[ Day 13 ]

During our hunting in the forest we ran across some goblin tracks. They were too dragged out to be from any well fed goblin.

[ Should we go get dad? ]

I sighed at Edward.

[ Where’s your sense of adventure, Ed?]

I couldn’t help but look at Adrien pleasantly surprised. He looked away embarrassed.

[ I’m just saying it would be boring if we did that. ]

I smiled awkwardly and lead the way towards the path the footsteps were taking.

[ Come on. ]

We walked until we found one of the old caverns that used to be occupied by one of the groups that followed father. Inside we could hear a small collection of voices. It wasn’t hard to sneak in the darkness towards the tiny torch light. I also had the best vision.

[ 12 Goblins. ]

Adrien shook his head no.

[ 13, ones around the corner. ]

Tch. Adrien being a plant was unfair in situations like this. Edward tugged my sleeve.

[ Shouldn’t we go back? Dad’s probably keeping them alive for some sort of training? ]

Well, he could think when he wanted to. I couldn’t help but smile in the darkness though.

[ It’s there fault for being late. These intruders are now our prey. ]

Adrien smiled and pulled out his whip. Edward sighed and loosed the clasp that held his sword on his waist and I let loose one of the daggers that was given to me straight at one of the Goblin’s heads. The three of us could hear their yelling and confusion. Not that it matters. Adrien flashed his whip and Goblins fell on to the ground one by one. Something similar to thorns burying themselves into their skins as they were dragged. That poor 13 being pulled back towards his camp so he couldn’t flee. Edward, being much sweeter than us, quickly cut their throats. The God of Mercy should of blessed him instead. However, I think I had the most fun. I got to take my time and really analyze a lot of different sorts of data. By the time we left the cave I could see Dad and some others clapping their hands in congratulations. Dammit, the practice was meant for us in the first place. I couldn’t help but shake in anger as father washed the blood off of us.

[ Good job. ]

I turned my head on him and stormed off. There was a Spider Variant spotted in the forest a few days ago. I needed to finish that off and reach level one hundred. Maybe the damn Argiope Variant would make those ‘secret’ (spied on by father) night training sessions worth it.


Bottom Feeder – Parkway Drive

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