101 : Dancing Partners

Rao looked at the treat in her hand with half a mind to pop it in her own mouth, but finally relented. “I mean, I could have just watched you, but I guess?” Even with him leaning forward she still had to press up on her toes in order to slide the delicacy into his mouth. Lowering herself back down she quickly plucked a purple one of the stand and held it up. “Ready for the next one?” It took all she had not to laugh. The idea of him being ‘big and intimidating’ seemed ridiculous at a time like this.

Leichnik did not waiver under the nails of his lovely dance partner; instead opting to listen keenly. It seemed his suspicions had proven fruitful. “Which would explain why she was so candid when speaking on engineering feats…and why her date has been so adamantly keeping her within earshot.” His smile grew. This Terran was neither trained or vetted. How delightful. “After you, of course.” He was well aware Marcus would be wary if met with just his presence alone, but with Sarah by his side…well, the Capellan’s propensity to swayed by hormones just might allow him to slip by. And now with Wells arranging a setting for their closed festivities, thus removing a facet of his security…tactics had to be altered with parallel stratagems going into effect. With a brief glance towards an unassuming corner he noted a short nod from a dark pair of eyes. “Would you prefer to get better acquainted with the fresh attendee- perhaps giving her a short reprieve? Or start with her familiar date?” His tone made it clear he fully intended to follow her lead even if she preferred to keep both and scrutinize the bountiful cracks that were surely present in a inter-species relationship.

Zletka nodded softly; casually resting her chin in her hand to hide hints of a smile. “I’m sorry I was unable to meet your expectations.” She placed the full glass on the table and began fastening her hair in a dutch fishtail braid. From their place outside she could hear the music shifting to something pleasantly familiar. “Thank you for tolerating my company and sharing your Romulan ale, but a song has started that I can’t miss.” Curling her fingers around the curtain’s edge she paused, “Oh. Your father is watching from the other balcony. You may want to speak with him.” Pleasure shone in her eyes as she gave one last smile before passing into the ballroom. The transition from a fog of dulled voices into a raging sea was seamless due to the gifted ale coursing through her system. It took one sweep of the room to catch a flash of red on dance floor. Zletka gave a smile when the two female’s eyes met, yet she didn’t detract from her beeline to the nearest display of hors d’oeuvres where she wasted no time in taking what appeared to be the most filling. Picking up what she hoped was a nonalcoholic drink she took a sip. It was impossible to tell.

Rao lit up when she spotted her friend among the spectators. It still seemed a bit strange. As soon as the song came to an end Rao slipped from her date’s side in search of Zletka who was standing somewhat by herself near the far end of one of the tables filled with treats. “Having a good time?” She asked though her eyes had fallen back on the food. “It’s certainly been an experience.” Zletka commented lightly. The Betazoid’s drink hadn’t been touched save for that very first sip. “Did your dancing partner ditch?” Rao attempted to spot him in the room to no avail. “Not exactly.” Zletka answered before selecting another treat for herself. “Well who needs him, right? You could easily get another partner.” Rao shrugged and took a glass for herself. Zletka smiled at her friend’s confidence, but was more than aware of the reasons why it simply wasn’t the case. “Oh! We’re going to a small getty after this.” Rao wagged her brows and took a generous sip of her drink while explaining the details in her head. Zletka had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing too loudly as she ‘listened’ to Rao’s re-telling. Rao suddenly narrowed her eyes and peered closely at her friend before the thought rang clearly. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed the signs immediately: small responses, nonverbal responses, classroom behavior, untouched glass… -You’re drunk!-


Troi Drunk

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