Ozpin’s Daughter :

Beacon Academy has faced one of its largest setbacks. It’s been destroyed.  A wave of Grimm has made their way onto the battlefield of light versus dark. Friends and allies have been lost. Spirits have been crushed. The strongest Beacon students are scattered. Ozpin’s cause seems to be losing. Can Beacon pick up the pieces?

“Come in.” said Ozpin. The door to his office opened. A young white haired girl entered the room. The bird on her shoulder caw-ing. “Ozpin.” She said. He stood up from his desk. “Yuki. I need you to do something for me.” She nodded immediately. Ozpin looked at her guilty. Yuki could tell he was going to ask her to do something she dislikes.

She watched him pull up pictures of this years students. There were so many less then last year. Not that having less students bothered her. However, it did bother Ozpin. He pointed to the kids. “There’s not enough this year.” She could see that. “I want you to join the students.” She shook her head no. “You said I wouldn’t have too.”

He pulled up the portraits of five students. “All these kids have tragic backstories. They use it as motivation for change. The don’t define themselves by it. It’s time to step out of the shadows.” Yuki’s crow turned to face the door. He started Caw-ing again. The door opened and in walked Qrow and Glynda. This was a set up. “The little lady here is joining this years students.” laughed Qrow. He took a swig of from his flask.

Ice seeped out from her. The ground around her feet freezing. The two instructors looked at the girl. She clearly was not very happy about this. Qrow laughed. “The initiation test starts soon. Glynda, take Yuki to the rest of the students.” Ozpin said. Great. She even had to do nonsense like this.

He turned to Yuki. “You have to be perceived as just another student. Go pass the test.” She nodded and followed Glynda Goodwitch out of the room. Qrow leaned against Ozpin’s desk, taking a loud gulp of liquor. “She’s going to be a wild card. Maybe you should of left her in the Snow.” Ozpin sat back in his new desk. “What have you found out about Ruby?”

Glynda Goodwitch is walking Yuki towards a group of students. Each student is standing on top of a square stone. None of them aware they are about to be launched into the air. Yuki takes in all of their appearances. This was an odd bunch even for Vale.

“Students, this is Yuki Karasu. She arrived late due to family matters.” All of them started complaining. It wasn’t fair. She ignored them and took her place in line. “Now that everyone is here we can begin your entrance exam. You all will have 24 hours to retrieve hidden relics within Emerald Forest and bring them back to this cliff. Your partners will be the first person you make eye contact with. That person will stay with you throughout your four years at Beacon. Any questions?” A bunch of hands shot up. Glynda ignored them all. She called the first name.

“Coral Coast. You are up first.” A small girl with braided orange hair shifted into launching position. “After Coral Coast has launched the rest of you will follow.” She flashed aa thumbs up and was launched into the air. Everyone heard her screams, but no one had the chance to watch her. They were too busy being launched one by one after her. Yuki noticing she was placed last. When her launch pad didn’t go off she looked at Glynda confused. “Don’t show off.” She told her. Yuki smiled. Her crow flew off of her shoulder and she was launched into the air, pushing off herself to gain momentum.

Yuki felt like she was flying. In the air she could see were everyone was landing. The girl Coral had a staff that turned into a glider. The boy with dark hair had spider lances that latched on to a tree and dragged him down. His pink haired sister had a bow that shot off a hook. It latched into a cliff wall and she swung happily around the forest. Yuki’s boots fired dust, spinning her body towards a tree branch, she grabbed the branch. After a few times spinning around she landed on her toes.

She had seen this stupid test for what felt like a thousand times. Ozpin, always got his way. There was no point in fighting anything. She dropped from the tree and casually started through the forest.  After a few minutes Yuki heard a roar. A Beowolf was cornering two students. It was the pink haired girl and the dude in the long coat. She decided to sit and watch.

The young girl’s bow turned into a microphone. She started to sing. The Grimm became frozen in place. Yuki looked on at the scene in shock. She didn’t know their was a semblance like that. The long coat guy pulled out a perfume bottle, spraying dust into the air. The bottle then turned into a fan. He directed the dust around the Grimm and it became frozen. The girl’s microphone turning back into a bow. They high fived.

