Sarada’s Reign #7:

7: The Young Lord Comes Home

*Team 7 arrived at the village half a day later. All three children covered in swamp water and rain. Aoshi was miraculously dry. A tall man was waiting for them by the towns gates.*
[Official] Lord Aoshi.
[Aoshi] Amemori.
*The man turned towards the kids.*
[Amemori] These must be the young shinobi I’ve heard about.
*Misaki stepped forward offering her hand. Amemori looked at her in shock.*
[Misaki] Misaki Ōtsutsuki.
*He shook her hand, nodding slowly. Iyo stepped forward.*
[Iyo] Kiyoto Nara.
*He turned to Yuriko. She stayed silent by Aoshi’s side. Aoshi pushed her forward.*
[Yuriko] Yuriko Uchiha.
*The man’s eyes let up. He looked from her to Aoshi.*
[Amemori]  We have two Kage’s children with us.
*Yuriko released her Sharingan. Only, Aoshi aware by her side. She started building the blocks  to a layered genjutsu. The man turning to take them to the local mansion the Hime was visiting. As they walked past villagers many of them whispered about Aoshi. Never once did he turn to greet them. The mansion was the largest house any of the three kids had seen. Gardens overflowing from the balconies and the roof. Guards everywhere. The man lead them through the doors and up the stairs to a large sitting room.*
[Amemori] Before you go in there, you need know the rules for addressing Hime-sama.
*Misaki groaned.*
[Aoshi] All three of you pay attention.
[Amemori] None of you can address Hime-sama unless spoken too. No physical contact, prolonged eye contact, informal language or questions. You are statues.
*The three of them nodded and he slid open the door. The official and Aoshi entering first. They all sat on pillows on the floor of the room. A screen opened revealing a young girl. She had long black hair and bright blue eyes. When she saw Aoshi, she lept from the pillow to hug himi.*
[Hime-sama] Aoshi!
[Aoshi] Hime.
*The Official coughed and she let go. Turning to look at the three young shinobi kids.*
[Hime] Are these your students?
*He nodded.*
[Hime] You three, introduce yourself.
*Aoshi gave them you better be polite look.*
[Misaki] Misaki Ōtsutsuki, Hime-sama.
*She scooted over to Misaki.*
[Hime] Like Kaguya Ōtsutsuki!
*Misaki looked at Aoshi. He nodded sympathetically.*
[Misaki] Sort of, Hime-sama.
*She turned to Kiyoto Nara.*
[Iyo] Kiyoto Nara.
*She smiled at him.*
[Hime] You are pretty handsome. Not as handsome as Aoshi, but no girl would do bad with you.
*Misaki couldn’t help but laugh. The Princess turned to Yuriko.*
[Yuriko] Yuriko Uchiha, Hime-sama.
[Hime] Uchiha! Are you related to the Hokage?
[Yuriko] Yes, Hime-sama, she’s my grandmother.
[Hime] Remove your mask. I want to see your Sharingan.
*Yuriko bowed to the princess, catching the rest of her teammates off guard.*
[Yuriko] I am sorry, Hime-sama, but I am not comfortable without my mask.
[Hime] But you have too. I’ve asked you too.
[Aoshi] Hime, Yuriko is very sensitive about her face. I can show you my Sharingan.
*The Princess shook her head.*
[Amemori] Yuriko Uchiha, you will remove your mask in the presence of Hime-sama.
*Aoshi looked at Yuriko nervously. She took her mask off.  The Princess looked at her in confusion.*
[Hime] That face is another mask. Who put the genjutsu on you?
*Her teammates looked at her in shock. Aoshi, visibly starting to get uncomfortable.*
[Yuriko] I was in a terrible accident as a kid. This face was the gift from my grandmother, Hime-sama.
*The Princess nodded her head and then put up a genjutsu release hand sign. Yuriko moved so quickly to the back of the room. Her arms covering her face.* 
[Hime] If you want your teammates to trust you. You need to be honest with them.
*Aoshi got up and walked over to Yuriko. Handing her back the mask. Hime frowned at him.*
[Aoshi] That is enough games, Hime. 
[Hime] But Aoshi, I was trying to help her. These two don’t trust her at all.
*Misaki and Iyo looked at each other and then back at the princess.*
[Amemori] Hime-sama is an incredibly gifted shinobi. She can read a person’s soul quite easily.
*Yuriko secured her mask. Weaving hand signs, to put the genjutsu back in place.*
[Hime] Aoshi, look at what you’ve gone and down. She’s back to square one now.
*Aoshi shook his head.*
[Aoshi] I’ve told you many times. You cannot force someone to open themselves up to you or anyone else.
*The Princess looked down at the ground.*
[Hime] I was just trying to help you, Aoshi. I got stronger so I could be your fiancee again.
*Yuriko, Iyo and Misaki’s mouths dropped open. Aoshi pat her head.*
[Aoshi] Hime. You know I refused the marriage for different reasons.
[Hime] But you left for Konoha. 

