Overlord Prologue : Amelie Moreau

A young girl of sixteen sat kneeling in front of the Ainz Ooal Gown. Beneath him stood his overseer Albedo-sama. Beneath her stood the forms of all the Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Not that she herself was aware of those tittles yet. What she was aware of was the fact that the two maids and butler by her side were beings that held much more importance then she did.
“Demigure informs me that you entered the Great Tomb of Nazarick in hopes of meeting me.” said the Ainz Ooal Gown-sama. Each of his word carried the force of death itself. Even she was amazed by it. A young woman’s voice broke out. “Ainz-sama. I beg you let me correct Demigure’s mistake and eradicate this intruder for you.” The Undead King raised his hand and she was silenced. It seemed like she was shivering from excitement and not fear.
“Tell me your name human girl.” His voice echoed in the hall. “My name is Amelie Moreau, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama. I am the oldest grandchild of a small merchant family from the Empire.” No response came. She dared to look up at his expression. It was one of pondering. Unlike his subordinates who all wore expressions of disgust. “Amelie, you entered this tomb knowing it would be at the risk of your life?” He finally said. She looked over at Demigure. His face an expressionless mask. “Yes, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama.”
He leaned back into his throne. “It is a grave offense to enter this sacred Tomb uninvited. You should be killed right on the spot.” Amelie could simply nod her head yes. “Yes, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama. I knew this when I chose to enter the Tomb. However, it would be to rude of me to address you in a mundane place like Carne.” 
Albedo exploded again. “You horrible little human! How dare you intrude on this Sacred Tomb and instruct the Great and Glorious Ainz Ooal Gown-sama on what is or is not rude. His wisdom knows no bounds.” Before Ainz Ooal Gown-sama could speak, Amelie spoke up. Her head bowed down towards Albedo. “I apologize, Albedo-sama. It is true this ignorant human knows nothing compared to the Ainz Ooal Gown. As a subject under his rule that has been fortunate enough to gain his protection I should not have been so arrogant to guess at his intentions. I shall seek what ever punishment you deem fit for me for my assumption.” 
Albedo looked as if she wanted to say more. However, Ainz cracked up laughing. All of the Guardians turning to look at him in shock. “Ainz-sama.” Shalltear said out loud. He held his hand up. “Before I kill you, tell me why you would enter here at the risk of your life?” Amelie took a deep breath. Staying calm in front of all of them was starting to get impossible. “I do not find that my life or any one single life really holds meaning. It would be more correct to ask me why I chose to gamble everything I could on the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama.” Albedo made a Tch sound. It reflected everyone’s annoyment with the unwanted human guest.
He leaned forward. “I do not wish to waste time on semantics, Amelie Moreau.” She bowed her head. “ Yes, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama. I chose to enter the tomb based on pure selfish desire. My life has been without purpose for many years. Not only that, but it’s been without joy. When you appeared to Carne village I saw a chance to fulfill the only thing I want.” The room was silent. Ainz Ooal Gown-sama hesitated before he spoke again. “What is your one desire?” Amelie Moreau looked up at him. “To take part on the world’s most amusing game.”
He cracked up laughing. “You risked your tiny insignificant life to play a game.” She stood up. “My entire life I knew I was born to be insignificant. It does not bother me. Foolish pride is only a mark of flaws. Paws such as myself can never become the player. So we must choose to be played by the right owner. I have never found a human who can play the game I want to be part of. However, you Ainz Ooal Gown-sama are playing the very game I dream of.” The Undead King stood up from his chair. All of his guardians smiling from the expectation of her death. Anger rolling out of him in waves of black. “I am playing games with the Great Tomb of Nazarick.”
Amelie knew she had chosen the wrong words, so she quickly bowed her head. “I mean no disrespect. To correct my statement, I mean to say everyone is part of some game. Metaphysically speaking, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama. The one in front of you is an ambitious challenge that no one in this world has been capable of playing yet. You are capable of changing that. My entire life I’ve dreamed of conquest. I set up all the right pieces, but then you arrived. Now it is my turn to be a piece again.” The anger subsided. The Guardians all looking at each other confused. They couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t killed her yet.
