[ Day 14 ]

It seems I had chosen my Rank Up in my sleep. Perhaps, I just screwed myself with a bad decision. I had Ranked Up over night into a True Vampire Variant. While, similar enough as a species to mom I could tell I was weaker than her. Perhaps, because I started my evolution at a higher rank up for a base level my rank ups were not proportional to how hers worked. I was also still a midget and a child. The only difference was when the light hit besides pale rainbow light bouncing off the skin, tattoos of the same shades could be seen outlining parts of my body. The Demigod of Bows also seemed to have given me its blessing.

Level has met minimum specified value

Special conditions fulfilled << Defiant Will >> << Resist Fate Plundering >> unlocked

Story of the Starfall Hellion Empress has been unlocked

I have a feeling this is important…. I also think it isn’t something I can do anything about now. Minimum specified value meant I barely scratched the surface. I wasn’t actually there yet.

[ Oh well. ]

I got out of bed and left my room. My father and mom were standing there excited staring at me. Mom ran and hugged me.

[ You ranked up so soon! Just like your dad! ]


[ Good job. ]

I did my best to withstand his head pat. The two ushered me to the cafeteria where everyone was already waiting. A congratulations brunch was prepared somehow. One of the twins walked up to me and smiled.

[ Ovarou went out early this morning to get Dragon meat for celebration. ]

I immediately looked over at what was left of the corpse. My eyes scanning the barely remaining data. There was only { Dragon Blood } left. I would have to settle. He could of woken me up earlier.

[ Thanks everyone. ]

I let myself be lead to the seat of honor, doing my best to handle the cheers and stories of my father.

[ Ai, there’s another surprise for you. ]

I looked from my mother to my father. He was holding out a backpack. The damn asshole was even taking my announcement away from me! I stood up and took the bag.

[ I will use it for presents for mom. ]

He faked a wince. Everyone else seemed confused. Before he could take the words from my mouth I cut in.

[ Everyone, thanks for everything, but I’m leaving. ]

Noises of shock filled the room.

[ I want to become stronger and beat Ovarou. If I stay here there’s no way that will happen, so I am going to go train for a bit. ]

They hadn’t seemed to calm down at all. I fixed the backpack on my back. It seems all the stuff I had already prepared was in it already. I really disliked my father. I waved them goodbye.

[ It seems like now is a good time to leave. ]

I started to run towards the exit. If I didn’t leave now I would be caught in a bigger commotion.


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