SNDY Is The Start :

Yuki hated carrying her boxed stuff from below Beacon to the dormitory. Why did she have to change rooms if she already had one? She wasn’t technically a new resident to Beacon. Worst of all, was the fact that she had to share a room with her teammates. How would she have room for all of her stuff. It’s like Ozpin was trying to cure her of her hoarding habit. Testing her laziness for walking up massive amounts of stairs with boxes against her desire for her things. 
She turned the corner to her hall and caught her foot on an upturned rug corner. Yuki fell into Nash, who was smiling from catching her. “You have more stuff. Our room is already completely filled with your boxes.”  She glared at him. He took the box from her hands and quickly walked back towards their room. Coral waving hi as they passed her room. Her teammates sawing one of the bed legs. Thank the hunt for her room being on the other end of the hall.
When she got into the room she found the beds had been rearranged without her permission. They were now in L’s with two to a corner on the right side of the room. The top left corner had a minnie mad scientist work station and a black curtain able to cut it off from the rest of the room. The rest of the wall was dressers and shelves lined with various things. Where would she keep her stuff?
Nash walked over to the top right corner of the room. “This is your bed. Sebille and Damm both don’t like the morning sun.” He set her box on the bed pressed into the corner. At least he had given her the corner. Sebille, kicked her bed and it lifted up revealing a large book case and storage area underneath. “Damm rigged this for you while you were lugging boxes. All your stuff can go here.” For once, Yuki smiled. This was awesome.
She tore open the nearest box, pulling out a tiny statue she had of some historical Atlas figure. Yuki shined it up with her cloak and put it on one of the shelves. Quickly, she dived into the other boxes, arranging a weird display of random shiny objects. Her roommates looking wearier and wearier as they saw the objects coming out of her boxes. When Nash bent over to touch one of them Yuki turned and snarled. Nash withdrew his hand and smiled. “You don’t represent the Faunus very well, do you?” Sebille and Damm laughed. Yuki’s face turned red. When it came to her collection she couldn’t help it. Things came out.
A knock on the door had all four of them turning around. It was Coral Coast and the Faunus boy. “Do you guys know when the first class is?” Sebille smiled. “Nine.” Damm looked at the clock in the room. He then looked at the clock on his desk. “It’s eight fifty five.” Everyone looked at each other and bolted out the room.
Their first class was with Professor Port. Team SNDY was sitting in the middle row. Professor Port was dragging in a tiny Grimm. “Normally, I would enlighten you all with tales of my tussles with the Grimm, but Ozpin has decided that the first day should be a more practical approach. Which one of you can tell me about this Grimm?” Everyone’s hand went up. Professor Port calling on a Faunus boy with dark red hair. “Russet Hound.” The boy stood up, nervous.
“It’s a Boarbatusk, sir. It uses its large tusks for ramming.” said Russet. He clapped his hands and launched into the story how he had captured this Boarbatusk. Yuki hit her head against the desk repeatedly. This was not helpful at all. Professor Port saw her and stopped his story. “Ms. Karasu, perhaps you’d like to demonstrate on how to effectively stop a Boarbatusk.” Nash cracked up laughing besides her.
She got out of her seat and head down towards the stage. Her fighting gloves shifted from their bracelet form. “You do not want to change out of your school uniform or grab your boots?” He said surprised. She shook her head no. “Lupus Rixam is enough.” Professor Port nodded and opened the cage. Instead of running towards or away from the Boar she stood in place, arms forward ready to receive the tusks.  As the Boarbatusk rolled towards her she fired one of the gloves at the ground. The Grimm broke from his roll, Yuki grabbing his tusks and freezing them over. It shook wildly, but she widened her stance. Eventually the Grimm was frozen over.
Yuki pushed the ice block back into the cage. Professor Port staring at her annoyed. “You weren’t supposed to use your semblance.” Yuki looked at the fat man up and down. He was the most annoying professor at this school. “You never said that.” He turned to the class. “Did anyone hear me say that?” No one said a word. Professor Pot called on Sebille. “Sebille Greywood. Did I say she couldn’t use her semblance.” The girl shook her head no. “Your exact words at the beginning of class was that the class was about learning how to not rely on it. That is different Professor.” His face turned bright red.
“Sebille Greywood, Yuki Karasu. You two stay after class.” Sebille stood up from her seat. “Professor Port that is completely unfair. I have answered your question.” Professor Port pointed to his weapon on the wall. “I am the professional Hunter in the room. I am also the instructor. If you are told to stay after class, then you will.” Nash pushed his books off of the desk, standing up to leave. “Today this isn’t my class.” He started to walk down the stairs to the door. Everyone looking at him in shock.
Professor Port started to steam with anger. “Young man, get back here right now.” He paused at the door and turned around to face Professor Port. “Only if you apologize to my sister.” Yuki glared at him. He could at the very least ask for an apology for her too. “Absolutely not. Detention for all three of you.” Damm got up from his seat quietly and walked down the steps towards Nash. “I might as well be in detention too.” Professor Port was on fire, now.