Ainz turned to Demigure. “You would never allow her in here unless you thought there was something we could take. A use of some sort.” Shalltear started to giggle. She was waiting for someone to screw up. “Shalltear.” Ainz said. She knelt quickly and shut up. “I apologize Ainz-sama.” Albedo turned to the rest of the Guardians. “The reason she is still alive is because she outsmarted Demigure in a game. The winning bet was to be allowed to come here.”
Ainz’s undead skill activated, forcing him to calm down. “Is this true, Demigure?” He nodded, but said nothing. “There has never been a human member of Nazarick.” Ainz said.  Amelie knelt down in front of him. “I am willing to put my tiny life on the line.” Ainz seemed to be smiling. Everyone confused by the ups and downs this moment was taking. “Oh. How do you intend to make that worth something to me?” Amelie looked up at him. “The only skill I have to offer is my intelligence. It is symbolic of my life. I wish to prove my worth by explaining my comprehension of your actions and plans.” 
He nodded his head and gestured for her to go on. “I shall begin at the attack of Carne Village. As everyone here knows, it was not a conflict with the Empire, but with the Slane Theocracy. It was a way for them to deal with the Re-Estize Kingdom, by finally assassinating Gazeff. Based on the events of how Ainz was introduced to the villagers it would be safe to say you saw the villagers and weren’t going to go into action. You were either new to the world’s developed nations or had just woken up from a long slumber. If that was the case then you were most likely a demi-human or a very old and powerful mage. You didn’t ask for compensation right away, meaning the possibility of you being a mage was unlikely. The mask simply confirming you were a demi-human. The majority of Demi-humans either hate or do not care about human lives. The village must of had something you wanted. However, as an undeveloped resourceless border village there would be nothing of value. Unless of course, you were after name recognition. But if that was only the case there was so many better, showier ways to achieve it. Instead, you did things calmly and understated. The goal was an introduction. Not only have you just woken to this world, but you lack information. Carne village is just a bait town gained on friendly terms.”
The Guardians, minus Demigure and Albedo, looked at her in shock. They had not begun to worry about thinking through Ainz’s thought process yet, and here was a human who in two days knew exactly what had happened. “That is a simple enough deduction, Amelie. How is this a worthy enough skill.” Ainz said to the room. The Guardians around him calming down. Demigure just narrowed his eyes. She shook her head no. “It is not. I only repeated such things in order to explain why I was able to even play a game with Demigure-sama. I believe what is of worth is my deduction about the steps you will take after this.” Ainz’s undead skills activated again. Who was this girl? “Stop wasting time.”
Amelie bowed her head and continued. “It is my assumption that the foothold was taken in order to gain information for conquering territory. Most humans start small, village to countryside, to large city, to capital to country. Demi-humans go with all out war from the start or renegade attacks. Neither seem to be something that would require protecting and strengthening Carne. When you awoke you either saw the new world as beautiful or ugly. In either case you would want to claim it. Carne is the foot hold for you establishing the Great Tomb of Nazarick as an independent nation. A small plot of land like this wouldn’t be enough. Adding Carne wouldn’t also help. The closest country is the Kingdom. A messy, disorganized country about to collapse from both external and internal pressure. However, as soon as you start gathering information you will find a very useful pawn in Princess Renner. Stopping at the Kingdom cannot work though. As a collection of Demi-humans you’d escalate tension with the Slane Theocracy and their ally the Empire. Of course, you have the ability to confront them head on, but a blood bath like that would give you a country of ruin and misery. Other countries would invade and you would have to conquer the continent. Impossible for most, but for you, I believe it is more a troublesome thing. Not that it would matter. Your goal from the beginning must be to conquer the continent. For what purpose, I don’t personally care to think about. You will start most likely by establishing an adventurer or warrior to gain fame in the Kingdom. From there you create internal conflict and divide the politicians further and have them collapse inward. Spies in the Empire will be created so that you can make sure they are weak by the time the Kingdom collapses and that they will automatically fall in line. Your biggest opponent will be the Slane Theocracy. Based on the display by the Guardians by what I’ve seen I’d say Demigure-sama and Albedo-sama are the most intelligent of the group. They would be in charge of operations and details. The others I believe have more specific roles.”
