorite color?
[Misaki] Black.
*Iyo shook his head.*
[Yuriko] It’s dark green.
*The two of them turned to look at her in shock. Her face turned red.*
[Yuriko] Iyo always chose the dark green card during academy classes.
[Misaki] And my favorite color?
[Yuriko] I don’t think you have just one, but you hate orange and yellow. I’ve never seen you wear that color or choose it.
*Misaki and Iyo looked at each other.*
[Iyo] You were watching us at the academy.
[Yuriko] It’s easier to notice these things from the side line.
[Misaki] Well, maybe its time we all get to know each other.

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