105 : Always Available To Give A Hand

Leichnik read the message with neither interest or surprise regarding its contents. Cadet Wells was thorough indeed; much unlike her Romulan counterpart- something most seemed either accept via coincidental or willful ignorance. Cilon appeared to have received the message as well with both males regarding one another in brief silence. “We have presents waiting for us! Should we go?” Aarss’ jovial tone rang true. “Yes. Lets. I’m sure we’ve worn down our hosts enough for one event.” Leichnik replied while sending on a short message. Following his colleagues out of the main hall he paused at the sight of Sarah and Steve, letting the others continue on. “Will you still be joining us on our ‘quest’ for Volcanic Spew?” The question was simple enough, but his fleeting glance from steve to Sarah acknowledged a pressing fact; she had not succeeded with Marcus- a failure on two fronts.


Rao lodged an elbow between herself and Marcus to convey the need for him to stop squeezing.The sight of Wells bowing her head in apology made her brows lift in surprise. Listening quietly she merely let the words sink in. In certain circumstances she was certain a being would dissect everything they had learned, but Rao instead remained silent. Certain undertones rang similar to a time no longer relevant and as a cadet with a future in star fleet these brand of encounters would always be in the fray. Between her current position on the shipyards and the political minefield she had to agree to Sunsan: she should not have attended because she was neither skilled or desired to be skilled in these sorts of things. When Wells released Sunsan’s head she gave her a direct nod.

Zletka had simultaneously finished reading her messages when the sound of her name earned her attention. “Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Her tone and smile were polite thought she quickly noticed the male…Jaado reading from his wrist. A message from none other than Cadet Wells. Keeping her expression placid she nodded softly, “Of course. Thank you for being my guide.”

When they reached the hotel Rao took the opportunity to deftly remove herself from Marcus’ grasp. “Thank you for everything tonight.” Her sentiment was mainly directed at Wells, but also Sunsan as well. Stepping out of the limo, she released a breath she didn’t know she was holding until she stood in the lift. Rao was almost tempted to rub her eyes, but memory of Vinaa’s makeup application made her still her hands. Instead she focused all her energy on keeping Marcus at least arms length distance away from her. If Marcus attempted to get close she’d raise her hand for him to stop without even looking in his direction. “We need to talk once we get inside.”

Zletka arrived at her dorm some time later to find a present lying unopened on the foot of her bed. A fleeting thought of how Wells managed such things diminished at the familiar presence of Vinaa lounging at the head of her bed. While Zletka began to take out her jewelry and slip off her heels; Vinaa took it upon herself to open the present and partake in it. “I was sequestered by Etes for the most of the event, but picked up on a few things before I was escorted back.” Zletka explained without a need for verbal inquiries. Green lips parted in a sinister smile. “Divulge.”

Tarique noted the time was at which he agreed to meet with Cadet Wells and Rao was approaching and gathered his required materials. Fortunately Cadet Gotobed was no longer present in the hall, thus allowing him to proceed without any interruptions.


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