White mist seeped out of Cocytus. Shalltear looked like she was about to rip her to shreds. Aura started shouting- with Mare hiding behind her. Albedo looked at Ainz. He seemed lost in thought. “For a human, I admit I am impressed you got this far from one incident with a village.” Amelie bowed her head to the ground. “It is not much, but the only skill I have ever had was the ability to understand people. If I can put that to use then I haven’t wasted the eighty years I was given. I believe I can be of use, but if you don’t see that then kill me. My only request is to spare my family from what you bring next.” 
Ainz’s hand disappeared into a black hole in the air. He pulled out a small wooden box and opened it. Inside was a black pill and a white pill. “Do you know what this is?” Everyone in the room shook their head no, except Demigure and Albedo. “Those are a Fallen Angel and an Angel pill. It changes one’s race, Ainz-sama.” Demigure said. He nodded and lowered the box in front of Amelie. “Choose one.” She looked up at him in shock. “I couldn’t…. I am not worthy of being more then..” Albedo slapped her on the cheek. “You have no right to refuse a merciful gift from Ainz-sama.” Amelie quickly reached out for the black pill. “I choose the Fallen one. I have no right to claim the Angel.”
He closed the box and put it back into the black hole. “I have decided to accept Amelie into Nazarick. However, she cannot enter the Tomb as a human. If she risks her life to see if the pill will work then Nazarick will accept her pledge.” Shalltear stepped forward. “Ainz-sama! How can you let someone like her in.” Cocytus stepped forward. “My lord, even I don’t understand why you would accept a weak human.” Albedo turned around and glared at them. “How dare you guys questions our Supreme Leader.” 
Amelie stood and handed the pill to Demigure. “May I request one thing, Ainz-sama.” He nodded at her. She turned and bowed to Albedo. “Thank you Albedo-sama for defending Ainz-sama’s wisdom in choosing me. However, I believe as a member of his Guardians it is only right to question allowing me to live. I wish to wait to take this pill until I prove myself to all of you. Demigure-sama shall hold on to the pill until I have passed my tests.” Albedo smiled creepily at the girl. “May these be any tests we like?” Amelie nodded her head immediately in agreement. Albedo’s wings flapped happily. “You will receive my acknowledgement as the head of the Guardians if you can withstand one attack from me and not die.”
Amelie turned to the other Guardians. “What are your requests? I believe Albedo’s may have to go last.” Shalltear stepped forward. “I believe she must be searched by Neuronist first to prove her intentions.” Cocytus stepped forward. “Since she must already prove her abilities by Albedo’s lance then I will request her to face Kyouhukou. She must prove she has the will to serve.” Aura just turned her head. Mare stepped forward. “We will go with what Momonga-sama says.” Albedo turned to Demigure. “I will give her the pill if she proves useful.” Amelie turned to Ainz. “I accept all of their requests.” 
He lifted the staff of Ainz Ooal Gown and they found themselves in Neuronist’s room. Neuronist Painkiller turned around excited to see them. “My Lord, Ainz-sama! Is there something I could do for you!” Amelie could tell that he was as best an undead could feel uncomfortable. She walked forward and stuck out her hand. “Hello, Neuronist. My name is Amelie Moreau. We will be working together soon.” One of Neuronist’s tentacles wrapped around her hand as she bent down to look at her. “Surely, Ainz-sama wants me for something else then meeting this ugly human. You are quite ugly.” 
Shalltear and Aura started to chuckle. “I suppose I am. Beauty is different for everyone. I am sure many here in the room find you the more beautiful.” Amelie said smoothly. Neuronist twirled around in happiness. “Oh I do hope you are not lying. If not I may actually not want to kill you. No one else wants to talk about my beauty.” All the female guardians seemed to look disgusted. Ainz coughing into his hand to gather the attention back on him. “I need you to confirm that she is loyal to Nazarick.” Neuronist twirled around again. “That would be a simple enough request from my cool and merciful master. But she is such a lovely girl. It seems I do not want to hurt her so much.”
