Pokemon : A New Adventure #1

All her life Yuki went to school. She would watch the neighborhood kids leave one by one to go on adventures. However, she was not allowed to go. This was because she was a Karasu. The Karasu’s owned the organization that ran Yashinoki Gym and Contest System. That meant, Yuki had to go to school. She had to be a good successor. None of which, she wanted to do. Yuki and her Blaziken dreamed of conquering the systems her family ran. This had to be done with their own strength.

Every day her and her Blaziken trained towards this. Her father to appease her gifted her Pokemon. Soon she had a team of Pokemon. All of them anxious to go out and prove themselves. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, her father decided to throw a party. This was the night he would announce her arranged marriage partner. Yuki had sinking suspicion that her partner was Kasai Palm. A Pokemon Professor’s son she had gone to school with.

This was not something, Yuki could tolerate. It was time for her to strike away from her parents. She came up with a plan. On the night of the party, she would shock them all.

[Yuki] Dad.

*She knocks on the door to her father’s office. A deep voice says come in. Her Blaziken and her walk in.*

[Mr. Karasu] The dress looks pretty on you.

*Yuki looks down at her dress. She was very short and under developed for her age. Little girl dresses still fit her. Her mom found this amusing. She would often find her room filled with princess dresses.*

[Houndoom] grrggh.

*Mr. Karasu looked down at his cherished Houndoom, Harper.*

[Mr. Karasu] I suppose it is time to go.

*Yuki took her father’s hand and they walked out of the office, followed by Hounddoom and Blaziken.*

[Yuki] You are really going to make me marry him.

*Her father sighed. He seemed more tired lately.*

[Mr. Karasu] You know I grew up with Professor Palm. They are a nice family.

*Yuki looked a head at the floor.*

[Yuki] It is supposed to be my choice.

*Mr. Karasu squeezed her hand and stopped at the door.*

[Mr. Karasu] When I open these doors, you will be smiling.

*Yuki nodded and watched her father push open the doors. The room was crowded with businessmen and families. They walked down a black carpet towards a stage. Her father let go of her hand by the podium on it and smiled at the crowd. She stood waiting by his side.*

[Mr. Karasu] Dear honored guests. I am glad to have you here for the celebration of my daughter’s birthday. As well as for the announcement of her marriage.

*Cheers went up in the crowd. She saw a smug boy smiling in the crowd.*

[Mr. Karasu] Before anything else, I would like to bring the fine man who will be marrying my daughter onto this stage. Please congratulate the current Pokemon Champion for Yashinoki, Kasai Palm.

*Everyone burst out clapping again. A young man, fixed his suit jacket and then confidently walked up the steps. When he got to Mr. Karasu he shook his hand. Then he walked over to Yuki and put his arm around her. She was forced to grin and bear it. He leaned down and whispered into her ear.*

[Kasai] Don’t look so glum, Yuki. I’m the one getting the worse end of the stick.

*Yuki smiled and walked towards her father. He looked surprised. She pointed at the foot stool by the Podium that was for her. He moved to the side and let her step on. A worried look on his face. Yuki bowed her head to the crowd.*

[Yuki] Dear honored guests. As a member of the Karasu family I believe it is only possible to marry a trainer who can beat me in a Pokemon contest. As Kasai is a champion he shall not have a problem beating me. For your entertainment allow us to have a 6 on 6 Pokemon battle. When he wins, I will officially announce my marriage to him.

*The crowd looked at each other in amazement. They were going to see the Pokemon Champion battle! They shouted Yuki’s name. She turned and smiled to her father, who had his hand on Harper in worry. When he saw the excited crowd he was forced to nod his head yes. Yuki stepped off the podium and bowed to the crowd and then curtsied to Kasai. He backed to the other end of the stage.*

[Kasai] I welcome a chance to make you mine.

*The crowd burst out laughing. Kasai threw his poke balls out. His favorite Pokemon stood in the center. It was his Feraligatr, Felix. Behind him was his Umbreon, Dragonite, Charizard, Abomasnow and Gengar. The crowd started cheering his name. A few kids pointing at Felix. He smiled and waved at them. His Pokemon taking turns bowing. Yuki fought the urge to make a face.*

[Yuki] Blaziken, call our friends.

*Blaziken nodded and jumped from the stage. As he fell he twirled around in fire stunning the crowd. When he landed he looked to his right an ice rose was forming from there around him. The crowd watched a Glaceon slide down, twirling over Blaziken and landing besides him. Blaziken looked to his left and a Pangoro was flying towards the ice like a superhero. He punched the ice and it shattered into sparkles in the crowd. A Gardevoir appearing behind him as they both floated down. The crowd looked up before Blaziken did, as Salamance’s roar had them gasping at her Lucario. Lucario walked to the edge of Salamance’s tail and jumped off, being caught by Gardevoir’s rainbow lights. The crowd in awe as he landed behind Glaceon. Salamance hovering above them. The room was filled with cries of joy and Yuki and her Pokemon bowed. Kasai and her father both looking irritated. Her Pokemon came up to the stage to stand behind her.*

[Kasai] I must admit, my fiancee puts on quite a show. However, I must show her how to battle.

*The little kids in the audience nodded their head in enthusiasm. Yuki gestured at him to go first.*

[Kasai] Umbreon. Show her how scary the night can be.

*The girls in the crowd swooned at his catchphrase. Yuki was unimpressed. His Umbreon left forward. Without saying a word, Gardevoir floated forward. Yuki turned to the crowd.*

[Yuki] I think she has a crush.