[Aoshi] I had too. That was were I was needed.
*Yuriko walked back towards everyone, breaking the Officials rules by smiling.*
[Yuriko] Hime-sama, it’s alright. Everyone knows you were just trying to help me. I was just not ready to receive your gracious offer.
*The girl looked up from the floor and hugged Yuriko. Amemori looked like he was about to faint.*
[Hime] You aren’t mad at me. You won’t tell Aoshi to leave.
*Yuriko shook her head.*
[Yuriko] Never, Hime-sama.
[Hime] I’m sorry. 
*Yuriko tapped her finger on the girls forehead. Everyone did it in her family as a sign of affection.*
[Yuriko] It’s alright, Hime-sama.
*Hime’s face smiled.*
[Hime] Then let’s eat!
*Misaki jumped up from the floor cheering. Iyo shaking his head in disappointment. Amemori lead them all through the mansion. They found themselves in a rather large sitting room.*
[Hime] Aoshi, tell me what you’ve been doing.
[Aoshi] I’ve been training these kids.
[Hime] Then they must be super strong.
*Aoshi nodded.*
[Hime] Whose the strongest?
*Aoshi looked at each of them.*
[Aoshi] Well, they all have different strengths. 
[Hime] Alright whose the strongest fighter?
[Aoshi] Misaki.
*Hime turned to the girl who was uninterested in the conversation, just eating through her meal very quickly.*
[Hime] Ninjutsu user?
[Aoshi] Kiyoto.
*Hime frowned and turned to Yuriko. She had taken a liking to her.*
[Hime] What is Yuriko, good at?
[Aoshi] Genjutsu.
[Hime] So if they fought each other who would win?
*Iyo and Yuriko both looked at Aoshi. Who did he think would win?*
[Aoshi] Probably, Kiyoto. He is a strategist by nature.
*Hime turned to Kiyoto.*
[Hime] Guard me well, strategist.
*Misaki looked up from her food.*
[Misaki] Can I get a second helping?
*The princess laughed and waved her hand. The staff brought over another round to Misaki. One of the staff suddenly tore off their Kimono, pointing a Kunai at Misaki. *
[Misaki] Hasn’t anyone ever told you do not stand in the way of an Akimichi and their food?
*The man went to swing his Kunai, but Misaki’s arm dislocated and extended. Her arm wrapped around his and went all the way to his throat. As that hand was choking him the other went to take care of the food.*
[Man] grrgle
[Misaki] Who sent you?
*The man went to bite down on a pill he had hidden in his mouth, but MIsaki’s hand quickly made it in. Forcing the pill out of his mouth and onto the floor. The other staff members whipped off their Kimonos, revealing them to be all renegade shinobi.*
[Iyo] Great.

[Amemori] Hime-sama, get behind me.

