102 : Explanations Of Troubles 1

Marcus watched her with a goofy smile on her face. It was childlike indeed to make such large movements and accidental sexual references to a seemingly neutral object. His Rao was a very adorable creature. Marcus watching her move back and forth through her hyper introduction of alien food. When she finally settled down he only shrugged. “It’s hard to remember.” He leaned forward and opened his mouth. “Aren’t you going to insure I try these addicting bursts.” Marcus completely oblivant to the growth of attention the pair was getting.

Etes’ atmosphere did not change during her assessment of him. If anything at the end of it he only sighed. “I would not say a display of information slightly above skilled observational abilities sufficiently answers a question I may of had.” His eyes seemed to dull for a moment, as if he had lost any interest in what was around him as well. “Describing the features of a typical male Romulan is an uninteresting as the scientific principle of 1.” A tired smile appearing on his face. “As for any personal preference of a laugh is…” Etes’ eyes having a sparkle return to them. “ A habitual folly of you lower life forms.” He shook his head in disappointment. “I had expected much more interesting things from a Betazoid who was best friends with the cadet who discovered the engineering flaw with the new Federation ships.”


Sunsan looked around the room annoyed. The second Wells had walked off his mother had latched at nasty little Semetha onto his arm. Her dance abilities were sub par and her conversational abilities below what ever non-humanoid has been her instructor. The woman spent an entirely abysmal amount of time focusing on wooing him with little gestures and remarks. Ones so obvious and frustrating it was like his mother was eyeing him being used a scratching post. The entire experience an awful moment that needed be cleansed away immediately. Sunsan turned to rush off towards one of the halls. He needed a break from this event.

Sarah had always found Leichnik enjoyable company. There was an open and honest acknowledgement of each other that they had in their non-admission. He wasn’t the worst looking or the worst dancer either. At the comment of her relationship with Marcus, however, her eyes narrowed for a brief moment. “Yes, it does not seem to be a casual one.” Her fingers slowly tapping his shoulder as they danced. “It seems she has been dragged her not based on any other reasons but solely on the fact of her date’s demands.” Her fingernails digging into his shoulder even through the clothes. The music slowly starting to fade away as she took a step away from him. A bright and beautiful smile on her face. “Shall we see if she has what it takes to survive being one of pets?”

Marcus led Rao onto the dance floor. To him, it didn’t matter being in a den of wolves and other pretend fanged creatures. He had with him the most beautiful creature of all. She was innocent and wanted to dance so he would dance with her. All the hungry gazes from the spectating females did not mater. Halfway through the dancing he picked her up in a twirl and pulled her close. Marcus not being able to fight the urge to kiss her on the forehead. “My Rao.”

Wells had left Sunsan’s father on the balcony the moment the man noticed Etes on the other one with Zletka. It was easy to escape a Romulan when their attention was focused on insulting someone else. “Wells.” Wells turned around to Sunsan. Dammit, he had found her. She went to pull her hand free but he grip harder. “Do you think I would let you escape twice?” Wells raised an eyebrow at him. Why would he ask such a stupid question? Sunsan pulling her closer to him. “I will not entertain anymore of those women.” Wells rolled her eyes. Why were men always such sensitive children? She followed him out to the dance floor. It seemed Marcus and Rao were already on it. The two of them seemed sweet. Completely unfit for the environment. Sunsan leaning to whisper as they danced. “Your distracted.Why?” Distracted, was a nice way to put it for him. Her eyes glancing over the pair. Her opinion on the cadet remained neutral and uninterested. However, with the way Marcus looked at her she was a storm in the making. Sunsan’s eyes followed her to the pair. “You can’t possibly believe they’ll last?” Wells looked up to glare at him. “That is not the current issue.” He looked at her confused but pulling her close as the dance required. “You are not insinuating the issue is my dancing?” This egotistical Romulan… She shook her head no. The truth of the matter was her feelings towards the vile blackness of Leichnik and those that surrounded him made her fall into her own trap: her desire to win by coming out on top and in control. Wells eyes looking back over to the two dancing. Neither her, the childish Sunsan nor the lover Marcus would be able to control a naive rabbit in that situation. You could tell it all from one glance.

Sunsan followed her line of sight and frowned. “What is it? What did that inept lower life form do?” Wells sighed. “It goes against the diplomacy I‌ agreed to help you with but I‌ i’ll sever them from tonight’s plans.” Sunsan spun her around and nodded. “Alright.” She couldn’t help but look at him shocked. It was that easy? It was never that easy? Sunsan should want her to embarrass herself and cause a situation to split the two up? The Romulan laughed conceited. “You look dumbfounded. An excellent word for an excellent expression.” She placed her arm on his chest and tilted his head. “Why are you agreeing?” Sunsan’s eyes turned to look at the seething Sarah across the hall. Surrounding the two Representatives were a group of people. His eyes than turning to his mother’s camp. “I‌ don’t think we need anymore peculiarities happening today.”