“Team SNDY. All four of you go to Ozpin’s office right now.” The door opened and in walked Glynda Goodwitch. “There’s no need Peter. I saw what happened. Team SNDY will be given detention for a week.” As she was talking, Glynda looked Yuki up and down. She was clearly blaming her for the whole thing. Professor Port calmed down. “Thank you, Glynda.” She nodded and directed the four of them out of class. Coral was sighing at Nash walking out.
The four of them followed Glynda into the practice arena. It was their next class. Qrow was there waiting for them. “So you lot managed to get kicked out of class on the first day. I like it.” He said while drinking. Glynda sighed. “Don’t influence the kids with your bad habits.” He shrugged and hit a button on the remote he had in his other hand. The screen behind him lit up. A lottery role ending on Damm Frostgiant and Nash Greywood. “Alright kiddo’s. Since you are so hyped up for battle, let’s see your moves.”
Nash smiled and jumped onto the fighting stage. Damm just sighed and trudged his way up there. Glynda ushered the girls to sit down and watch. Qrow backed up to referee the bout. He raised his hand and Nash dashed forward with a large broad sword. This had to be an easy win for him. Damm blocked the sword with his fan. Yuki leaned forward excited. Damm with his free hand punched Nash’s stomach sending him back. He followed through with a dash forward hitting continuously different areas on Nash with his fan. This forced Nash to separate his swords. The speed boost allowing him to block the fan.
“Nash has this in the bag.” she said. Sebille shook her head. “Damm is a smarter fighter. Too bad for my brother.” She looked at her confused. Glynda Goodwitch coughed. “Pay attention to the match.” Yuki returned to look at the match. Somehow Damm was able to be so flexible with his fan. On top of it he had great fighting skills. His tall height and thin frame didn’t seem to make him awkward or clumsy at all. Instead it seemed to be an advantage. He was overpowering Nash.
Yuki saw him block the swords, pushing them both up. He leaned forward and pushed Nash back onto his butt with his free hand. His aura falling below the marker line. Qrow stepped over declaring the match over. The winner was Damm. Sebille was right. He was the smarter fighter. Nash reattached his swords onto his back, frowning. Glynda Goodwitch told the two girls to stand up and head down.
Yuki was grabbed by Qrow when she got there. He whispered to her, “Don’t go easy on her.” She nodded and stepped into the center of the ring. Sebille had her weapon in the form of the bow.  At the start of the match, Yuki dashed forward. Sebille smiled at her and blocked her punch with her bow. Yuki’s boots fired, as she grabbed the bow flipping around behind her. The bow pinning Sebille into her. She immediately followed up with kneeing the back of her knee, looping the bow around her neck and stepping forward to pin her legs.
Sebille surprised her by firing her bow anyways, propelling Yuki backwards. She stood up and fired shots at Yuki. She surprised Sebille, by back kicking up. It forced her body up higher, turning around. She landed on all fours smiling. She kicked off of her boots, launching forward. Instead of making contact with Sebille’s bow she faked and kicked off the ground to deliver a kick to her neck. Sebille went flying. Her brother Nash jumped up to catch her.
Qrow clapped his hand. “Enough. The winner is Yuki.” Her crow flew down from the ceiling and landed on her shoulder. The rest of her team surprised that he had been here the whole time. The doors across the room opened and in walked the rest of the kids from Professor Port’s class. Nash took his sister to their seats. Yuki was instructed to stay on the stage. When everyone was sitting Glynda spoke. “Combat Training is an important class. Doing well here can mark the difference between death and survival. Yuki Karasu and Qrow will demonstrate what is expected from a Beacon Student during combat training.”
Yuki sighed. This was her punishment for showing off. Qrow drew his sword. Yuki launched forward, kicking nonstop at Qrow. He blocked every kick, pushing her back smiling. “You are going to have to do better then that, minnie me.” Her eyes narrowed. The Crow jokes were getting old. She fired off of her boots once more, her gauntlets unfurling. Normally, she was most comfortable relying on one half of her weapon at one time, either Lupus Rixam or Skadi Fugom. However, since Qrow’s abilities were so high she could use her real weapon, Mustela Danzleikr.
She reached him ducking his sword, pushing off of her hands to flip over. Instead of continuing to attack she continued to flip and play around. Dodging every strike from Qrow. Everyone in the audience started laughing. It was at her no doubt. They didn’t know the power of a weasel’s dance.
When Qrow got to where to she wanted him, she flipped over him, grabbing his neck with her arms and latching on to his body. Qrow tried to reach back and pull her off, but as she choked him his aura drained. He ducked forward trying to roll. Yuki jumped off of his back, firing her boots for the momentum, landing on all fours. The second her feet touched the ground she dashed forward. As Qrow untucked from his role she was already pulling his feet towards her. Glynda clapped her hands and stopped the match. “You see now what is expected of you as Beacon Students.”
Yuki stood up slowly. Her head foggy from the sparring match. Qrow stood up and took a swing from his drink. “You got better kid.” Yuki remained silent. She had to clear her mind or at the very least get something to eat. She was starving. She went back to her seat and sat down next to Nash. He seemed to still be annoyed at her. Damm on the other hand was smiling from ear to ear. “I was wondering what your real weapon was.” She looked at him wearily. “Each part is real.” He shook his head. “No. Halves can’t be complete. That was the whole weapon. The real one.” Sebille turned to her and smiled. At least she wasn’t annoyed at her. “I didn’t know someone had the ability to move like that in public.” Yuki’s face turned bright red. Nash finally smiling against his will.
