Omake 2 : Roxy

Two women sat facing each other from across a small table. Their eyes set not on each other but on the game of chess between them. One an average looking sort with a sharp intensity in her eyes that could only show that she possessed a sharp intellect. The other was a cold looking beauty with a small smile. It was her hand that silently moved her rook. “How is everything?” In response to her rook a pawn was moved out. A crooked expression appearing on her face. “It’s fine I’d say.” A light chuckle escaped her opponents mouth. “Is it now? I’m so glad for you.”

Roxy stared at the piece she moved. It was her castle. Her eyes looking up from the board to the woman just across from her’s face. “Is Jircniv alright?” A small sigh escaped her as she leaned back into the chair. No words leaving her as she kept her eyes on the chess board. “Amelie.” The cold looking woman finally looked up from the board. “It depends. He’s always had a bit of a rash side.” Roxy’s eyes seemed to narrow further. “A more exact answer would be helpful. His odds perhaps?”

Amelie chuckled. She reached for a pawn and moved it forward. “It’s not like there can be exact odds with our beloved Jircniv. It really depends on what he does from now on.” A larger smile appearing on her face. Something twisted about it making it’s way into the light. “There’s only really two paths left for him.”

The woman watching as the pawn she moved over was taken by one of Roxy’s. “Which are?” Amelie cracked up laughing. “Oh come on, now. You are the next Empress of the Baharuth Empire. Surely, your wit is enough to know what your man has been up to.” She moved her bishop forward. Roxy looking over the board quiet for a moment. More then one game was being played between them. “You know I spend my time managing internal politics.” Her own bishop moving across the board.

Amelie took her bishop and sighed. “You want to know if the Supreme one Ainz Ooal Gown is aware how much Jircniv is working to destroy him behind the scenes? If in that route he’ll survive?” Roxy looked down at her King piece for a moment before moving another pawn forward. “In a matter of speaking.” She was aware of her fiance’s plans but there was no need to agree with the implication her ‘friend’ was implying.

A truly crooked smile appeared on Amelie’s face as her castle took Roxy’s pawn. “Jircniv is still as childish in his decision making as always. To think he could move behind a Supreme One’s back.” The atmosphere grew tense as Roxy’s hand hovered over another pawn. She took a deep breath before moving it out. “Will he be killed?” Amelie captured that pawn as well and shook her head no. “He’d be dead already. The sad fact for my brother is that all of his moves are considered insignificant.”  She chuckled again. “As long as he continues to play a good friend the Empire remains in a useful state.”

Roxy moved her own castle forward. “And what is considered ‘not useful’?” Amelie moved another pawn forward. “My personal opinion?” Roxy nodded her head as she took the pawn. “That would be fine.” Amelie’s eyes narrowed on her Queen. “Stop making Jircniv have ‘pretty’ children and ensure you two at least have one of your own.” Roxy had an annoyed expression on her face. “That was not the matter I was asking about.”

The cold beauty just shrugged. “It is not relevant. You need to get over ensuring he has ‘beautiful’ children. As beauty is going to be very different soon most likely.” Amelie moved her bishop forward. Her opponent more concerned with her words than the game it seemed. “The matter is not simply about beauty. I am a lower noble with little presence or skill outside of internal politics and nobility. And my own personal wishes are to be a mother to the future of this Empire.” Amelie yawned. She moved her bishop forward and took Roxy’s queen. “All the more reasons for you to have a child that is guaranteed to inherit a brain. You can’t always fight what you are given with. And a couple of beautiful brats won’t mean anything for safety or the Empire.” She looked into Roxy’s eyes. “We can match them to one of Renner’s children.”

Roxy moved her own pawn forward and took Amelie’s queen. She was not that unaware of the other game they were playing. “So this is all about marriage between the Baharuth Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom?” She shook her head no. “Of course not, silly. But that would stabilize everything.” That pesky pawn swiped away another. Roxy sighing. “I’m sure there are other ways to stabilize everything.” Amelie giggled. “And I thought I was the genius in war and political strategy” She watched Roxy swipe one of her castles. A smile on that average face. “Aren’t you?”

Amelie nodded. “I am. I’m also something else aren’t I?” She moved her remaining castle forward. Roxy looking up from the board anxious. “You swore to never seek the throne and go against your brother.” Amelie smiled gently. “I would not be seeking the throne. And my brother would be completely safe with all his needs met out of the way.” An audible grinding of teeth was heard as her sister-in-law slammed down her bishop forward to put her king in check. “And you think the people would easily accept this.”

A small gentle “Hmmm,” escaped her lips. She slowly slid her rook to take the bishop. “Well, I am part of the royal family by blood.” Roxy immediately took the rook. “Jircniv is a well loved Emperor. A bastard daughter supported by the Sorcerous Kingdom, ruled by an undead. hat would keep things stable.” For a moment there it seemed like darkness consumed the room as a hint of anger came from Amelie. To call the Supreme One a simple undead. To call the master she finally found! Taking a deep breath she looked up. “Have you forgotten the day we first met?”

Amelie slowly moved her castle forward. “Before you found out I was a bastard. I was the hidden priestess of the Holy Mother of Death. One of the two spiritual pillars of the Empire. A being who even in her own death supported the lives of the Empire.” Roxy’s expression twitched for a moment. The castle stopping. “Check mate.”

Roxy looked up from the game. She was silent. Amelie stood up from her seat. “Now, I’ll be expecting news of a child from you two soon.” She paused briefly. “Or I’ll start killing bastards.”


Black-Hearted Woman – The Allman Brothers Band

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