Amelie walked over to the wall and allowed Demigure and Albedo to strap her into the metal bindings. “I am not asking you to hurt or kill her, Neuronist. I just need to confirm her agenda.” The Brain Eater approached the girl. “Before I start, do you really think I’m beautiful?” Amelie did her best to smile. “Of course. Only Ainz-sama is qualified to measure true beauty and he seems amused around you.” The torturer turned back around to blow a kiss at Ainz, before she started to wriggle through Amelie’s brain. Albedo and Shalltear had both leaned forward waiting to hear screams. When none came they seemed disappointed. Aura loudly cursing in the room.
Neuronist turned around after a few minutes. “Isn’t it wonderful. She really does think I’m beautiful.” The Guardians groaned. “Neuronist, is Amelie telling the truth on why she entered the Tomb.” The tentacle monster nodded her head yes. “Oh she is. What an honest ugly girl. And interesting! Did you know that she figured all of that out after one conversation. So talented for an insignificant creature. And she thinks I’m beautiful.” Ainz pointed to Amelie and Demure let her out of the metal bindings. He raised the staff again.
They arrived in a room full of swarming cockroaches. A giant cockroach in a cape and crown stood delighted to see them. “Ainz-sama! What do I owe the pleasure of meeting all of you here to?” Cocytus stepped forward. “Friend, I need you to test this human’s will. She wishes to serve the Tomb of Nazarick.” Kyouhukou looked down at the tiny human girl. He hadn’t noticed she was there. His subjects however, had noticed she was there. They were very excited about it. “I am worried my subjects may eat her.”
Ainz sighed. All of this was becoming a bigger hassle then it was worth. He should of just killed her. However, she was the only one who seemed to have a chance at understanding the human side to him. “Don’t kill her. Only a small test will do.” The giant cockroach nodded. He pointed his scepter and his subjects swarmed up from her legs all around her. Amelie fought the urge to swat them off and scream. She hated bugs. She was allergic to them. Cockroaches were the worst. The Guardians watched her stand there for ten minutes. The cockroaches biting at the flesh.
“Enough. I’m bored of wasting time.” Ainz said wearily. Kyouhukou raised his scepter and the cockroaches scuttled away. Amelie fell down on to all fours and puked. Red rash marks and swelling spread all over her body. When she was done she stood up, wiped her mouth and bowed towards Ainz and the Guardians. “I apologize for my rude display. It seems I have allergies I was unaware of.” The Guardians looked away in disgust. Albedo’s rage could be seen by everyone. 
Ainz waved the thought away and they all appeared back in the throne room again. “Albedo, be fair when you attack her.” He said. Her anger subsided and she bowed to him. “Of course, Ainz-sama.” Her lance appeared in her hands. Albedo turned around to face Amelie, smiling creepily again. “Please receive my lance well. Ainz-sama has gone out of his way for you.” She threw the lance.
Amelie knew it was going to be bad. She expected pain. Compared to how horrible Neuronist and Kyouhukou were it was even worse. Albedo threw fear at someone not a lance. If you’ve ever felt the worst fear then maybe you could imagine the pain of the lance. How it skewered her and spread black into her veins. That very blackness then becoming something that burned her from the inside. Burned her until her entire skin was char.
“What a waste of time.” Shalltear said turning around. White mist turned around as Cocytus followed her towards the door. Aura shook her head in disappointment and her brother Mare looked up at Ainz. Albedo’s smile disappeared as she turned to bow at Ainz again. “I apologize Ainz-sama. I thought this would be tempered enough for a servant of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.” He sighed. “What a waste. Demigure, the pill.” Demure walked towards Ainz to hand him the pill when the room heard a breath. 
Everyone’s heads snapped back towards the charred girl. “That can’t be.” Albedo said in shock. Ainz’s undead skill activated again. Who was this girl? How was she alive? “Demigure.” The demon walked quickly over to the girl and bent down. “She is breathing.” Ainz turned to the throne of Ainz Ooal Gown and smiled. “For the Glory Of Nazarick.” Demigure and the other guardians crossed their fists over their hearts. “For the Glory of Nazarick.” The demon picked up the charred girl and carried her out of the room. Shalltear gliding over to Albedo. “I guess you are going to have to hope she won’t survive the race change.”
Albedo and Shalltear began to fight. Ainz looking at them and laughing. Mare looked up at him. “Why are you laughing Momonga-sama?” His skeleton hand patted the young dark elf boy on the head. “You will understand when you are older.”


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