The lottery began to role again. This time it landed on Coral Coast and Nephrite Jade. It was a match of CHRI versus THRN. This ought to be interesting. Yuki hadn’t gotten a chance to really see any of team THRN’s members. Nephrite looked like a very interesting character. He had long dark green hair that contrasted against is very pale skin. His eyes were a startling mixture of white, light green and fluorescent green. Even more startling was his attire. He looked like a prince from a medieval comic book, armed with a fancy sword and all. It was so different then the casual looking Coral Coast.
The match began and Coral ran forward with her staff. Nephrite moved slightly, Coral missing him by centimeters. He retaliated by dashing back and away. He didn’t seem interested in this match at all. As the match continued Yuki noticed something odd. Coral’s hits should of been landing. She looked over at Sebille and Damm puzzled. They didn’t know either. After a few minutes Nephrite finally drew his sword. As Coral went to hit him with her staff he blocked it with his arm, pulled the girl forward and hit the back of the sword into her stomach. She fell to the ground, the match going to Team THRN.
Qrow clapped his hands. “A cheap win is still a win. Nephrite Jade, takes the point for Team THRN.” Nephrite bowed to the crowd and walked back to his seat. His teammate with blonde hair gave him a hug. His face turning as red as the girl besides her. What was his semblance? How could he be so lucky…..lucky…. Could it be luck? She turned to Damm. “Can a semblance be extreme luck?” Damm looked at her with a smile on his face. The idea amused him. “That could be it. None of us noticed anything going on.” They all looked at Nephrite. There wasn’t any sweat or signs of exhaustion on him. He was indeed a lucky bastard.
The lottery rolled around again. This time it was team THRN’s Honeydew Hallow and Team SNDY’s Sebille Greywood. I guess detention meant more fighting then everyone else. The blonde girl got up and ran down the steps. Most of the boys cheering for her. Sebille got up slowly. She was confident in herself. “Don’t go easy on her like you did with me.” Yuki said. Sebille looked at her smiling. “Whatever do you mean, Yuki.” She walked down the stairs to the arena, her weapon out like a bow.
Honeydew was smiling from ear to ear. Her weapon was a set of Chakram rings. She picked one of them off of her belt and it split in half. Sebille smiled and her weapon unfolded as a bow. Qrow said, “Start.” Honeydew threw her Chakram halves right away, Sebille jumping up to dodge. She fired two shots at the girl who back flipped to avoid them. The chakram landing right back into her hands. Sebille, decided to attach the bow on to her back, her wings coming up. Why would she go up if Chakrams were meant to be thrown? It would be better for her opponent. Unless she was bating her?
Sebille’s tiny mic appeared and she started to sing. Damm giving the rest of Team SNDY headphones. Since when was he carrying those around? Honeydew turned as green as the melon she was named after. The audience getting sick and dizzy. I guess she had different songs. As Honeydew threw one of her chakram up, Sebille’s wings detached from her back. She fell straight down towards Honeydew. She turned in the air to fire a shot at the falling down Chakram, shifting it off course. The bow then shifted into it’s large mic form, as Sebille hit the mic into Honeydew. The girl fell; her aura totally depleted. Sebille landing on her feet, posing with the mic. The girl seriously scared, Yuki. The match was given to Sebille. Her brother loudly cheering. Damm and Yuki taking off their headphones.
The lottery rolled again. The names Russet Hound and Radish Rose appearing on the screen. It was another match of CHRI versus THRN. It was also the match of the Redheads. Russet Hound looked at his teammates nervously. His fox ears twitching. The last member of team CHRI giving him a thumbs up. The small boy made his way slowly down to the stage. Radish Rose was already waiting for him. Unlike the small, dark red haired Russet Hound, Radish Rose had bright red hair that faded to white. Her dress was a mixture of white and light green. What was most interesting of all was the fact that she seemed to be permanently eating radishes. Only tucking away her treat when he finally got to the stage.
When Russet Hound got to the stage, Radish pulled out a large gun. Poor Russet’s weapon paled in comparison. It was a tiny crossbow. Yuki’s crow started cawing. She spotted Ozpin in lurking in the shadows of the back of the room. When he noticed her he walked out of the room. Yuki told her teammates she needed to go to the bathroom, sneaking out of the room and into the hall. Ozpin was leaning on his cain waiting for her.
“Some news came in that might interest you.” He said. Yuki looked at him skeptical. “There has been White Fang activity going on in an island between Vale and Atlas.” Yuki sighed. This was the time when Ozpin would ask her for something she didn’t want to do. “What do I have to do?” He pointed through the window at her teammates. “Find an excuse to bring them to that island.” What excuse could she possibly have for going to that Island. She was homeless and familyless.


Whatever Ozpin had planned seemed to inconvenient for her. This was going to be a long weekend….

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