1 : Welcome To DWMA

In front of me stood what seemed like a never ending staircase.

“You aren’t expecting me to walk up these everyday, Mayumi?”

I turned to look at Victory.

“Here I thought all the physical movement would make you excited…”

He looked as he was about to faint.

“That is beyond physical movement.”

I could only shrug.

“They were right in the brochure. It will definitely help build leg muscle.”

He only turned his head on me.

“If you build muscle you will no longer look like an angel. And only angels can be my meister.”

My body moving it’s own caused my forehead to face palm. Why was I the one stuck with him?

As we started to ascend the stairs, I noticed just exactly how hard it was to get to the top. Quite a few kids were stopping to take breaks on their way. One however, ran straight up them like they were nothing. How incredibly odd the boy must be.

When we got to the top I turned to Victor. He seemed really annoyed to being the one to carry our luggage.

“You alright?”

Victory nodded his head repeatedly.

“This is nothing for a sword of my caliber.”

I shrugged. He was just the sword I was stuck with. The two of us walking through the halls until we found the room for freshman. Inside was a small group of the oddest looking people. It may be better to put on their brochure that it was a school for eccentrics.

“Are you going to stand in the doorway forever?”

I turned around to see a man with a gear through his head sitting on a rolling chair. My eyes lit up in joy.

“Professor Stein!”

This was the Professor I most wanted to meet. He wound the gear on his head.

“If  you keep standing their I’m going to start dissecting you.”

Victory wrapped his arms around me.

“As if I’d let you near my meister.”

Professor Stein looked at him for a moment.

“Haven’t I seen you you before?”

Ah! I pulled Victory into the room.

“Let the Professor in you idiot.”

Victory started to complain, but I ignored him. Professor Stein rolled to the front of the room.

“You’re the new kids right?”

One of the other kids in the class stepped forward. He was tall and really thin. No way at all did he seem threatening.

“Hey you. Are you strong?”

Eh? Right out of the gate? Victory leaned over to me.

“That kid is going to get his butt kicked.”

I smiled at him.

“Nah. He’s going to be rolled over.”

The two of us started giggling when he turned towards us.

“What are you two laughing at? Should I start with you instead of the professor!”

Victory smiled at him eager. Ah, this was no good.

“Considering you are wearing a meister badge and we are a weapon and a meister that wouldn’t be fair.”

The boy got more agitated.

“What does that matter! You probably can’t even turn completely yet.”

Eh. Victory cracked up laughing.

“Can you even read. I’m the weapon. She’s the meister.”

He seemed to be getting even more riled up so I pinched his sides. Victory squealing. The kid was letting out a loud laugh. I turned to see if the Professor was going to intervene but he was just smiling watching.

Professor Stein’s creepy smile washed away and he rotated the gear in his head.

“Mayumi is right. It wouldn’t be fair.”

He knew my name!

“So, does anyone volunteer to be his temporary partner?”


“Yea, I’ll do it.”

We all turned to see who spoke up. It was this beautiful tan girl in a…Sari? The man looked at her annoyed.

“I don’t need you to do it!”

Professor Stein’s chair seemed to move as if it was magic. He was suddenly right next to the kid.

“If you want to fight. You need a weapon. School Rules.”

Eeeeeh. But I don’t want to fight. The boy turned to the girl.

“Fine, but if you get in my way!”

The girl turned his head on him.

“I should be saying that to you.”

Then she was suddenly beautiful lines of orange light. This unusual looking doubly bladed knife with what looked like iron knuckles appeared. The boy’s eyes lit up.

“Your weapon form is A+.”

Professor Stein turned to the two of us.

“Your turn.”

Victory looked at me with sparkling eyes and all I could do was sigh.


Victory turned into gold and black light. A sword with a long chain hanging from it appeared. The class had quite a few ooohs and aaahs. And omg they can already be full weapons. The boy I was supposed to be fighting was looking at Victory with sparkly eyes.

“Cool sword! A++.”

Victory we are ending this quick.

It is my pleasure my angel.

I ignored the crowd and rushed forward with victor. It was painful to say but I wasn’t expecting the boy to be able to even parry once, but he did. For having never used this weapon before he was figuring it out pretty quick.

So he has some metal to his show armor

Can’t you talk normal…

I swung around him and hit him with the back of my sword. He must of assumed he’d get a shot in my by how he rotated out of it, but he forgot Victory had a chain. The chains wrapped around his foot and pulled him down into the ground. Victory stopping a few inches from his neck. Why was the boy’s eyes sparkling so much!?

“Such a cool sword…”

Professor Stein reappeared inches from our faces. A creepy smile on his face.

“Any time you want to have a private tutoring session let me know.”

Ah. Did I impress the Professor I wanted to impress? He spun around in his rolling chair.

“And that’s why it’s important to try and take time to find the right partner. ”


We all turned to look at the doorway. A giant zombie was standing in it. This was a weird day. Some of the students started panicking. The zombie walking over to Professor Stein.

“What are you doing with the Freshman?”

He started to laugh awkwardly.

“I thought I’d help out.”

The zombie kicking his rolling chair so he spun out of the room. Then he turned to  us.

“My name’s Sid. I’m in charge of you freshman.”

He looked around the room.

“Now, Kim Diehl and her partner Jacquueline O’Lantern will give you a demonstration.”

When the two walked into the room I could feel Victory starting to get excited. I pinched his side again. He looked at me so upset about the embarrassment. A small smile appearing on my face.


Soul Eater NOT! Episode 1

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