*Iyo, Yuriko and Aoshi all stood up. Misaki continued eating. The princess was taken behind Amemori.*

[Amemori] Water Style, Water Wall.
*Amemori started spraying water from his mouth. It formed to create a wall between the others and Him and the Princess.*
[Aoshi] This is going to be a long trip.
*Two of Iyo’s puppets unfolded, launching forward. He kneeled by the water wall, his shadows spread, as the last line of defense. Yuriko ran forward, using Gentle Fist Taijitsu against the shinobi. Misaki would punch or trip whoever got near her and her food. Aoshi, turned towards the wall.*
[Aoshi] Lava Release.
*He spit out lava, which burned part of the wall away. He weaved jutsu signs.*
[Aoshi] Water Style, Water Prison Jutsu.
*Large balls of water floated in the air. Misaki began to throw the men on the ground into them.*
[Swordsman] Enough!
*A young boy stepped forward and the others backed away. Misaki recognizing the voice put down her food and stood up. *
[Misaki] Hōzuki Kyoka.
*The boy turned to look at her and smiled.*
[Kyoka] Misaki, it’s been awhile.
[Misaki] What are you doing here?
[Kyoka] I was hired to help assassinate this Princess. Seems she’s got some unstable jutsu.
*She drew her sword.*
[Misaki] I’m afraid you aren’t going to get paid, Kyoka. Go return to my grandfather.
*He held his sword out. It was the Hidden Mist’s famous Kubikiribōchō.*
[Kyoka] A jobs, a job Misa.

*Iyo and Yuriko looked at Aoshi. They needed to know what to do.*

*Misaki stretched.*

[Misaki] I can take this fool. You guys take care of the minions.

*She jumped towards him. Their swords clashing. Wind from the clash blowing up all the surrounding screen doors. Yuriko sighed and jumped forward.*

[Yuriko] Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu.
*A large fireball went towards the other shinobi, a few being burnt. The others blocking with water style. None noticed that needles had hit their chakra points. As they went to cast another jutsu nothing happened, Iyo’s puppets shot forward knocking them out. They were all thrown into the water prison.*
[Misaki] Be done in a second!
*Aoshi merged the water prisons together, creating sticky corners in the room’s roof to put the water ball on. Kyoka noticed they were all ready gone, turning his body to water and falling off the roof. Misaki was stuck cursing at a hole in the wall. Amemori dispelled the water wall.*
[Amemori] There’s more then we thought.
[Iyo] Why is one of your grandfather’s goons here?
*Misaki glanced around worriedly.*
[Misaki] Something’s not right. If my grandfather sent someone here something else is going on.
*Amemori snapped his fingers and the whole floor flooded with Hidden Mist shinobi. A Kunai at Hime’s throat.*
[Amemori] You always had the best luck, Aoshi. Well not anymore.
[Aoshi] Typical. 
*Aoshi nodded at Yuriko and she removed her mask, activating the Sharingan.*

[Amemori] Kill the foreign Shinobi.

*Yuriko’s sharigan shifted. Her hands locking into the rat sign.*

[Yuriko] Falling into Hell. Descent One.
*The room shifted and turned into a broken battlefield. The men all seemed nailed on crosses. Amemori looked around.*
[Amemori] There’s no way someone at her level can create this strong of genjutsu.
[Yuriko] Hell’s Wrath, Poor man’s pyre.
*Fire lit up underneath all of them. They started screaming. Yuriko’s eyes bleeding.*
*Amemori trying to release the genjutsu.*
[Yuriko] A man like you could never destroy an Uchiha’s pain.
*Aoshi walked over to him.*
[Aoshi] Old friend, tell me why you are after Hime.
*He spat at Aoshi. The flames beneath his feet roaring higher. Hime stepped forward.*
[Hime] Stop. Don’t kill him.
*Aoshi looked at her sadly.*
[Aoshi] Sorry, Hime. We have too.
[Hime] He’s after me for the village’s sake. 
*Hime waved her hand and the genjutsu disappeared. Yuriko falling over into Iyo. He held her.*
[Hime] I’ve become a jinchūriki.

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