103 : Explanations Of Troubles 2

Rao looked at the treat in her hand with half a mind to pop it in her own mouth, but finally relented. “I mean, I could have just watched you, but I guess?” Even with him leaning forward she still had to press up on her toes in order to slide the delicacy into his mouth. Lowering herself back down she quickly plucked a purple one of the stand and held it up. “Ready for the next one?” It took all she had not to laugh. The idea of him being ‘big and intimidating’ seemed ridiculous at a time like this.

Leichnik did not waiver under the nails of his lovely dance partner; instead opting to listen keenly. It seemed his suspicions had proven fruitful. “Which would explain why she was so candid when speaking on engineering feats…and why her date has been so adamantly keeping her within earshot.” His smile grew. This Terran was neither trained or vetted. How delightful. “After you, of course.” He was well aware Marcus would be wary if met with just his presence alone, but with Sarah by his side…well, the Capellan’s propensity to swayed by hormones just might allow him to slip by. And now with Wells arranging a setting for their closed festivities, thus removing a facet of his security…tactics had to be altered with parallel stratagems going into effect. With a brief glance towards an unassuming corner he noted a short nod from a dark pair of eyes. “Would you prefer to get better acquainted with the fresh attendee- perhaps giving her a short reprieve? Or start with her familiar date?” His tone made it clear he fully intended to follow her lead even if she preferred to keep both and scrutinize the bountiful cracks that were surely present in a inter-species relationship.

The prospect of dancing at such a high profile event, let alone attend; was something Rao had never even considered for herself, but she was here now and planned to enjoy it. Enjoying the music and movements it reminded her of early Academy days when she and Zletka took dance lessons under the will of Vinaa. At first she’d made the error of believing Marcus planned to merely follow the other dancers, but suddenly she was twirling mid air and couldn’t help but laugh. Disapproving glances made it her way, but it washed away like water off a duck’s back. Her smile faltered slightly when Marcus kissed her forehead, but she kept it moving until the music came to an unceremonious halt.

Her attention immediately followed the crowd to where Sunsan was standing with Wells lying at his feet. Institutionally she felt torn between seeing if Wells was okay and giving her space, but Marcus made up her mind for her by pulling her over. Not wanting to make any mistakes she nodded at his date’s words while glancing around in search of her friend to no avail. Making a move to leave the scene of the accident she froze when Sunsan’s father approached. -ZLETKA- She yelled in her mind, heavily doubting she’d be heard in such a packed room as she silently followed Sunsan and Marcus.

Pulling a face at how quickly Marcus dumped Wells; her eye then squinted slightly at the sound of Wells’ groan. “Wait . N-“ Rao placed an arm between Marcus and herself to better dodge his onslaught of affection. Too much was happening and Zletka was still in somewhere on grounds. When Steve and Sarah intercepted the group she believed he would be her chance to remind someone- anyone of Zletka. Lowering her arm she noticed Sarah staring right at her or rather- Marcus she quickly realized. He squeezed so tight Rao couldn’t barely breath let alone get a word out. As the back and forth grew tense her expression morphed into a cross between shock and confusion. She’d had nothing to do with this! Then Marcus retorted causing her to jerk her face in his direction; eyes wide. COLONIES WERE BEING THREATENED NOW?!

By the time they were seated in the limo she was like a piece of stone; resigned to her fate of being held and biding her time. Her entire body was on edge and her thoughts were racing. It was clear Wells had faked the attack. Did she know the reason? No and she doubted she’d be privy to that information. “Zletka is still inside.” Her gaze was focused on her wrist as she typed a short message to Zletka informing them they had left after Wells “fainted”.

Leichnik had observed the display or Wells and Sunsan with a keen sense of entertainment. In true Romulan spirit it was dealt with almost as swiftly as it initially happened. Once his price was out of the main hall the music began again and many of his colleagues either returned to their prior discussions or chose to comment on what transpired. Neither interested him. Whether or not Sarah returned empty handed was the more pressing issue.

“I can’t believe they’re going to miss out on Volcano Spew!” Geroln already seems to be working himself up. “More for us then. If that female was having fainting spells already who knows what your Volcanic Spew might have done to her.” Aarss laughed it off, “Right Cilon?!” He gave the Andorian a pat on the back. Cilon offered no comment on the matter.

“Our plans are still in tact Geroln.” Leichnik assured him with a placating air. In a way he was now bound to an affair that held little promise for him. There was the option of cancelling of course, but giving a Tellarite a reason to argue and complain was not something he was quick to do. Thinking back he remembered the Cadet had arrived with four and only left with three.

Zletka nodded softly; casually resting her chin in her hand to hide hints of a smile. “I’m sorry I was unable to meet your expectations.” She placed the full glass on the table and began fastening her hair in a dutch fishtail braid. From their place outside she could hear the music suddenly shift to something pleasantly familiar. “Thank you for tolerating my company and sharing your Romulan ale, but a song has started that I can’t miss.” Curling her fingers around the curtain’s edge she paused, “Oh. Your father was watching from the other balcony. You may want to speak with him.” Pleasure shone in her eyes as she gave one last smile before passing into the ballroom. The transition from a fog of dulled voices into a raging sea was seamless due to the gifted ale coursing through her system. -an embarrassment- -dropped to the floor- -unrefined- -finally left- The thoughts and mal intent a few guests caught her attention as her gaze swept over the room to find her party no where in sight. Slowing her beeline to the nearest display of hors d’oeuvres she quickly began to piece together the chain of events- taking differing versions of passing beings’ minds and formulating commonalities. Just as she was about to look at her band when she felt pulse in a specific tune against her wrist. Zletka wasted no time in taking what appeared to be the most filling snack and taking a bite while discreetly reading the message.


Command Shran Friend or Foe

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