*They burst out laughing.*

[Kasai] Just like you, babe.

*Yuki rolled her eyes. Her father stepped forward. Harper let loose a flamethrower and He shouted.*

[Mr. Karasu] Begin!

[Kasai] Umbreon use Mean Look.

*Yuki’s Gardevoir used Protect. Before Umbreon could retaliate, Gardevoir used Hyper voice. *

[Kasai] Umbreon use Payback.

*Gardevoir let out a cry. Yuki glared at Kasai.*

[Yuki] Gardevoir?

*Gardevoir nodded and used fairy wind. Umbreon was picked up off the ground and twirled in a tornado of pink wind. *

[Kasai] Umbreon!

*Gardevoir used Hyper Voice one more time. Umbreon fell, knocked out.*

[Yuki] Stop going easy on me Kasai.

*The crowd seemed to like that answer and started to cheer his name. He gritted his teeth.*

[Kasai] Umbreon, return. Gengar.

*Gengar sauntered forward. Gardevoir floated back.*

[Yuki] Libeartas. Smash him.

*Yuki’s Pangoro sauntered forward. The crowd intimidated by the small girl’s rather large Pokemon.*

[Kasai] You brought out a fighting type to deal with him?

*She nodded.*

[Kasai] It’s your loss. Gengar Shadow Ball.

[Yuki] Libeartas, Ice punch.

*Gengar launched the Shadow Ball at Pagoro, who punched through it creating shining dust all around the two. The audience awed.*

[Yuki] Now, Gunk shot!

*Pangoro dashed forward, releasing gunk shot after gunk shot. Gengar dodging constantly.*

[Kasai] Hurry and use Taunt!

[Yuki] Pangoro, push through.

*Yuki’s Pangoro landed an Ice punch into Gengar’s face. Grabbing him before he could runaway.*

[Yuki] Finish it.

*Pangoro used Knock-off. Which is super effective! Gengar faints and Pangoro carries him back to Kasai, before returning to Yuki. Her Dad looked at the excited crowd.  Yuki was 2:0 with the Pokemon Champion. Kasai looked like he was getting angry.*

[Kasai] Let’s make this the deciding round.

*Yuki nodded*

[Kasai] Felix, rip them to shreds.

*His Ferligatr walked forward. He looked angrier then his Pokemon Trainer.*

[Yuki] Blaze. Light him up.

*Yuki’s Blaziken walked forward. Kasai burst out laughing.*

[Kasai] Yuki, I said this was the deciding one.

*Yuki nodded and her Blaziken jumped forward, hitting Ferligatr with Low Kick. Kasai looked at her and for the first time her realized she was serious about not marrying him. That threw him for a loop.*

[Yuki] Blaziken Stone Edge, then Flare Blitz.

*As Kasai took the moment to think he had given up the match. Stone edge sent Ferligatr into the air and Flare Blitz, while not effective occupied Ferligatr. As Kasai shouted at him to block with Waterfall, Blaziken used Thunder punch. The waterfall enhancing the shock. Ferligatr fell down, but not out for the count.*

[Kasai] Felix!

*Felix turned to look at Kasai and nodded. Kasai took a deep breath and returned his thoughts to this match,*

[Kasai] Felix, Waterfall!

*Large amounts of water rained down towards Blaziken. Blaziken used Stone Edge to leap out of the way.*

[Kasai] Crunch!

*Felix began to destroy the pillars with his Jaw. Blaziken looked back at Yuki. She nodded at him. Blaziken jumped off the pillar straight at Felix. Felix’s crunch was aimed straight at Blaziken. Felix’s jaw locked Blaziken’s arm and Yuki smiled.*

[Yuki] Thunder punch.

*Kasai’s eyes lit up with understanding. Blazekin’s fist was in Felix’s mouth. The ferligatr’s body lit up like christmas time. He fainted immediately. Blaziken, bowing to Kasai, before retuning to Yuki. The Audience and her father were quiet. She walked to the front of the stage and bowed.*

[Yuki] Before I say anything else, let me just say this. Kasai was nice enough to agree to my plan before hand, in order to let me win. As a member of the Karasu family I know it is my job to serve the public. However, I am not skilled enough to do that. I ask all of you to allow me to go gain the knowledge out in the world, so I may come back and serve you all better.

*The crowd erupted in cheers. Some for Kasai for being nice enough to help a girl defy her father, others for the Pokemon and quite a few for her. She turned to her father and bowed.*

[Yuki] I promise I shall return. Allow me to go find the knowledge I need.

*Her father walked up to her and squeezed her shoulder. She stood up straight. There were tears in his eyes.*

[Mr. Karasu] I did not know you knew how to battle like that.

*Yuki smiled.*

[Yuki] I used to watch you practice with Harper.

*He smiled sadly.*

[Mr. Karasu] You can go.

*The crowd erupted with cheers. Yuki’s Lucario walked over with a backpack. Mr. Karasu eyes lit up with surprise.*

[Mr. Karasu] You are leaving now.

*Yuki hugged her father.*

[Yuki] I’ve waited long enough.

*She turned to Kasai and bowed.*

[Yuki] Thank you for the help Pokemon Champion.

*Kasai ground his teeth in frustration but nodded. He had been the one to underestimate her. She turned back to hug her father one more time. Yuki even bent down and gave Hounddoom a kiss.*

[Yuki] I’ll see you soon Dad.

*He nodded and she jumped off the stage, ran through the crowd and out into the street. Her Pokemon happily trailing behind her.*


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