100: Kaankim

Marcus watched her with a goofy smile on her face. It was childlike indeed to make such large movements and accidental sexual references to a seemingly neutral object. His Rao was a very adorable creature. Marcus watching her move back and forth through her hyper introduction of alien food. When she finally settled down he only shrugged. “It’s hard to remember.” He leaned forward and opened his mouth. “Aren’t you going to insure I try these addicting bursts.” Marcus completely oblivant to the growth of attention the pair was getting.

Etes’ atmosphere did not change during her assessment of him. If anything at the end of it he only sighed. “I would not say a display of information slightly above skilled observational abilities sufficiently answers a question I may of had.” His eyes seemed to dull for a moment, as if he had lost any interest in what was around him as well. “Describing the features of a typical male Romulan is an uninteresting as the scientific principle of 1.” A tired smile appearing on his face. “As for any personal preference of a laugh is…” Etes’ eyes having a sparkle return to them. “ A habitual folly of you lower life forms.” He shook his head in disappointment. “I had expected much more interesting things from a Betazoid who was best friends with the cadet who discovered the engineering flaw with the new Federation ships.” He was wondering if she would have any words or comments on the matter. Not that he was planning to force it out of her. At the end of the day her affairs were not important him; they were idle curiosities. Possibly connections you may say.


Sunsan looked around the room annoyed. The second Wells had walked off his mother had latched at nasty little Semetha onto his arm. Her dance abilities were sub par and her conversational abilities below what ever non-humanoid has been her instructor. The woman spent an entirely abysmal amount of time focusing on wooing him with little gestures and remarks. Ones so obvious and frustrating it was like his mother was eyeing him being used a scratching post. The entire experience an awful moment that needed be cleansed away immediately. Sunsan turned to rush off towards one of the halls. He needed a break from this event.

Sarah had always found Leichnik enjoyable company. There was an open and honest acknowledgement of each other that they had in their non-admission. He wasn’t the worst looking or the worst dancer either. At the comment of her relationship with Marcus, however, her eyes narrowed for a brief moment. “Yes, it does not seem to be a casual one.” Her fingers slowly tapping his shoulder as they danced. “It seems she has been dragged her not based on any other reasons but solely on the fact of her date’s demands.” Her fingernails digging into his shoulder even through the clothes. The music slowly starting to fade away as she took a step away from him. A bright and beautiful smile on her face. “Shall we see if she has what it takes to survive being one of pets?”

Marcus smiled at her. She was the most adorable thing in this universe. He nodded his head. “Of course, my lady.” Casually dropping the line he read from one of the Terran books he escorted her onto the dance floor. A large smile on his face. When it was appropriate to twirl or spin Marcus would lift her up in them for a brief moment so she could have more fun. All he wanted right now was for her to be happy and safe.

Wells had left Sunsan’s father on the balcony the moment the man noticed Etes on the other one with Zletka. It was easy to escape a Romulan when their attention was focused on insulting someone else. She did not expect, however, to move from one annoying situation into the next. What was Rao doing with a party guest looking frantic…. She went to move in when she felt a hand grab hers. “Wells.” Wells turned around to Sunsan. Dammit, he had found her. She went to pull her hand free but he grip harder. “Do you think I would let you escape twice?” Wells raised an eyebrow at him. Why would he ask such a stupid question? Sunsan pulling her closer to him. “I will not entertain anymore of those women.” Wells rolled her eyes. Why were men always such sensitive children? “Fine, but I need to go to the washroom first.” Sunsan narrowed his eyes at her. Wells pulling her hand free feeling exasperated. He followed her into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Knowing Wells this was just a ploy to separate from him and force him to endure more ladies of his mother’s choosing. She turned to him and sighed. “Sunsan, I am here for a biological purpose and not a devious one.” He shook his head. “So you say.” Wells walked past him and unlocked the bathroom door. “This is the female’s restroom. I will not have someone try to come, run into you here and assume a scandal has taken place.” He shook his head no. “The chatter of lower life forms doesn’t matter here. I will not be subjugated to more of those cats.” She sighed. This child was too much. Shouldn’t he have grown up at least in some part by now? “Fine, I’ll remain by your side after this for a bit.” Sunsan smiled victoriously. “Good.” He turned to open the door. “I will be watching you don’t disappear.” He had settled on the wall opposite the door. A colder aura appearing around Wells as she relocked the bathroom door. She pulled up a screen from her wristband. This mess needed to be fixed. First she sent a message to Nip.

“Rao in danger. Tell Grip 12 bars of Latinum for his services. Another 5 if he has information on Leichnik.”

Wells swiped the screen to pull up a list of data. She had a problem of keeping things in codes since she was a child. She sent another message out to one her ‘friends’ and took a deep breath. Marcus was a problem child too. Everyone in her life was a problem child. She stepped out of the bathroom and sighed at the sight of Sunsan. Wells held out her hand. “We must speak to Marcus first.” He looked at her with a curious expression. “Oh? Marcus already has an idiotic mate. Don’t you think you should have the decency to not chase a dog.” Wells narrowed her eyes at him. “Etes is free this event surprisingly.” Sunsan shut up. He was not in the mood to be stuck with his…. with Etes. The two reentering the hall. Wells ignoring the looks she received. Marcus was on the dance floor so she lead Sunsan towards the Trill Ambassador. He smiled at the sight of Sunsan and her. They were all such duplicitous people.

Nip looked up after receiving a message. “Brother!” Grip looked at him annoyed. Kaankim looked at him with a bit of shock. This was the most docile Ferengi he had every met. What was he doing speaking up. Nip seemed to stutter a bit. “I received an important message.” He sent the message to one of his brother’s data pads. Kaankim looking at the exchange with intrigue. This night may be more entertaining than he expected. Grip smiled. “No, that isn’t nearly enough. Tell her 20 bard of latinum will be paid or she’ll owe me a favor.” Nip nodded his head and sent the message through. Grip returning his attention to Kaankim. “Interested in the message? 3 bars of latinum and it’s yours.” Chuckling Kaankim shook his head. He was a Betazoid. “No, I’m only here for our original bargain.” Grip nodded his head. “Alright, well as always thank you for your contribution.” Grip turned to look at the Orion men behind them and nodded. The two walked off. Their orders would come in a moment. Kaankim stood up. “A pleasure, Grip.” He walked out of the seedy place. Surprised he found a message from Velek waiting for him. An annoyed expression on his face. The two of them did not get along well.

When the dance was over Marcus looked eyes with Wells. She nodded her head at him. The two of them would not be making it to tonight’s party.


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