Overlord Omake 1 : A Serious Note

Amelie walked slowly into the room. Albedo was already sitting at the table with her tea. The succubus made no change as she headed to her seat and her own cup of tea. Amelie taking a small sip of the rose tea. “This was an excellent choice, Albedo-sama.” The Guardian Overseer looked up form her tea cup annoyed. She still seemed to not have softened towards her. It’s not like Amelie minded it all that much. It didn’t get in the way of her work. She simply just continued drinking her tea until Albedo would say what’s on her mind. After all, her superior never came to visit her for tea before. “The maids tell me you have been having tea with Pandora’s Actor regularly.” Albedo said. Amelie felt confused. Why would Albedo care if she had tea with with Pandora’s Actor? She was not very fond of him. She nodded her head. “I have. He’s interesting.” Albedo’s demeanor always seemed to resemble a raging blackness when she grew agitated. “Amelie. Not only are you a lower life form, but you always fail to see Ainz-sama’s greatness.  What will Demiurge think when he hears about another one of your blights.” Demiurge? He already knew she was having tea with Pandora’s Actor. She had never picked up on him caring. It did not affect her job. Amelie put her cup of tea down to pour more. “Pardon my shortcomings, but I do not understand why it would be an issue. Pandora’s Actor is an interesting member of Nazarick.” Albedo’s demeanor got even more wild. Amelie could swear she could see tendrils of black whipping on the floor below. “The only one you are supposed to find interesting is Demiurge.” Amelie found herself frozen. The tea cup just a few inches from her lips. She had to blink few times. Was this Albedo’s version of a girl talk? Amelie put the cup back down on the table. “Albedo-sama, Pandora’s Actor is in charge of the finances of The Great Guild of Nazarick. Furthermore, his intelligence is on par with both Demiurge-sama and you. Ainz-sama personally created him. Shouldn’t he be interesting?” It seemed to be Albedo’s turn to freeze. The black tendrils on the floor retreating back into her own shadow. It was true Pandora’s Actor was not the most popular creation. Amelie could notice Albedo was shaking. “Why was he the one created by Ainz-sama.” She said. Amelie laughed as she leaned forward. “I have a theory about him. If you want to hear it?” Albedo looked down at her with scorn. She knew Albedo was not a fan of her theories. More often then not she found it demeaning to pay attention to her. Especially, when Amelie picked up on something she herself had not thought of. Amelie had no hopes of their relationship ever being friendly. She wanted to chuckle when Albedo did not respond, just slightly lean forward. Amelie took another sip of tea before continuing. “From what I was told all of you were created by the Supreme Beings. So it got me thinking about all of you. Why the way you are? What did the Supreme Beings know that we ourselves did not? And then I found an answer. I think.” The black tendrils started to appear on the floor again. Albedo trying her best to not break the tea cup in her hand. “Questioning the Supreme Beings…” Amelie nodded her head immediately smiling. “Isn’t that what Pandora’s Actor does all the time. It’s built in him!” Albedo stood up from the table raging. “Pandora’s Actor must be dealt with immediately. For him to be disloyal to the Supreme Beings.” Amelie smiled smugly. “I think he’s probably the most loyal.” Albedo turned around to face Amelie. She wanted to retreat into corner. Albedo was just too scary. Still, she had to try and stand her ground. Ainz-sama had entrusted her with a role. She must do her best to fulfill it. “It’s impossible. Ainz-sama is the absolute ruler of us all, our greatest master and also my most beloved person.” That much was definitely true. Amelie feared for Ainz-sama’s mental health if Albedo wasn’t eventual knocked up by him. If that was even possible…She also wondered about that one… “If all the Supreme Beings returned wouldn’t everyone at least question what to do? Pandora’s Actor was created by Ainz-sama. If all of the Supreme Being saw you like their children wouldn’t that make Pandora’s Actor the closest thing to Ainz-sama’s child. Pandora’s Actor wouldn’t have the instinct to question his own father.” Albedo slowly returned to her chair. What if Tabula Smaragdina returned? She shook her head no. “I would follow Ainz-sama.” Amelie took a sip of her tea and smiled. “Maybe now everyone would, but what about before…. I never knew any of the other Supreme Beings. I only know Ainz-sama. But, everyone says he was the one who lead the others. He was the one who stayed behind. Why would he choose to be lonely?” Albedo hit the table. “Ainz-sama isn’t lonely. He has us here.” Amelie poured herself another cup of tea quietly. She waited for Albedo to calm down before she answered. “Perhaps, it is the wondering of the weak to wonder why a parent would stay behind to raise everyone’s children.” She looked up at Albedo. Her finger rubbing the edge of her tea cup. “From the view of the weak it’s hard for the strong to stay together. They are too big, important and perfect to stay with others who are the same. Yet, a group of Supreme Beings were able to stay together and cooperate. Why was Ainz-sama chosen as the leader? Because he knew the view of the weak. Ainz-sama was the smartest because he knew how to motivate the other Supreme Beings to be together. Yet, once they created that family they all eventually chose to move on. Except for Ainz-sama. He chose to stay behind with all of you. With the weak children.” Albedo poured herself another cup of tea. “To