106 : Talons

Sarah felt her nails digging into her palm. It had been awhile since Marcus had created such rage in her. Steve looking down at his wife. Her affairs were normally hers alone, however, since the enterprise into the Delta Quadrant had begun things were getting more and more troublesome for the Martian Colonies. As an elected representative of a minor Terran Colonies it was normally the case that I had no say in any decision our bureaucracy was making. However, since somehow the expansion into the Delta Quadrant and negotiations with species that somehow were not in conflict with ‘the prime directive’ over the last few years the more the burden of resources and labor fell on the colonies. Even us non-important Martians were suddenly allowed to have a say in rooms like this. As if the Federation cared for more than just their base. The allowance of affairs was helpful in encouraging investment and attention to the colonies… Other species used money and they were willing to spend it. Even the annoying Ferengi opened up entertainment joints that stimulated the colonists who were at one point only working labor related jobs. Steve had hoped that Marcus’ species would be a candidate for cheap labor on their colony and thus rise the value of the basic colonist. However, the Romulans had dug their talons into him quicker than imagined. They were quite fond of using the Federation’s own weaknesses against them and now a cheap uneducated species was removed from his list of choices. Sighing, Steve put his arm around Sarah’s hip and kissed her head gently. “Come, love. Let us return.” Sarah looked up at her husband and nodded her head. The two entering the venue again. Steven was unconcerned with whatever Leichnik and Sarah were looking at each other for. Girls would play their games and villains would as well. His attention turning to one of the Ferengi Trade Alliance representatives. They had been invited by pressure to only and so a large space was between many of them and the rest of the guests. Steve gave a brief nod at his wife before crossing the expanse. One of them may be useful. You never know.


Marcus did his best to not look around uncomfortable. WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT WAS NOT HIS FAULT! IT WAS NOT HIS RAO’S FAULT! It was obvious that… That Wells had not been on her best game tonight. She was distracted. Yes. That was the reason for all of this. Her distraction. Marcus waved his hands at the hotel staff who cleared a path for them towards one of the private elevators. He felt as if he was herding sheep the entire time. Not to close and not too far away form her. Just the right distance to keep her on the path that was prepared earlier. THE ROMANTIC SEXY TIME PATH. THE PATH HE HAD BEEN PLANNING ON CARRYING HER DOWN. When she was in the private elevator, he took the chance to, ignoring that they were not entirely alone as one staff member was there with them, to smile awkwardly. “Listen…about tonight… I did not think that out of all the crazies you’d have to deal with that one.” He took a step towards and went to lean down to hug her but stopped halfway. An eerie feeling had shot up his back and that was enough for him to wait for after whatever yelling he was in for. Instead, Marcus squatted down so he was shorter than her and looking up at her from below. The staff member was looking at the sigh completely shocked. The man who usually brought women here did not behave like this. Marcus looked all sad. “Really. I stab my heart in promise… That person is crazy but normally would not pop off like that at an event.” Marcus tilted his head so he would look cuter. “And nothing happened to you and your friend! You’re safe.” The elevator stopped and Marcus stood back up. He followed the staff member to the only pair of doors. “The Suite has been prepared per your instructions.” He nodded his head solmenly and held the door open for Rao. Marcus gesturing for her to enter first. Afterwards, when the staff member went to follow them in he put his hand up to stop her. “You will not be needed. I will call if that changes.” The staff member nodded his her head but stayed outside the room. Marcus closing the door in her face to turn around and face the orchestra.

Once Marcus left the limo Wells sighed. At least one of the physical representations of her stress was gone. By the sound of relief coming from her other one she didn’t have much hope any difference was made. “Finally they are gone.” Wells ignored him and started to undo her hair. It was another pressure she could be freed from. “Hopefully once she lashes into him he will move on from such a disaster.” Wells took a deep breath but said nothing. What was the point? Her wristband wrung slightly. An alarm alerting her to check in on preparations for tonight… She sunk into the seat. An alarm to remind her of the trap she fell into and the horrible display she underwent to get out of it. “….And that dress she wore. I suppose we could say that if he gets her out of that at least some sort of positive may happen.” Sunsan’s prattling was irritating. She looked down at her wristband and hit a name. Wells hadn’t sent him a message with the others. She had forgotten. Another folly on her part this night…. ALL SHE WANTED TO DO WAS GO TO BED AT THIS POINT AND MOVE ON FROM THIS.


An incident occurred at the gala. The result was the removal of Cadet Rao and Cadet Zletka from the event for their safety. If you are available still I‌ recommend heading to their dorm room or waiting to assess them tomorrow instead.


A small part of her feeling sad for a moment. She was hoping for him to be her stress break from Marcus and Sunsan. An enjoyable excuse to not be their brain for once. “Are you listening to me, Wells?” She closed her eyes. No, she was not. “Are you ignoring me for that VULCAN‌ again?” …. Wells allowed herself to fall down onto the seat. “Shut up. My head hurts.” Her eyes did not have to open to know he immediately rushed over to her side so he could be physically close as he glared at her. Romulans had horrible spacial awareness when it came to other’s comforts…At least that’s how they explained it. “I saw his name.” Right. His excellent eye sight always used for the most asinine and irritating uses. “And because of that you will shout even if the other person’s head hurts?” Wells fought back the urge to smile at the sound of a tongue clicking in irritation. “And messaging a Vulcan helps your excuse remain credible.” She simply turned her head on him. Commenting on that feud was pointless. Instead, trying to calm down the stress she felt to relieve her headache was more important. Wells’ body suddenly being shook back and forth. Her eyes opened to an annoyed Sunsan. “IF YOUR HEAD HURT YOU WOULD NOT BE MESSAGING A VULCAN.” Sighing, she pushed him back from his forehead. “Did I‌ not just tell you my head hurt?” The limo pulled to a stop. Wells quickly getting out of the car. They had pulled up in front of another hotel. She was not returning to Susie Que tonight. Instead, she was order in food, listen to music, maybe take a bath…sleep in! Wells stopping when she felt her hand grabbed. It was Sunsan. “Wells!” She pulled her hand free. “Go home, Sunsan. You have your room to yourself.” She ignored him and walked into the hotel. Sunsan groaning as he closed the door. When it started moving again he whispered to himself. “Her head must have actually been hurting…” Sunsan closing his eyes. “I will never approve of that lower life form.”


Spock Insults Romulan Commander

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