“Enjoying the show?” said a voice behind her. Yuki jumped, hitting her head on the tree branch above her. She fell forward, landing on all fours in front of the other two students. The girl looked excited. “Nash!” Yuki sat up and turned around to see her brother laughing behind her. “I can’t believe you fell out of the tree.” She got up and dusted herself off. “Shut up.” He continued to laugh at her.

The boy in the coat sighed. “Your brother has a partner now. Can we go get the relic?” Nash frowned at his sister. “I told you not to wait for me.” When the girl giggles, Yuki thought she could hear bells. “With your anti-social behavior who knew. Luckily, you found another.” First she was paired with the sister complex guy, now she was being insulted by his sister. “Excuse me, twin tails.” The girl turned to her looking genuinely surprised. “What am I wrong? You watched us fight.” Yuki’s face turned a bright scarlet.

Before she could respond the long coat fellow pointed to the other side of the clearing. Smoke was heading towards them. “That’s the temple’s direction.” They all took off running. When they hit the smoke all four of them started coughing. The long coat and Yuki both releasing their wind dust. Yuki’s Crow using his wings to direct the wind. The making a bigger impact with his fan directed wind. The four saw the eight other kids panicking. Some were knocked on the ground and others engaging with a Deathstalker and an Ursa.

The man with the coat started to head towards the temple. The twin tailed girl running after him. “Get our relic as well, Sebille!” The girl gave a thumbs up. He turned to Yuki. “Do you want to tag team or take one?” She looked at the mess. There were too many people knocked out by the Death Stalker for her liking. “I’ll take the Ursa.” She ran towards it, Nash cursing for getting the harder job.

Coral Coast was standing in front of the Ursa. Besides her was a faunus male with a large claw weapon. She directed her Crow to fly ahead. Coral was getting pushed back by he Ursa’s claws. The Faunus boy’s claw was stuck in the Ursa’s arm. She whistled to her Crow. The bird flew back to drop a dust vial into her hands. It was a water vial. She quickly put the vial into one of her boots. The other one was already filled to the brim with air dust vials. She pushed off that foot and shot forward. When she got close to the Ursa she kicked upwards, ice shooting up as spikes.

The Ursa roared, going up on its hind legs. Crow diving with his talons to towards the Grimm’s face. The second it was distracted she fired the air dust to gain momentum as she jumped and turned into the air. Ice spiraling out around her like a spiky flower. The air dust fired again. She came out of the spiral, front kicking an ice spear straight through the Ursa. Yuki landing back on her feet, crouching, as it began to fade away.

A roar behind her made her turn around. Nash was cut and bleeding. Coral Coast was holding the Faunus boy, who had stupidly tried to help him once he was free from the Ursa. She could see him holding a long sword and a short sword. They were glowing with green lines. The cut on his face from the Death Stalkers poison barb. It was cut off and lodged in its own tail. The Death Stalker could no longer do any real damage. A shot came from behind them. Nash’s sister Sebille had fired her bow to finish off the Death Stalker. It began to fade away.

“I chose the diamond card suit. Here you go.” She said as she tossed her two cards. The first was the King of Diamonds. The second was the red joker. She must of chosen not to pick up the Ace. They watched Coral Coast wake everyone up. “Thank you.” Yuki said to the girl. Sebille, just waved her away. What she couldn’t wave away was the collapsing temple or the sudden reemergence of smoke coming out from it. Yuki glared at her. “What did you do!” She looked at her innocently. “There were Grimm in there too.” As the smoke started to reach them, the four of them ran back towards the cliff. All four of the not turning to look back at the other teams.

After they reached halfway across the forest, Nash turned to Yuki annoyed. “Stop tripping.” Her face got red again. She couldn’t help it. Her physical abilities always altered. Sebille, cracked up laughing. “You should carry her.” No one had the chance to respond as a large black shadow suddenly appeared around them. After long coat pointed up, they were shocked to see a Nevermore heading in their direction. Yuki wanted to curse. Instead she grabbed onto long coat and Sebille and fired her boots. Round after round kept them gliding forward quickly through the forest. Nash complaining about not being held, as he ran to catch up.

