Sarada’s Reign #9:

9: Misaki’s Old Friends

[Arata] You are going to stop me?
*Misaki checked to make sure no one else in the room could see her. She activated sage mode.*
[Misaki] You know very well I can, Arata.
*He smiled at her.*
[Arata] Konoha has made you weak. You should of stayed with your grandfather.
*Misaki’s sword lit up with lightening.*
[Misaki] I can still handle a Hōzuki twin.
*She ran forward, slashing her blade through him. His body faded in and out.*

[Arata] Come on Misaki! You know better then that. Kenjutsu won’t work on me. Chidori or not.

*She pointed to the ground. The lightening had caught parts of the floor to burn away.  He looked back up and she threw a Kunai. He began falling down the mansion. She began to draw in natural energy. When she heard his feet hit the floor she weaved signs.*

[Misaki] Sage Art, Water Dragon’s Jaw.
*Arata jumped through hole straight into a large dragon’s mouth. When he tried to break free, the dragon’s jaw clamped shut. He turned to look at her.
[Arata] This won’t stop me, Misaki.
*His body turned a light blue. Chakra being drained from the Water Dragon’s Jaw. Misaki could feel Iyo fainting.*
[Misaki] Fuck.
*She opened her mouth wide and began to suck up the natural energy. Her stomach expanding. The water creating the dragon’s jaw began to boil. *
[Misaki] Earth Style, Earth Dragon’s Claws.
*Just as Arata destroyed the Water Dragon, Two large clawed hands held him tight.*
[Arata] Are you seriously playing the delay game?
*Misaki smiled and shook her head no.*
[Misaki] Akimichi Style, Dragon Breath Bomb Barrage.
*Misaki hit her expanded stomach, a large ball of energy left her stomach and hit Arata. He put his hands up but was left with a burn. She hit her stomach faster and faster, causing ball after ball to fly at Arata. She waited for the smoke to clear to see the result. Her tongue sensing moisture, she quickly jumped back. Avoiding a large water spear. Arata was standing by crumbled Dragon Hands stretching. Her sage mode began to waver.*
[Arata] Oh Misaki, you should of stayed with your grandfather.
*He walked forward, pulling out a scroll, when the wood wall surrounding her teammates began to crack. She looked at him and winked.*
[Misaki] You are too late, Arata. Go and tell my grandfather.
*Arata put away his scroll and sighed. He walked over to the hole in the wall. A large hawk appearing. Kyoka sitting on it.
[Arata] You only get round one, Misaki.
*He hopped onto the bird. Kyoka smiling at her.*
[Kyoka] I’ll say hi to your grandfather for you.
*Misaki waved them off. The wood wall coming down just as they were leaving the area. She collapsed on the ground. Her sage mode disappearing. She turned to see Amemori holding an injured Hime. Iyo, was knocked out cold. On his signal she ran forward and brought Iyo away from Aoshi and Yuriko. Yuriko’s whole body was shaking. Purple chakra forming spikes around her. One impaling Aoshi in the stomach. She turned her attention to Iyo. Opening one of her pouches she pulled out a small bundle of herbs. *
[Misaki] Fire Style, Charring Puff.
*She let out a small fire to burn the herbs. Incense smoke filling the room. She split the charred herbs in half. The first half was bundled in bamboo leaves and forced down Iyo’s throat. When he started coughing, she ate the other half. Chakra flowing through her body again. Iyo and her turned to watch.*
[Iyo] Will she survive?
*Misaki looked on at the scene. Aoshi was bleeding with his head down. Yuriko’s chakra was shooting off in all different directions. Her skin and hair turning white. She looked like she was on death’s door.*
[Hime] She will.
*They turned to see Hime awake.*
[Aoshi] Misaki.
*Aoshi was looking at all of them. She quickly dropped Iyo and ran towards her instructor. His stomach wound was bleeding out.*
[Misaki] Fire Style, Charring Puff.
*She burned the skin. When he lifted his shirt she put her hands over the charred area.*
[Misaki] Yang Release.
*She concentrated her remaining chakra on healing Aoshi. When she was about half way through Yuriko’s body settled down. Hidden Mist shinobi swarmed the room. Most of them beginning to work on healing them. A few just asking questions.*
[Yuriko] Can we go home now?
*Misaki turned to look at Yuriko. She still didn’t like her.*
[Misaki] Yea.

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