call Ainz-sama weak.” Amelie turned to look out the window of the room they were in. “Everything starts somewhere. You cannot be strong without having been weak. Ainz-sama is the perfect leader because he remembered what it was like before he became the leader of the Supreme Beings. Perhaps, he stayed behind in hopes he could see how his comrades children would grow. How spectacular they would become. Everything here seems to be an environment for all of you to grow more then worship him.” The tea cup in Albedo’s hand shattered. She turned back to see a pissed Albedo. Amelie started to panic. She handed Albedo another tea cup. “Don’t you think that’s what Ainz-sama wants though? To see you all surpass him.” Albedo glared at her. “No one could ever surpass Ainz-sama. He is the absolute ruler.” Amelie poured the tea into her new cup. “That is the absolute truth to the world. No one can surpass Ainz-sama.” She leaned back and put the tea kettle down. She took a small breath. “That doesn’t mean one cannot hope for it. Who wishes to be the only tip of a mountain alone above the clouds.” Amelie turned to look at Albedo and smiled sadly. “Albedo, do you want to know why I find Pandora’s Actor so interesting?” Albedo nodded her head. “Because he makes me wonder if that is how Ainz-sama viewed the starting point. Out of everyone in Nazarick he is the most annoying existence I have ever met. He is supposed to be one of the smartest and all I ever see do is him spin in circles and drool over magical objects. Yet, he was made by Ainz-sama. The one I acknowledge as the smartest of all beings. Why would Ainz-sama create something as intolerable as the heroes humans worship?” She took a long sip of her tea. Amelie looking up to catch Albedo’s eyes. A part of her relieved Ainz-sama had forbid Albedo from hurting her. You could see the murder tally marks increasing. Still, Amelie had a role to play. All of them did. She smiled at Albedo. “Doesn’t Pandora’s Actor remind you of a child? As smart as he is all he does is question things and look for clarification. Nothing is ever taken in and assumed to be correct. It’s like he was meant to be the one who gets all of you thinking. Pandora’s Actor is perfectly built to grow and help others grow. Ainz-sama created the being most needed amongst Nazarick.” Albedo dropped her tea cup. The tea spilling onto the table. “Ainz-sama created Pandora’s Actor for all of us to grow.” Amelie leaned forward and started to clean up the mess. She prepared Albedo another cup of tea. When she was done she leaned back into her own chair. “It seems to me that Pandora’s Actor is the most suited to eventual lead Nazarick if Ainz-sama was considering leaving with the others at one point. Everyone else is specialized. You are all good at certain things. Pandora’s Actor is simply built to grow at all of them. He is even built to help you grow. Perhaps, even if he wasn’t the one expected to and it was you Albedo-sama Pandora’s Actor was there to help you grow.” Albedo started to shake with rage again. “To think I would need the likes of him to help me grow. To worry Ainz-sama that much is inexcusable as the Overseer of the Guardians of Nazarick.” Amelie sighed. She hadn’t meant to hurt Albedo. All of the NPCs were so sensitive. “Albedo-sama, I think it’s a good thing that Ainz-sama views everyone is such a way. It means he has faith in you. If he didn’t why would he go out of his way to help. Ainz-sama would have just made a child who is only good at one thing. Pandora’s Actor makes me think about how much Ainz-sama must have loved you.” The dangers environment cleared away in an instant. Albedo smiling. “Proof of Ainz-sama’s love of me.” Amelie smiled. “Why else would he create a child like Pandora’s Actor?” Amelie noticed the flowers floating above her head and for a few moments she wished the black tendrils would come back. It was just an awful sight. Amelie felt like she had failed at her role. Albedo didn’t get what she was trying to say. She leaned forward on the table. “Albedo-sama?” The succubus shook her head a few times and returned to her usual demeanor. “Pandora’s Actor seems more interesting then I first thought.” The door to the room opened and their stood Pandora’s Actor. A rose pointed forward into the room. “Wunderbar. Two see such beautiful roses in such a setting as this.” Amelie turned to the angry looking Albedo and sighed. “Perhaps. He is just annoying.” She picked up the tea kettle on threw it at Pandora’s Actor so he would shut up. The doppelgänger side stepped and posed. Amelie could only sigh. “Will he ever grow…” Albedo turned to glare at her. “As I suspected listening to your theories are just a waste of time.” Amelie slumped as Albedo walked out of the room. Pandora’s Actor rushing forward to hand her a rose. Amelie just sat back down in the chair and looked out the window. She didn’t have the patience for what ever Pandora’s Actor was planning on telling her about.


Pandora’s Actor


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      1. Oh my! *________* I’ll be more than happy with any of the options! I confess that this omake with Pandora’s actor made me super curious for more (because I fell in love with him! So funny!) But your fiction is very interesting and well written! You have a lot of talent! I will wait for you upadate!

      2. OMG. YOU ARE SO SWEET. I had to take a break for health issues. BUT I am back. If you can wait till Friday I will upload a new Omake for you on the Fan Portal Page. If you have a twitter or instagram let me know so I can post a pic and tag you in it! Thanks for the love. Can’t wait to pay it back to you <3

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