They ran all the way to the ruins, but still the Nevermore followed them. The bridge connecting the forest and the ruins was gone. They had no where to go. Yuki turned to the long coat. “Coat, get those two across to the pillars.” He nodded and created a tornado. The girl instead of hoping in attached the bow to her back, it shifted into a pair of lime green and grey wings. She winked and jumped off the ground. Her brother moping as the tornado carried long coat and him across. The Nevermore was almost on them. She backed up a few steps and ran forward, firing her boots. It launched her into the air. At halfway across she fired the water dust, kicking sideways and downwards. Ice forming a ramp that connected to a pillar. She slid down it.

The others looked at her shocked. Yuki shrugged. The Nevermore screeched. All of them turning their heads to see it flying above the gate that marked the start of the ruins. She had an idea, that could just work. She pulled them all down and whispered in a huddle. Nash cracking up laughing. “Only you would think of such a stupid plan.” His sister agreeing. Long coat already propelling himself on top of the largest pillar.

Sebille floated upwards. Her brother using his talons to climb up the pillar. Yuki’s crow perched on top of the pilar behind them. She waited on the ground. When the Nevermore got close, part of the wing became a mic. Sebille, started singing.

Moments that seem like they can change both me

And even the world are always right next to me…

Sebille’s voice wasn’t yet loud enough to reach the Grimm. Long coat sprayed his air dust and used his fan to direct the air to shape a long tunnel.The tunnel carried Sebille’s voice across the chasm.

Gazing at the irritation I can’t hide and myself as I stand stock still

The Nevermore froze. He stayed silent in the air, like someone had pressed his off switch. Sebille smiled. Confidence returning to her voice.

Despite my hesitation, despite my worries, despite my regrets, I should decide

With one word you’ve given me, my bewilderment vanishes

Light shone in my once empty room

Her brother’s spider legs detach from his back, shifting into the two swords.

The sky I gazed up at is so blue and serene

I decided to open up a window that was shut

Moments that seem like they can change both me

And even the world are always right next to me…

Her brother jumps off the ledge. A front kick of wind from Yuki, giving him a sudden height boost. He makes it onto the Nevermore’s back, plunging his swords in. The Nevermore begins to snap back into focus. Sebille sang louder.

Searching for answers that must be in the unfulfillable everyday

If I turn around towards the lonesome, gentle voice in the sunlight

You unexpectedly smile in the midst of brilliant sunlight

I’m about to open up a window that was shut

An existence that seems like it can change both me

And even the world is right in front of my eyes…

As soon as The Nevermore steadied he flashed a thumbs up. Yuki pushed off the ground, firing dust from both boots. A large stream of water shot up from the ground. When it got close to the Nevermore it hit the air tunnel and moved around the the column. She focused on freezing, the water becoming a cage.

The sky I gazed up at is so blue and serene

I decided to open up a window that was shut

Right now, I sense here a moment that seems

Like it can change me and even the world…

Spread both your hands towards the light…

Sebille’s song began to end. She landed on top of the cage and reached her hand down for Nash. He grabbed it and climbed out of it. She grabbed his hand and she shot forward onto the pillar long coat was on.  He changed the wind to form a tornado around the three of us, floating up towards the top of the cliff. Sebille’s voice faded, the last lines of the song like a whisper.

A fragrant wind the color of the sky blows through my heart

The Nevermore snapped back into focus. It shot off quills in all directions, trying to break the ice cage. From the cliff long coat shot off air towards Sebille. A tip from her brother spider legs launching forward, through the air column, and wrapping around his sisters arm. He pulled her quickly towards them. As soon as she landed on the cliff, all four of them took of running.

Later that afternoon, Ozpin was standing on stage. Glynda Goodwitch and Qrow standing behind him. He was announcing names and teams. “Coral Coast, Halo Goldring, Russet Hound, Imari Onyx,  all chose the clover set of royalty. You will be team CHRI (Cherry), led by Coral Coast. Sebille Greywood, Nash Greywood, Damm Frostgiant and Yuki Karasu. You three all chose the diamond set of royalty. You will form team SNDY (Sunday), led by Yuki Karasu.” Cheers went up in the crowd as team announcements came to a close. Ozpin clapped his hands and smiled. “In the wake of destruction, we will have quite an interesting year.”

Yuki turned to her mysterious teammates. What an interesting year indeed……


Colors – Code Geass OP (FLOW)

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