A soft chuckle escaped her lips. “Peculiarities is it?” Sunsan glared at her in annoyance as he briefly lifted her up. “Your insufferable even when I am in agreement with you.” No, he was the insufferable one. Not her. That’s why she was assigned to him. Wells leaned in closer. It annoyed both the mother’s camp and the son. Sunsan looking down on her irritated. “Just accept my kind gesture.” Wells shook her head no. “But you are arrogant and not someone who gives kind gestures at these events.”

Sunsan briefly looked up towards his mother who was watching them and smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “And I’m not the type to be sloppy at such events.” He leaned back up. Wells glaring at him. Forget the increase of unwanted attention from all Romulans present he was maknig fun of her for agreeing in the first place. BUT‌HE‌DID‌AS‌WELL! It was their deal that allowed her to make that mistake. Her deal with the Academy and the Romulans. ALL SHE WANTED WAS TO QUIT!

Wells took a deep breath and smiled. Sunsan taking a step back nervous. “What are you doing…” An evil smile on her face that rarely came out. There were many ways out of this but Sunsan had annoyed her. So it was only right to embarrass him and pay the dues he owed her.

She collapsed on the spot. The music coming to a halt. Everyone looking at Sunsan standing there awkwardly. All the non‌-Romulan eyes on him and his behavior… Sighing, he turned to Marcus. “She’s having an attack. I‌ need you to carry her.”

Marcus had been in his own world with Rao when the music stopped. A call from Sunsan turning his attention to Wells… On the floor? She hated the floor? It was dirty? In fact, she hated attention grabbing stunts? What had he missed? He took Rao’s hand and pulled her close so she could not flee from his side and walked over. Sunsan seemed unbothered by it all which made many of the Representatives look at him concerned. How everyone did not know she was faking was beyond him. Wells was an elite student. It was obvious by her public records she was healthy.

He turned to Rao and whispered. “It seems something happened. Stay by my side and don’t go anywhere.” Marcus bent down to pick up Wells. Honestly, Sunsan could of carried her with no problem. “Are we taking her back to the Academy?” He nodded his head and turned to his guests. “My apologizes to everyone who came tonight. The festive mood and celebration has been dampered. Rest assured, I‌ will ensure the cadet will find her way home and safe.” The Trill Amabassador stepped forward. “Is she okay? DO we know what happened?” The annoying spotted creature was in his mind not a useful ally. A small tch escaping his lips before he answered. “Due to graduation and all of the changes with the fleet and new members to our Alliance many over eager cadets have become over worked.” Marcus cut in. Sunsan trying to smooth things over never went well or sounded well. Plus, he just insinuated about the fleet issues to piss StarFleet off. Marcus would have to punch him later for putting attention on his Rao. “It’s fine. She’s just been having some fainting spells. Wells will finally get the sleep she needs.”

Sunsan’s father walked forward. An annoyed and tense look on his face. “Make sure the cadet and your friends get home safe, son.” Sunsan nodded at him and gestured for the three to leave the building. As soon as they turned out of the main hall Marcus dropped Wells into Sunsan’s arms. She couldn’t open her but you could clearly hear the small groan. Marcus scooping up Rao. He nuzzled her cheek as they walked. “Just stay in my arms till we get back.” Marcus planting kisses on her. When they got to the exit door they saw Sarah and Steve waiting for them.

Steve seemed generally concerned. In his hands was a gift for Sunsan. “I was going to give this to you later but since you are leaving.” Sunsan could only nod his head. The one standing their way was Sarah. She was looking at Marcus and Rao. “Will you still come later?” Marcus squeezing Rao tighter and closer. She needed to not speak. “No. When Wells is better I’m sure she can arrange a better get together. Now excuse us.” He went to walk past her but she didn’t move. “You made a promise as a Representative of Capella IV.” A low gutter growl escaped his lips. Politics was a cowardly excuse to hide behind. He abhored how much it was used as a shield. “Sarah, we will discuss diplomatic issues at proper venues not a night club. Now move.”

Steve looked at Sunsan to help but he did not. To him this was his guard dogs fight. Instead, he looked down at Wells in his arms. She was starting to wiggle with annoyance for having to be in them. A smug smile on his face.

Sarah crossed her arms in front of her chest. “You can’t neglect your official duties to the Federation and your Species for some girl, Marcus.” Sunsan shook his head slowly in pity for her. Marcus rarely let his anger or dissatisfaction show. He had called it his learned Terran ability. Seeing it on his face now meant he was seriously annoyed. “If you continue to say such unnecessary things right now there will be consequences for the Martian Colonies.” Marcus turning to look at Steve. Her husband only sighed and slightly pulled her away from the exit. “He’s an adult now,‌ Sarah. You need to let him make his own choices.”

Marcus walking out first and straight into a limo waiting for them. His arms trapping Rao against his chest so she could not leave his lap. Sunsan slowly getting into the car and dumping Wells onto one of the seats. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him annoyed. “And you said Romulans had the best manners. Dropping a lady like that. Uncivilized as any barbarian.” Sunsan scoffed at her and turned his head. “As if your opinions matter, lower life form.”


Ambassador Soval and Commander Trip

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